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ethereal_haze 18 hours ago

Christopher James Scholten 13 months ago

JoJo205 5 months ago

BecauseReasons 6 months ago

Christopher James ScholtenAaah....so close.

Everything’s been gone through, now all that’s left are the final touches: Skim through iTunes top to bottom and make sure nothing’s out of place, there are no copies and no genres (iTunes loves to add a genre to certain songs when I click on them, even though they’re almost always wrong; it’s just easier to have no genres at all); next, go through my iTunes Media folder top to bottom, make sure everything matches up, and get rid of the extra crap. Last step is to copy the iTunes music folder to a temporary location, correct some file names, and back up EVERYTHING all over again. Then of course I will mark it done, and begin actually enjoying all the music I’ve been hoarding since last summer. 9 months ago

Christopher James ScholtenIt will be finished tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will officially finish nit-picking at my music files, finish my collection and backup all my music.

I will start by completing the info on the rest of my albums and burn/rip any that I haven’t yet. As I go, I will ensure every album has been correctly posted in my online music collection. Once that’s done, I will back up everything. Once it starts burning, I will make myself a playlist consisting of EVERYTHING, and sync it to my iPod to begin listening and celebrating my victory over this long, tedious task. 9 months ago

delilahDee 7 years ago

Christopher James ScholtenMISSION: Organize my iTunes to my specific preferences

START TIME: 320131700.
END TIME: 320132300.

What’s left:
  • Finish updating the artwork on each album (that might take a while, as I’ll have to scan some of them onto my PC)
  • Finish updating the info for each track and album
  • Put all my chosen favorites onto a playlist to go on my iPod
  • Get a better mp3player and give the old one to my brother
  • Get a car to listen to my music in. 13 months ago

Christopher James ScholtenI sure hope

...that my iTunes collection isn’t destroyed when I get my PC back. Or sad boy will be sad =( 13 months ago

Christopher James ScholtenMusickk

A lot of people brag about having a very large collection of music on their computer and/or music playing devices. But most of them don’t even listen to half of said music, which seems like kind of a waste of hard drive space.
As for me, I currently have almost 3000 songs on my PC (not including backups). Of those, about 45% are from CDs that I have purchased, another 45% are from CDs or tapes that I have created, compiled and/or mixed myself, and the rest are songs or albums that I downloaded from the internet.

I started a new way of organizing my music back in November, because I didn’t have enough room on my iPod to fit all my songs and I wanted only the best of the best to be on my playlists. However, I still wanted to keep the full albums for days when I craved a full-album listening session. So now on my iTunes, I have kept my top 5 favorite tracks from each full album I own, my top 2 favorites from each EP, and all the singles I’ve downloaded. If I want to listen to a full album, I will listen to it on Windows Media Player or on my CD/tape player. I have only a few hours left of organizing to do on my iTunes and then it will be ready to sync to my iPod to play when I get a new car! 13 months ago

manglekitty 2 years ago

nawatramaniDigitize and organize

Have not made much progress on this goal… it is so painfully slow, especially when you have thousands of files to go through. Still.. will make an effort to get started on this in 2013. 15 months ago

annabrit 20 months ago

beauxos7 22 months ago

Maarten 23 months ago

anachronicThe Labyrinth that is My iTunes Library

My music collection currently has 43 days’ worth of music, and it’s all over the place; I’m going to try to pare it down a bit and sort it out. iTunes has been really, really slow for me, and streamlining my music files could probably help with that.

I’ll probably delete all the Bandcamp stuff that I don’t actually listen to… and probably about half of my dad’s CD collection. I mean, great as they probably are, I’m just not really in Deep Purple’s target audience. Or maybe I am. But still. Not really my thing. I don’t dislike them, really. They’ve some songs I quite like. But I don’t like them enough that it warrants having their entire discography. 2 years ago

anachronic 2 years ago

ponyyyyy 2 years ago

believi 2 years ago

furtherdownthespiral 2 years ago

Carmela Santos 2 years ago

Jennifer Camacho 2 years ago

RunningAndSunning 2 years ago


I have so many unorganized files- today is the day I attack this goal! :)

(time to delete the 10 GB of death metal my ex boyfriend loaded onto my laptop :P ) 2 years ago

Soucha 4 years ago


Cupcakes750 2 years ago


Chipping away at the last 20 or so CDs. All I have to do after this is delete the songs i hate and randomize a single playlist. 2 years ago

SaveMeThisTime 2 years ago

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