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Kiss gerard from My Chemical Romance


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omg if i got to kiss gerard way i would not give a sht about anything else but i would like to be mates with him aswell!you know get to know him not just a quick snog then run off.i think i’d totaly love to be his mate! 5 years ago

GERARDWAYOBSESSIONi really do love him

I LOVE YOU GEE BABY5 years ago


i luv mcr and gee!! 5 years ago

XxForeverxMCRxXI heard

I heard that if you go backstage in a My Chem show, Gerard kisses you on the cheek. 6 years ago


if thats happen im going to be the happiest girl in the world… 6 years ago

iLoveGerard_014,;"i fuckin' love gerard way!,,c",

,;”i hate you but i can’t ‘coz i love you!,,
,;”every time i surf the net, i can’t forget to look for your pictures and download it to my mobile phone!,,i really hate you for marrying Lyn z!,,i know I’m the i who’s destined to marry you and i’ll always believe in that!,,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GERARD ARTHUR WAY!,,HAPPY VALENTINE’S!,,c”, 6 years ago


i love gerard so much!!!!!!!!!! <3 6 years ago


i love him. <3 6 years ago


awesome!!! 6 years ago


This is like, my life-long dream! 7 years ago

sarah_4_gerardi love gerard!!!

omg i would soooooooooooo kiss gerard hehe…and that girl that said we should go and die…ummm well we cant help it if we love him alot ok! so maybe u should shut up lol!!

and omg i love gerard sooo much i would love 2 kiss him 1 day!! 7 years ago

cuttiepiezThe Best Momment in my life

hehe, i saw gerard 1 night in the pup and he was like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo totally hot.. And i dunno why i did this but i went up to him and said… well u kno…. and he did it.. i think mayb he did it cos his a little woosy, all the same, he is a great kisser i tell ya…. But i am sure i would never kiss him again…good luck 2 u ppl out there, mayb someday he 2oo would kiss cha’ 7 years ago


I truly wish I could at least meet Gerard, but I am VERY shy. Once I get to know someone, I am more hyper than anyone else. But I don’t think I would ever get to meet Gerard. I would probably see him, and then go hide behind a bush. :’( 7 years ago

caseybabeDream kiss

I would love to kiss Gerard Way!
he has the most sexiest eyes ever..And those lips are unforgetable, I had a dream about me and him kissing and i woke up and cunt stop thinking about it the whole day!!!
I would do nething to meet him 7 years ago


He is soo hot!!! but this thing is never gonna happen… 7 years ago

purpel_gal44kiss all over

i wanna stroke his face….. he’s perfect!!!!!!!!!!! he’s my very own genius…. he’s totally everything!!! 7 years ago


who would`nt?????????7 years ago

GarerdgirlMy kiss

I love u soooo much 7 years ago

mcr_lover_1992On the lips or on the cheek?

OMG! I REMEMBER! I had a dream about Gerard, and OMG! he gave me a kiss on the neck and went down a little. O_O’ and he like kissed me three times. DUDE! that was like one of the best dreams i ever had in my life! lol and we met at a church too. sighs damn! but anyways, yeah i would love to kiss Gerard. where ever he wants me to kiss him, if he wasn’t with his new gf. but anyways ( again ) that would be so freakin AWESOME! :D 7 years ago

SophieLOVEsGERARDHis Music Saved My life

I really love gerard, bcoz before i found his music, i was on the verge of suicide, MCR helped me thru that coz i can relate to heaps of their songs, i owe my life to MCR but mostly gerard coz he writes the lyrics, and suffered what i did…
so gerard if u wer eva to read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH
i love you
xxxxxxxxxxx 7 years ago

ambz321i wish waht:O

never would this ever happen:| it would be good enough to meet them but to even get a kiss .. would be a dream come true:Ohees bloody gourjes 7 years ago

mychemkitteni can dream...

wow even to be in his presense would be freakin’ amazing!
i’m gonna make it my life goal to kiss him…
yep 7 years ago

Addicted2Gerard4EOh yea i would.

if i could i so would! i would die! hes so fiiiiine. and im obssesed too and i dont care cause’ look at him he’s so hott! but i feel bad for everyone else in the bad they dont get enough attention oh well, sux to be them yay gerard! 7 years ago

MyImPoSsIbLeRoMaNcEI'M So fAr aWaY FrOm U!

I WoUlD Do iT FoR ThE ReSt Of mY DaYs…BuT hE’s 29, i’m oNlY A TeEnAgEr lol hE’S My iMpOsSiBlE RoMaNcE! i wAnT TO dIe,FuCk!!! He’s So DamN pErFeCt!!!! 7 years ago

sarahs2aaroni wanna kiss gerard!!!

hey OH GOD!!! i would so kiss gerard 4 eva and eva till the day i die!! lol seriously i wouldnt let go lol!!!hes so damn hot and me and my friend r probably obbsessed wiv him but i mean who wouldnt b u r crazy if u dnt think he is a great singer or the hottest guy in the world!! I WOULD KISS U 4 SURE!!!
xoxoxoxox 7 years ago

gerardxwayxisxloveI KISSED GERARD

ok fine im totaly kidding, BUT IT IS MY LIFE GOAL!!!! i would kiss him forever:D:D:D:D:D i dont care if i sound completely overly obsessive, because I AM and I LOVE IT. so there. I WOULD KISS HIM FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 7 years ago

turtle555im not okay...with it

ok i have no problem with gerard because hes so fn sexy but wat about the rest of the band because its not just him making music 7 years ago


i would die,and i dun care i’m over obsessed ok? i can’t help it i’m proud of it i would kiss him soo long it would make it into the guiness book or world records twice and i would soo hug him very tight. i mean like c’mon! i could friggin make out with him if i have to!=D 7 years ago

billiejoeslover77kissy kissy *faint*

i love gerard 8 years ago


aND iD DIE WILE8 years ago

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