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spend less time on the computer

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Schnickelfritz 1 month ago

Hayootah 1 month ago

djahren 2 months ago

deber 4 months ago

amybeth1 5 months ago


this is not happening at all. pretty much glued to the screen. 5 months ago

MantsikkaSuddenly it's easy

I have a newborn daughter (7 weeks today) and spending less time on the computer has happened automatically. =D I hope this “habit” will stick. 6 months ago

yesyesyesyesyes 8 months ago

InTheMossMouse Potato

Between movies, seasons, streaming, browsing, a few useless sites I’m addicted to, and a few very useful sites I’m addicted to, I spend a good portion of my day in front of the computer. Starting today I will log all hours spent watching movies etc. and see how that adds up over the next couple months and see if that will get me motivated to stop. 9 months ago

InTheMoss 9 months ago

Dathamster 9 months ago

FoundProdigal 10 months ago

ty_99 10 months ago

intoxicant 2 years ago

spunky110 11 months ago

Marshmallow22 13 months ago

darnfancylettuce 7 years ago

middlenames231 14 months ago

uccelletta 15 months ago

kiersten74Doing it

Getting it done. I actually deactivated facebook and WOW the amount of time to get things done now is ridiculous. I can’t believe how much time I wasted on FB. Also, I’m working now, so I don’t have much time left to putz around on the computer. So, yeah, getting it done. If I can maintain it for a year, I’ll mark this goal as done. 15 months ago

khusain 16 months ago

Holar Tebanka 16 months ago

Zouo 17 months ago

Veronik_ 3 years ago

musclegrrrl 19 months ago

alani1D 19 months ago

TinyNymph 20 months ago

khaosinkinemaspend less time on the computer - part 1

This doesn’t only apply to the internet, which is why I have chosen to join the group wanting to spend less time on the computer. Right now, this seems really hard for me to do, as I come up with things I cannot do in my opinion all the time, and this is annoying me already.

I don’t know how many hours I spend on the pc daily, but it must be really a lot. And if I am not on the pc, I usually also do things involving a screen (watching TV, playing games on the playstation, ...). I want to change this definitely, but it is hard for me to find a place to begin. If I really e. g. spend over 10 hours daily on the pc, then narrowing it to two hours or even less in one step sounds really hard for me.

Another problem I have is that, when I cut down on the time I spend on the pc, I “suddenly” have the idea to work on pieces of art or something like this on the pc. However, I currently don’t have access to all programs I’d need for this, which is a good thing I guess. Anyways, these thoughts make it even harder for me to stay off the pc. Plus, whenever I am not on the pc for a “longer” period of time, I have nothing on my mind than, “But what if I receive a message now? An important one …?”

I don’t have any friends living near me except for my sister, who is sharing this flat with me, as well as the pc. And I am a rather shy person, so it is rather hard for me to get to know others … Which might have resulted in me searching for this online.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the friends I have; they are also there for me when I need them, and I call them true friends, no matter whether I got to know them online or offline.

It is just—the time I spend on the pc truly weakens me, it takes all my energy so to speak, and I dislike this very much. I wish I knew what to do really. I cannot join a club or anything, because I cannot pay for it, plus the situation here is currently very unstable, and we are looking for a new flat, which might be further away then and whatnot.

Sorry if this seems all like whining; there will certainly be happier entries coming. I am just currently really sad about my own behavior and that it is so hard for me to just give up. 21 months ago

khaosinkinema 21 months ago

James Gavin 5 years ago

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