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letterboxerSlow going, but really getting there!!

My “next steps” on this goal are always so unrealistic. I always think I’m going to make WAY more progress than I do. But its good to have a plan and I’m making progress and slowly finishing my books.

Scrapbook weekend was a success. Finished freshman year in my girl’s book, so half done! Worked on it some this week. Got sophomore year started and the year’s pics laid out. Then packed up her box and picked everything up in my dining room (dinner party this weekend). Planning to set up the little table in my office to whittle away at sophomore year and finish this book before we go to Sweden. Freshman/soph years fill up one album, so I’ll be up to date with my girl!

Speaking of the girl, she was looking through her book this week and told me how much she appreciates me doing these books for her. She loves them and said there’d be so many memories lost without them. And that she’s so glad I didn’t switch to do the digital books because these are so much more personal. Awwww. I’m tearing up a little just thinking of it. Don’t get many compliments from the teenager, so this was really nice.

Planning ahead:
1. Set up table in office, work on it a little each week to complete my girl’s fresh/soph book before we pack up to move
2. Print out pics for my son’s Intermediate school years book (4th-6th grade). This will be a Sweden project and will bring me up to date with his books. Pack up pics and supplies for this book for the move.
3. Plan ahead for what else I’ll work on in Sweden. I have 3 other unfinished books to choose from: This Old House (lake house rescue and renovations that’s mostly done, but I’d like to include celebrations and other fun happenings at the house over the year), My Father-in-law’s Heritage album (finished my mother-in-laws side of the family years ago, but my father-in-laws side is still partially done). I also have Our Wedding album that I haven’t even started (from 21 years ago, all the candids are still sitting in a ziploc bag).
4. Clean out the older kids plastic bins (their books are done!) for these newly resumed unfinished project. Yay! 3 weeks ago

letterboxerDang. Fell way short of my February deadline on this

I had high hopes of getting a lot done before this coming February vacation. Well that starts in two days :( Need to make a plan to get on track with this.

Planning ahead with next steps:
1. Thursday will most likely be a snow day, after I’m done prepping for vacation, finish up the pages that are incomplete, power layout the rest of my printed photos, and put it all away.
2. Select and upload the next set of photos for printing
3. Ask my daughter to pick up the prints while I’m away
4. Rsvp to scrapbook weekend in March! 2 months ago

letterboxerBack in business with this

Progress was delayed. My Monday night group didn’t get together until this week, so I’m just now jumping back in. Made some progress Monday night and then built on the momentum this week by dragging my supplies down to the dining room and working on it some yesterday.

I need to make a Michael’s run today to stock up on a few basics, but I’m vowing to not buy anything that isn’t on my list (I’m seriously making a dent on using up the supplies I already have and I don’t want to deviate from this).

Goal is to finish my girl’s freshman and sophomore years book by February vacation. Then I’ll be caught up and will have to wait for her to live the rest of it!! :) 2 months ago

letterboxerGetting this back on my list!

Time to start ordering the next batch of photos! I’ll be scrapping with the girls Monday evenings starting next week!! Yay for social time and progress on this goal! 3 months ago


My girl’s middle school scrapbook is DONE! I cranked out the last of it today and its totally done including the cover page and the page protectors! And she LOVES it!! Yay!

So glad to have this book finished so that I could put everything away guilt-free for the holidays!!

Next up in January: Order the pics to start her high school book and start my son’s elementary school book (Grades 4-6). Both books start with the same time period September 2010, so I’ll order all the photos at the same time. Both of those books will bring me up to current time for both kids! Wooohooo! This will be an awesome winter project!!

Did I mention yay!! 5 months ago

Leilani Flores 5 months ago

letterboxerMy dining room tableā€¦

...is still a mess, but I’m making good progress. I haven’t had any big chunks of time to work on my girl’s book, but if I get a page or two done each day it really adds up. I have one more chunk to go on my girl’s middle school book, but the way its been going I will have it done before we leave for our Thanksgiving trip (aka I can finish, then pick everything up to clear the slate for the holidays!) Yay! LOVE progress! 5 months ago

letterboxerWorld series plan

Setting up my scrapbook stuff on my dining room table. Tonight I will make progress on my daughter’s book and cheer on the Red Sox. Good thing I can multitask!! :) 6 months ago

letterboxerDidn't quite reach my goal for the weekend....

....but I did finish my older daughter’s book. Yippeee!

Turns out I have WAY TOO MANY photos of my younger daughter for her middle school book….trying to be more selective of the photos AND include more photos on a page to keep those three years to one book. Very time consuming….hoping to keep the momentum going and work on it this week when I can. 6 months ago

letterboxerGetting ready for another scrapping weekend

These weekends are really when I make the most progress.

This week I’m ordering photos and sorting them onto mock pages so I can crank through them this weekend. My goal is to FINISH two books: my older daughter’s high school book and my younger daughter’s middle school book! 6 months ago


...been 4 weeks since I’ve done any work on these. I ordered and received the prints to finish my older daughter’s album, but haven’t made any progress since…

I signed up for a scrapbooking weekend that is in 3 weeks. That will jumpstart my progress again! 6 months ago

letterboxerThis week

Went to my friend’s last night and worked on my Junior’s middle school book a little, then brought all my stuff home so I can work on it between now and next Weds. Keeping up the momentum.

Going out Friday to move my college girl into her dorm. Then she will have “lived” the rest of her album so I can print the photos and finish her last book. Yay yay yay!! 7 months ago

letterboxerWent to scrapping weekend

and made progress on my high school junior’s “middle school years” book. It was a very social weekend, so I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, but progress is progress. I left my stuff at my friend’s house so I will go back on Weds night and work on it some more. 7 months ago

letterboxerCleaning up between projects

With one daughter’s albums done and my next daughter’s photos ordered and on their way, I had a day to get organized.

I sorted back into storage most of the photos that I didn’t use in my girl’s books. Its a tedious project as many of them don’t have dates on the back. The current ones were easy, they just go in a box by season and year (spring, 2012 then summer, 2012, etc, not necessarily august 1, then august 2). And I can tell by looking at them when they were taken.

But the older ones are harder. They are from the pre-digital age that I scanned in and printed. I keep them in old “slip-in” albums. This part isn’t as easy. I thought I would remember when they were taken, and be able to just pull the album off the shelf and put them back, but that isn’t happening as easily as I’d hoped….

My next daughter’s photos should arrive today so I have this morning to finish this cleanup…I’ll be glad when its done and will have a clean slate to start working on the new project. 8 months ago


I’m all caught up with my graduate’s albums!!! I left three blank pages on the end for our summer vacation (which is in 2 weeks) and then the last page will be of her moving into college (which is in 4 weeks!!) Yay! She’s going to love them!!

Time to order photos for my high school junior. Her albums are only complete through elementary school…so 5 years behind. So I’ll order the photos today so I can work on them next week while I have 2 kids away at camp!!

LOVE progress! 8 months ago

letterboxerMade quite a bit of progress....

-re-ordered the last of my daughter’s photos (from CVS this time) and still wasn’t happy with the colors. Note to self, plan ahead and stick with Shutterfly. Their prints are more money and take longer but they are much better than my experiences with Walgreens and CVS this past week.
-ordered photos from the photographer that took pics at the track banquet
-Made a dent in my girl’s album and am coming down the homestretch of spring of her senior year! Hoping to complete it by the end of this week!! Yippee!! 9 months ago

letterboxerMade great progress this week: 6 steps forward, 1 step back

-Finished my younger daughter’s elementary school book. She loves it.
-Put the finishing touches on ALL FIVE of my older daughter’s scrapbooks so they are totally done including page protectors! (baby book, 2 elementary school books, middle school, and a special figure skating book)
-Chose and ordered online the photos to finish her high school book.
-Picked up photos and the quality was TERRIBLE. Went back to the store (Walgreens….they were having a sale) and the guy told me it was my camera….ha! Funny funny man. All looked the same terrible-ness of darkness with a gray cast to them….including the ones taken by the professional photographer at the skydiving place….so I returned them. -Will try printing them again somewhere else.
-Today I need to get that underway so that I can finish her books next week! 9 months ago

letterboxerNext two weeks....

...I have no company coming and two weeks of camps for my littlest monkey. So I’m committing to setting up on the dining room table and working on it every spare minute for the next two weeks. I still have to work a little and get my other stuff done, but I’m really making this a priority so I can get caught up.

My goal is to finish my younger daughter through elementary school (really close) and then finish my older daughter (the recent graduate) FOR GOOD!!

On your mark, get set, go!! 9 months ago


Creative Memories is filing chapter 11. Today I went over to my consultant and bought out the last of her stock of pages and page protectors to go in the albums I already own. What a drag to have to buy all this stuff up front because it may not be available after they “restructure”.....ugh!

If I hadn’t already started my kids’ books in paper scrapbooks I’d stop altogether and do them all digitally, but I am where I am. Thankfully my kids LOVE their books. Makes it worth the effort.

Now I really need to get cracking and get these albums filled!!! 9 months ago

letterboxerMy daughter just graduated last week.....

....now is the time to print out the rest of her pictures and finish her scrapbooks (all of them!) for good!! 10 months ago

letterboxer 10 months ago

user34232 20 months ago

shelly_jacobs 2 years ago

Kaylin Adkins 2 years ago

lysh77books to finish:

1. jack baby album
2. books by year:
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011(and vacation)
3. finishing touches to wedding album (sooo close!) 2 years ago

bristolfuh 2 years ago

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