Sell the house I own with my ex-husband

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Recent activity

Celesteit is finished

exchanged some words with ex before and after the signing. He really needs to pay me what he owes me, I should have demanded it as part of the house deal but he has agreed to pay me monthly. If he misses just one month I will get a lawyer and take him to court. It is a completed deal now, my portion should be wired to my bank account tomorrow. 8 years ago

CelesteWe sign today

Very soon I am going to be able to move this to the right hand column! wooo woooooo!!! 8 years ago

Celestejust waiting to see if there are any glitches

If no the closing should be this week. I took boxes over to ex yesterday (he has more stuff to move than I do). During the next week I need to make arrangements to move my “big” items (some furniture) and also to get a tow for my car that has been sitting disabled in the garage for 6 years. 8 years ago

CelesteOMG! I think we did it!

we took 1500 less for some fix up things on the inspectors list…NOW all that is left is the closing!! YAHOOO!!! (oh well I will have to move my stuff out but that will not be a problem!) I don’t really get much money out of this, since ex h kept refinancing out the wazoo—but it will be something that will help me make a few repairs to where I live now and I will put the rest into savings. Hooray!! 8 years ago

Celestetoday is the day

the house inspection was yesterday. We find out today if there is anything that can screw up the sale. 8 years ago

Celesteoffer accepted!

NOW all that is left is the inspection..if we pass that it will all be done! 8 years ago

Celestesigned papers yesterday

making a counter offer. this could be it….still have to get a response 8 years ago

Celestetwo offers

but one expired before I even got a chance to reply! The realtor is contacting both to ask for better and “final” offers. Things are looking up. 8 years ago

Celesteoh for crying out loud

ex h and realtor had a squabble—it is alright now BUT they’ve lowered the price ONE MORE TIME. Luckily, because of the squabble, the realtor agreed to take less commission. 8 years ago

Celesteanother open house yesterday

no news from ex. 8 years ago

Celestesomeone stayed an hour

today—-looking everything over. Street is looking better because construction down the street is winding down. Thats a plus 8 years ago

Celesteno offers

yet 8 years ago

Celestelowered price yet again

open house tomorrow 8 years ago

CelesteMight be reducing one more time

ex h and I had “words” over this. I am sick of reducing the price and see no reason to get all hysterical. If it doesn’t sell within the time frame we should just take it off the market and put it back on. Told him, however, I will leave it up to HIM right now. He is to decide about the price. Talked to the realtor. Realtor says it should have had offers by now. That it hasn’t is an indication that we still have it too high. 8 years ago

Celesteanother open house is coming up on Sunday

I’ll help clean the house and make it sparkle. 8 years ago

Celesteno open house this weekend

ex said interest has been picking up, no news though 8 years ago

Celesteanother open house on Sunday

ex wanted me to clean but only tomorrow..I am busy tomorrow. He’ll have to clean himself. Probably has young girlfriend over today. Doubting that she will clean for him. ho ho. 8 years ago

Celestelowering price once more

faxed agreement to go lower per realtor and ex h. I am satisfied that it was on the market long enough at the other price—that it is best to lower at this time. 8 years ago

Celesteanother open house today

ex called this morning..said the house down the street is for sale and much more $$ is being asked for it—that may help us. 8 years ago

CelesteNothing to report

House just sitting there. Sign out front. No action. 8 years ago

CelesteThe realtor had another open house

on Sunday. Positive comments but no offers yet. 8 years ago

Celestewe reduced the price

by 5 grand. There have been open houses but no deep interest yet. I paid another $300 to have the bushes cut down. ex h to split this cost with me in the end. 8 years ago


The area over the fireplace is being repaired today. I am paying for this but ex will share the cost at the end. 8 years ago

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