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Yisraela Ruth 1 week ago

josjourney 3 weeks ago

purplepaintsplatter 1 month ago

Abigail ya Nangoloh 2 months ago

NekoeToo tired to think of a clever title for this entry-sorry!

For the nth time, I’ve realized uni’s not for me. I just don’t care, to put it soflty. I’ll only do this for my family. I never do stuff to please other people, but I’ll make an exception with this because I love my family and they do what they believe is best for me. I want to make it clear that I’m staying under protest. I know they think I should be happy with this. I just can’t. That’s not who I am. Sorry. 2 months ago

amallen5212 2 months ago

VWolfe 2 months ago

NekoeFirst day...

...at the new school. Classmates and teachers seem to be nice people so far but I really have no expectations whatsoever. Just want to get my freaking B.A. and be free lol. 2 months ago


Mass transit in my city is the worst thing ever and even though I live at home I need to stay closer to the rest of my family too, so I’m transferring. Of course, this means graduating will take even longer and I’m not happy about that, but I need the freaking degree so I really got no choice. My dream was to be homeschooled, not having to deal with new, mostly annoying people lol. Classes begin in a few days and I’m really nervous. TBH, I know I won’t get along with anyone and the mere thought of being around people I don’t even get along with makes me sick. I’m a nerd and I hate school so this is a tough situation for me. I wanted to drop out because I’m very artsy and free and so I think I don’t belong there even though I’m majoring in Art… but I’m a girl and girls can’t make it without a degree, right? Stupid sexism. Sigh. Anyways, I hope I can take as much summer classes as possible in order to graduate a little earlier. 3 months ago

peepsy 3 months ago

dee_zee 3 years ago

afr0987girl 4 years ago

EllieFantLoose ends

I’m actually finished studying, but because my work placement supervisor is behind on the 8 ball my final assignment currently can’t be marked, therefore I can’t yet graduate and go onto my masters or get registration or any of those other fun things.
I’ve been chasing her for weeks. It’s ridiculous. 3 months ago

lcalvin83 5 months ago

RebeccasGoals 5 months ago

stevecandoit 7 years ago

beccawallace 6 months ago

EllieFant 6 months ago

Letsmakelifegreat 6 months ago

PassionatelyCurious 7 months ago

baddbee 7 months ago

iliveyah 7 months ago

erikakristen123 9 months ago

IxiiAcceptance! Huzzah!

I just got my official acceptance to the Honours Psychology program at my original university, and I’ve landed an apprenticeship in a research lab that uses fish to look for the link between male hormone levels and the development of autism, schizophrenia and PTSD. I’m very, very excited, and for the first time in a very long time, I’m eager to get back to class.

As an added bonus, my application to the creative writing class was accepted, so I’ll be taking that in the Fall term as my fine arts elective! Things really couldn’t be better.

Two more years until graduation! 9 months ago

NekoeThis is taking way too long...

...because of my depression and anxiety and stupid, painful family circumstances. I hope it doesn’t take me longer than 3 more semesters. 10 months ago

lauralealealea 5 years ago

AmandaPardo 11 months ago

change13 13 months ago

user49480 15 months ago

Sara Kathleen 15 months ago

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