catch up on all the postcards i want to send

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Recent activity

Mme Delacroixdone

didn’t get any sleep last night, but I’ve got a pile of postcards that are stamped, addressed, partially written on… I’m done this goal for a while. 5 years ago

Mme Delacroixi haven't forgotten about all of you

just been busy sending off postcards to family first… next on the list is Serenity : D 5 years ago

Mme DelacroixTo Do:

Create a list of 43Thing-ers who have requested postcards from Scotland and put it with my packing.


A Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa
As if I’m packing already ~ what a joke :P 5 years ago

loveinthecurestatue of liberty cards

need to go out today or tomorrow or they’ll loose their umf. _ is that a word? _ 5 years ago

Mme Delacroixregularly popping postcards into the mailbox...

i’ve developed a system of envelopes to organize my postcard selection:

one slot for old postcards
one slot for montreal postcards
one slot for canadiana postcards
one slot for cards already earmarked for folks
one slot for funny / silly postcards
one slot for postage-stamps 5 years ago

Mme Delacroixordered postcards from MOO cards today....

using my Flickr account : )
can’t wait : ) 5 years ago

Mme Delacroixmailed 9 today!

: ) 5 years ago

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