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Clemberis91 5 months ago


site I have been a fan of for ages

this dude travels all over the world spending 3 months at a time in different countries all year round, and learns to speak the language of the country fluently to the best of his abilities each time, as well as totally immerses himself in the culture and makes an effort to get to know and interact with the locals.

there are a lot of great information and resources there for anyone wanting to travel, get language hacking tips as well as if your planning to live in a foreign country.

really interesting site and fb page too.

here he is giving a fascinating ted talk on learning languages :) benny lewis – hacking language learning

for me its really inspiring :)

i have wanted to learn Portuguese for years but i never did it, now i finally embrace the learning and i have found it to be really rewarding and finding so many great resources to guide me on my way. really happy with this goal and progress. 14 months ago


wanting to learn a language I highly recommend it has many different languages to choose from and is a very fun site to use. it is not boring. and it very interactive. I love using it.

another site I recommend is which is a site that teaches memory techniques and the use of mnemonics to learn all sorts of things. and they also offer various languages amongst all the other things u can learn. again it is very interactive and fun.

I really enjoy these 2 sites and cannot recommend them enough. 14 months ago

iamevoxusdo you

know I find myself working on my Portuguese a lot more now. I like to read Portuguese quotes etc tht friends might post on fb, or just through practicing a bit with people I work with, or reading translations of Portuguese sentences people write on fb. I have some Portuguese & brazillian friends from work plus family so I like to learn from what they write.

but I also find that I am learning more intuitively, and even thinking in Portuguese more now and trying to speak more now more “naturally” without even thinking of it. this morning was a classic example.

was up early this morning, folks were still half a sleep but then dad went to bathroom and his alarm on his phone went off, so he called me to go switch it off. mom sleeps through thing. so I went and switched it off. he then after a while went back to bed. and I carried on getting dressed and making breakfast etc… so then the other alarm on dads other phone goes off in the kitchen… and im walking through the passage… and I said out loud to myself… mas um barulho… and went to switch it off. litteral translation is “yet another noise/racket”... then I heard my dad laughing… saying sim (yes) mas um barulho”... he was laughing cos he is not used to me speaking Portuguese much. then my mom woke up asking why he is laughing, and he told her… so she starts laughing at it too.

so I just laugh at them laughing at me. so that was my random Portuguese talking with out thinking. im learning and picking up loads, and practicing more with people I work with and my folks. thought this morning was amusing if I say so myself. it was a random moment. its feeling more natural to speak, but I am still very self conscious to speak round Portuguese folk, cos I think I don’t sound Portuguese enough or pronunciation Is not right. but it will take time I guess. my biggest thing is my confidence when speaking with Portuguese people. they so used to me speaking English, they forget I am Portuguese too. and when I try to work on it, they are amused by it. but I want to improve and get taken seriously about it. it is one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t learn my parents language growing up, and that I cant speak fluently. I hope to one day speak with confidence and fluently. 14 months ago


on this for an hour in the coffee shop this morning as disciplinary was postponed this morning before work and will be tomorrow now. so I had time to kill. so went on the duolingo sight and did that. was fun. learnt lots. 14 months ago


on this on the train on my way home, using duo lingo website. my vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds and im still only starting out. very pleased. one day I shall speak fluently and confidently. I am determined to do it. 14 months ago


on this tonight. first on duolingo website, then on memrise website.

:) 14 months ago


just busy doing this on the duolingo website now. this is such a fun goal. that site is excellent have learnt so much already.

and i am introducing it to my Portuguese work friends who want to improve their English. this site as well as the memrise site.

one of the guys that i introduced to the site, is my biggest supporter of this and cheers me on and helps me with learning new words and sentences at work its pretty cool.

but his English is not to bad actually, however he says he enjoys it and it is good because his verbs and tenses aren’t so good so it helps him with that. 14 months ago


“There is one way to understand another culture. Living it. Move into it, ask to be tolerated as a guest, learn the language. At some point understanding may come. It will always be wordless. The moment you grasp what is foreign, you will lose the urge to explain it. To explain a phenomenon is to distance yourself from it.”

― Peter Høeg, from Smilla’s Sense of Snow 15 months ago

iamevoxusalong with

duolingo, memrise is another website I highly recommend for learning a new language (they also do learning for other things besides languages) and its free. like duolingo its a fun website.

and both duolingo and memrise have apps so you can work on your language studying on your phone when your on the go.

honestly I never thought I would enjoy this goal but I am really enjoying it. these 2 sites are like games and its addictive. I find this more fun than language cds and downloads cos its more interactive and its great that I can do them on my phone too.

there are also various language phrase apps you can download. so for example I downloaded some Portuguese, so whenever im bored and sitting on a train for example I listen to those and practice in my head when im not on these 2 sites that is.

im gonna be brave and try and watch a movie in Portuguese sometime.

I feel so motivated with this goal lately. im gonna practice my skills with my Portuguese colleagues. i wanna surprise them with how much i have improved :)

will take time tho but its fun trying 15 months ago

iamevoxusi highly

recommend the website duolingo if you want to learn a new language or improve on your existing language skills. its free and its fun. ive been doing it consistently over the last few days and whenever I felt like it cos its fun and doesn’t feel like a chore. its sort of like a fun language game. and I have learnt so much already.

highly recommend. will be a good basis for all future learning too. 15 months ago


on this on the 6 hour (!) train round back from cornwall, on my phone using duolingo website. then did a bit more tonight on pc, same site.

was also messing bout listening to various phrases from Portuguese apps I have on my phone.

I am actually enjoying this as its fun, and I have learnt some new words and phrases. good stuff. 15 months ago

iamevoxusthere are actually

a lot of Portuguese language learning videos on youtube. so that is cool.

but I think for now will focus on alternating between my cds, the duolingo website (which is really good!) and maybe watching some Portuguese movies/or English movies in Portuguese and music etc.

once I have completed the duo lingo and cds will have a look at the youtube resources and other resourses.

will also consider skyping a native Portuguese person. or just practicing in person with a Portuguese person.

etc etc

ive had this goal on and off for years, but this is the first time im trying to make a serious go of it, and its been quite fun actually.

there are a lot of resourses when you look for them. 15 months ago


love this

Portuguese scene between Aurelia and Jamie (Collin Firth) in love actually :)

love this on so many levels. :)

love actually – Jamie and Aurelia

I learnt a lot even from that little clip, tho both their English and Portuguese was bad, it was still understandable. 15 months ago


duolingo website is quite good actually. it starts off basic and gets more detailed and advanced as you improve.

the only issue I have with it, and the same with rosetta stone which I wont pay for because of it… is that it uses brazillian Portuguese instead of European Portuguese. that always annoys me.

I wont ever pay for rosetta because of that. I don’t mind using this despite that cos it is free.

luckily my cds I have are European Portuguese so that helps. 15 months ago


a bit of portuguse practicing and typing using the duolingo website. its free and pretty cool and fun.

also thinking of watching some movies in portuguse that I have watched in English before. selecting the Portuguese option instead of English on the dvd.

love having different options of learning. 15 months ago


on this again last night, really cool. already learning some new words, learnt how to do greetings and how to order food and drinks at various places. and to count to 30. all sounds basic, but the vocab is already in depth and its shocking how little I know. quite enjoying it. wanna stick with it. once im finished listening to it will listen again and so on, so I can retain it. 15 months ago


lesson… learning pronounciations of alphabet and vowels and letter combinations in words.

doing that now.

lots of information, this is the beginning and its already quite detailed and a lot!

but… its quite fun! I like challenges. learning a new language is certainly one! training my toungue to learn new words and say words differently, very amusing when I hear myself out loud. gotta laugh :)

but its good. am glad am starting it. I think ive had these cds for 5 years or something like that and I never listened to em once! 15 months ago


this portuguse language book and cds I bought ages ago. and it comes with a mp3 download of everything on the cds. so am busy downloading that as I type. its a huge ass file. 15 months ago


to the drawing board with this one. 16 months ago

iamevoxus 5 years ago

mackenzieyes 23 months ago

iamevoxusi have

a box set with 5 or so cds of learning various phrases. so will start with that. but also thinking of looking into reading up on that polyglot dude from the website and see if he can give me language hacking tips on there to learn a new language. hes just reccomended this language website on fb and i had a look at it and it looks interesting too… actually both his site and this site look fun.

i kind of want to try and make a good go of this. i feel so guilty and ashamed for not being able to speak and sometimes barely understanding my familys heritage language. yes i was born and raised in SA,but i am also portuguese and our familys still follow alot of traditions and speak the language, but its sad that most of the younger generation didnt learn to speak portuguese. and im one of them. so want to make time for this and give it my best shot and practice with folks and anyone else. practice practice practice 2 years ago

chariss77 7 years ago

jonkristian 2 years ago


move to a portuguese-speaking country! :D 2 years ago

karenska 8 years ago

midev 4 years ago

Carlos Leal 3 years ago

iamevoxusive re-opened

this goal, as i want to try and work on this.

im planning on trying to listen to some language cds i have, as well as listening to portuguese music, watching movies in portuguese. i might even read in portuguese, if i can find a interesting book somewhere. or maybe just read online on portuguese sites. also will ask the folks to talk to me as much as possible in portuguese and to explain things to me when i dont understand or how to say things, etc. i also work with lots of portuguese and brazillian people so i may as well ask them to teach me stuff when i get a chance.

im also looking into some online language learning sites, see what i can find to help with this.

ive tried on and off over the years to learn it but its never stuck with me. going to try again this time. im a bit embarressed that i cant speak the language of my heritage or that i cant conversate with some family members and relatives.

i would love to one day be fluent. but lets jsut try and give this ago again and take our time with it. baby steps. 3 years ago

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