Make people aware of the fact that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist and a criminal

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Johan van der MerweMandela on US terrorist list

I saw in the news recently that the US was going to vote to remove Nelson Mandela from their terrorist blacklist. Apparently he has to get a special permit when he visits the US because of this.

A man doesn’t get put onto a terrorist blacklist just for being black. Nelson Mandela carried out terrorist attacks in South Africa and that is why he was not allowed to go to the US. Nelson Mandela was a dangerous man. He was put in jail for a reason and even the US supported it. 5 years ago

Johan van der MerweThe truth about Nelson Mandela

A lot of people seem to think that Nelson Mandela is some kind of hero without knowing the facts about him. The truth is that he advocated violence and terrorism. He arranged bombings and political violence. Hundreds of people died because of him yet today you will only see the good things about him in the news.

A man doesn’t go to jail for no reason. Nelson Mandela went to jail because of his terrorist activities and not because he was black.

The Church Street bombing is a good example of the kind of thing Nelson Mandela used to like doing. It happened in 1983 in Pretoria. A bomb was set off in the middle of rush hour traffic and the intent was to specifically kill as many white women and children as possible. 19 people died and over 200 were injured. 6 years ago

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