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www.donateacar.com/Vehicle_Donation     Find local charities, helpful info, Cancer Research, United Way, more.

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www.womenforwomen.org/     Help A Woman Regain Dignity & Hope. Sponsor A Woman Survivor Of War.

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www.mercyships.org/     Mercy Ships Helps Save Lives. Free Surgeries to African Children.

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randomaliaI'm making an effort...

...to complete some of my more or less stagnant goals. This goal has been on my list for a year and two months. I’ve gotten up to donating 8 things. That leaves 35 more things to donate. At that rate, I’ll never check the goal off. So, what I’m going to do is get a box, and find 35 things, box ‘em up, and donate. (This won’t include the stuff in the box in my garage that’s already marked for Goodwill donation. This should be checked off within a few weeks. 5 years ago

randomalia8. Donated a children's book.

Border’s was having an event where you could buy a book and it would go to a needy child for Christmas. 5 years ago

randomalia7. Light the Night Walk 2008

A walk benefitting leukemia… the event was lots of fun, also! 5 years ago

randomalia6. A Book...

Today when I was at Borders buying some stuff for myself, I also purchased a children’s book to donate (I’ve forgotten the name of the organization the books are going to, but it’s for promoting literacy). Reading is something I’ll always support. 5 years ago

randomalia5. Relay For Life

Last weekend my husband and I and dozens of coworkers participated in this event. It benefits the American Cancer Society. 5 years ago

randomalia4. Items for Goodwill

Getting together 2 big boxes of stuff to donate to Goodwill, mostly clothes. Getting ready to move in a few months, so we’re starting to weed through some possessions. I’m counting this as one thing donated, because I’m determined to make this goal more challenging. 5 years ago

randomalia3. 10,460 Grains of Rice

I found a fun, addictive website that tests you on your vocabulary… for every word that you get correct, they donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations to help end world hunger. I just played it about twenty minutes longer than I meant to! Here it is: http://freerice.com 6 years ago

randomalia2. Canyon Country Fire Victims Fund

I donated 3 bags of stuff, and a large box of items… they were having a bake/yard sale to benefit those people of Canyon Country that lost their homes in the Buckweed Fire (38,000 acres, I believe) a few weeks ago. The city still reeks of fire and my place is still full of ash. The sale made a whopping $12,000! It’s amazing what people can do when they pull together. 6 years ago

randomalia1. Light the Night Walk

A couple weeks ago I participated in the Light the Night Walk in Santa Clarita to benefit leukemia. It was a 3 mile walk and we had red balloons that lit up. The company I work for has a program, where if the employee donates their time, the company donates $10 for each hour volunteered. So since the event lasted three hours, my company donated $30 for my participation. At least a dozen other people or more from my company also participated, so we raised a good amount of money and had lots of fun. 6 years ago


Just bagged up 34 articles of clothing that no longer fit to donate to the Salvation Army. It’s so hard parting with clothes that I love. 8 years ago

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