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get rejected

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girlwitglassesThis should be checked off as done for everyone haha

I think everyone has been rejected whether its been from the opposite sex, sex same, job, college, etc but its how you handle it afterwards that makes all the difference. 4 months ago

girlwitglasses 4 months ago

Ov91 4 months ago

livingonmyownterms 5 months ago

sparrowlionShe wasn't into it.

I told a girl the other day at a karaoke bar that she was very cute, and that I couldn’t let her leave without giving her my number. At first, it was going well. She said: “Girls never do this, thank you so much for telling me that!” Then, she said she was planning to leave, so I thought, great, that was painless. But then, I saw that she had stayed, so I went over to ask if she wanted to step outside to get some air (and talk a little more, obviously). She said, “No, I’m good here. I like to watch people do karaoke.” Then I asked if she liked singing, too, and here was where the experience really took a bad turn. =)
She said: “Didn’t you see me? I have sung twice tonight.” She literally rolled her eyes at me. Embarrassed as hell, I slunk away. Dude, that was hard.
But, fear not, I talked to a dear friend of mine about it, and he said: “Do you think Kobe Bryant shot a 3 pointer perfect the first time? No. Every failure teaches you something about not failing.” I have been applying this rule to a lot of sucky experiences… And it has really helped!

Love yourself, and get rejected all you can… because not everyone can reject you, and rejection stories are easier to relate to than casanova stories. =) 7 months ago

sparrowlion 7 months ago

everydayemilyHow to make this happen; first entry!

Simple really, a game of numbers.

The most important thing involved is me putting myself out there and getting involved, being vulnerable and asking for things in order to eventually be rejected.

What makes me feel vulnerable?

1) Talking to attractive strangers
2) Telling people when I’m unhappy or upset
3) Asking for help
4) Admitting I don’t know something
5) Trying to flirt, ask someone out on a date, or initiating some sort of romantic/sexual contact.

Also, I could:
6) apply for a job
7) apply for an apartment
8) run for student council (I dont think I’d really like to do this)
9) Ask someone to hang out with me (like a date, but not) 7 months ago

missslop 14 months ago


This is one of my favorite goals :) Even if you fail, you’re still a winner <3 7 months ago

koryogden 7 months ago

everydayemily 7 months ago

lzeppelin1980 10 months ago

rpatton 10 months ago

bbyfriluftsliv 11 months ago

Artemis 12 months ago

Chrissiej1s 12 months ago

TigermanIt sucks!

I just got rejected on 3 progressively lesser levels. I’d be so upset that and afraid I’d lose her forever that I settled for a lesser level of involvement/intimacy, and everything went well for days… Until she suddenly cut me off, with total silence, until I forced her to respond. Then she ordered me to step back even further. Weird, huh? Nuts, crazy, insane are words to describe her AND the situation. And I’m supposed to keep trying? I don’t think so! 13 months ago

Tigerman 13 months ago

Kriskross661 13 months ago

EdFromCowboyBebop 13 months ago

jaygirl16It's time.

There’s only one way to learn.I’ve never put my self out there.I never risked my pride.I never did a lot of things.
But it’s time.I want to look someone in the eye and say “I really like you” and have them say no to me.Sure it might hurt at first,but I’ll get over it.And one day I’ll be able to look back and think,”Huh,at least I know” instead of always going back to what if.
So I’m gonna tell people what I think.I’m going to ask crushes how they feel.I’m going to get regected!
I’m going to learn. 13 months ago

jaygirl16 13 months ago

Tomo210 13 months ago

Maqezemi 14 months ago

Mia Blythe 15 months ago

tomleveen 15 months ago

DeadGirlDragging 16 months ago

Jade 16 months ago

Ron SmithWhy would you want to be rejected?

It’s a really silly goal! I laughed when I saw it, and thus, decided to add it to my list. I really can’t recommend aiming for rejection, though. (It’s simply too easy to achieve.) 17 months ago

Ron Smith 17 months ago

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