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become a waterbender


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siddiquizeeshan 4 months ago


I would help fight anything bad in my way for the peoples sake 4 months ago

sparks3507 4 months ago


I wAnt to be a waterbending how do I become 1 5 months ago

Rayvonn 5 months ago

09478536690 8 months ago

user1397143958 8 months ago

Damien11 8 months ago

donatello12 9 months ago

user1395255057 9 months ago

bibi5151624 13 months ago


i found aload of sites that talk about learning all kinds of bending; the 4 elements, plant, even time!!!! simply look them up in google. 15 months ago

aquabndr 15 months ago

samim4213a waterbending spell.

I haven’t done a spell for waterbending yet, but i haven’t found one though, so i think i’ll just make one up. i think waterbending will be cool. so when i’m at camp at the pool, instead of fake waterbending, i could do it for real and be able to control it. some of my friends want to be able to waterbend too.
for the spell i’ll need the water element candle (which is a blue candle), then i’ll need a picture of katara waterbending, a cup water, and incense (the scent of waterfall, or ocean breeze)
if this looks familiar to your religion, you probably know what to do from here. if not i think you could make up what to do or look it up. i’m not going to do it yet but when i do i’ll let you know
i hope this works wish me luck 16 months ago

samim4213 16 months ago

ali1221 16 months ago


I want to be a Water bender I think I can make ripples in the water but I don’t know if that is just the air my hand make when passing over the bowl. 17 months ago

moonwater125 17 months ago

hancy92 18 months ago

Smilybrebre 19 months ago

mrmeme123 19 months ago

Starfire1099 19 months ago

tala limpini want to be...

i want to become a waterbender. but i dont know father sed to me do your dreams. when he sed that i had a strong feeling that i could be like you.i keep on surching but it is all about fire bending. when i clicked on, it made me happy.then i still dint know what will i do. i just wish you are my cousin. 21 months ago

tala limpin 21 months ago

BellaH2OWant To Get A Easy Waterbending Spell

I want to become a water-bender in my whole life.
I want a easy water-bending spell.
No Ingridents please!
Spells work if you belief in magic 22 months ago

BellaH2O 22 months ago


Rogue✌  2 years ago

SilverTails2I found this on this one site. Hope it helps.

Waterbending Moves :

Waterbending is, no doubt one of the most awesome and amazing powers to have. Like most of the skills, you are dealing with a substance that can't be controlled. You aren't actually bending the water persay, but the water field around it. Like fire and air, it can't be physically lifted, but rather the field can be lifted to control the water's physical mass. There is a way to dismiss the water's field, but it is extremely complex, and is frowned upon by many water tribes because it is regarded as taking away the water's spirit. If you do decide to dismiss the field, then when the field is gone, you cannot physically touch the water, it's mass is only an image.
Power in Waterbending comes from the moon. It's controlled by energy that flows through mainly the arms and more rarely the lower legs, and is often accompanied by calm and fluid movements of the arms to help direct the water to where its needed. There are different forms of Waterbending, which have mostly been derived by difference of opinion or one type may use just slow-moving water, another may rely almost completely on sharp ice. 'Foggy Swamp' bending is possible; that is bending the water inside plants to do your bidding...but it's often seen as obsolete because of an Earthbender's natural power over plants and green life.
But beyond natural connections, a Waterbender's ability to turn defence into offence is what makes them such great assets in battle. Obvious examples of these are freezing a wall of ice between you and your opponent then breaking the ice into an offencive projectile. However, Waterbending, not just the martial arts associated with it, is used still as more of a defensive and ally-help skill than offensive, as it's a rather slow art. True Waterbenders understand this, and use quick defence to make up for what they lack in opportunities to strike.
The mistake most new Waterbenders make is underestimating its opening yourself to this art, you're taking on the responsibility of the ocean, and the moon. You have to keep a firm hold on your power, as well as maintain a calm internal balance. Unlike the other elements, Waterbending is tied completely to your emotions, and if you lose grip of your emotions, you lose control of your Waterbending. It's difficult, but through meditation, it's possible with time to acheive this 'inner calm'. Not to say you can't have feelings, but it's important to put locks on your bending when you're not using it. But first, starter techniques?

Easy way to begin waterbending :

Now lets begin, first put a bowl of water in front of you and sit in a lotus postion… try to meditate for some time. Mostly people would ask, that is: ” Is it really necessary to sit in a lotus position during waterbending and i always say yes it is! ” Anyways, lets keep continuing, when u think that it is the right time to start then concentrate even more harder and say:

’’I am the water in the bowl in front of me… i can move it and control it the way i want to, the way i control myself… it is a part of me… so i say RISE! ’’ Then keep saying this until you think you are successful, even partly… open your eyes to see if the water in the bowl is moving slightly and if this happens… Congrats, you have the power to actually feel the water… now it is not that hard for you to start waterbending… keep practising it until you think you are ready for the next move…

Actually because of this move you have the power to feel the water in yourself, you consider it a part of yourself… When you’re confident , it’s time to try some moves .

Waterbending Moves :

Beginner’s Lift : (There are some ways for this, depends on which suits you better)

You are going to lift the water about two inches, and then drop it. First, lifting the water. Put a small bowl of water in front of you. If you can, sit in the lotus position and visualize yourself sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by water. It’s better if you visualize yourself in the lotus position, but you don’t need to. Visualize the water around you lifting up in tall pillars, and then disconnecting from the water’s surface until it’s suspended in the air. Then, visualize the water dropping back into the ocean. If you hear a drop in the water, congratulaions, you are officially a waterbender !

~ Or 

A very simple task, especially if your natural element is Water. Anyways, sit in the Lotus position if you can; if not, sit cross-legged, with your back straight, and set a bowl of water in front of you. Or, if you can, sit in front of a source of natural water. Lakesides are GREAT for starting waterbenders…not as emotional as the ocean. Put one or both of your hands in the bowl or the lake. Close your eyes, and repeat the breathing patterns slowly. Once you’ve entered that blackness behind your eyes, visualise yourself in the position you’re in. Now visualise a white moon-like substance flowing through your body. See it flowing swiftly up from the base of your abdomen [under your bellybutton], splitting into two streams at your chest, flowing through both arms and into your hands, filling the bowl or a small section of the lake water with the white moon-glow substance. This moon-glow is your chi, and it’s what you’ll be using to move the water. Once the water is filled with glow, stop feeding it chi and visualise small thread-like strings connecting the ends of your fingers to the chi in the water. Now, slowly pull your hands up out of the water, and at the same time visualise the water lifting as it clings to the threads at your fingertips. Pull it up maybe an inch or two…don’t push your luck on the first try. It may take you several tries to even make a ripple. But, more than likely, if your natural element is water, then it should take three tries at the most, and a maximum of an hour. If not, then it can take up to ten tries or more, and can take any amount of time. If you simply can’t get it to lift, repeat the Water Elemental Meditation for a few more days and try again. Don’t give up…if you say you can’t do it, you can’t. Cast any skepticism out of your mind and forget any doubts, and meditate of course and you will do fine. If you do this correctly, and work through it patiently, then the water should rise as you pull your hands up out of the bowl or the lake. If it works, congratulations.

Winding Stream:

This is almost the same technique as the Beginner’s Lift; the difference is that you’ll be manipulating it more. Once you’ve near mastered the first skill, this should be rather easily. You’ve probably already tried lifting the water higher, right? Well, this is the same thing. You’ll just be lifting the water about a foot high, and spinning it around a bit. Go through the same steps as in the Beginner’s Lift, but pull your hands up higher than before, until you have a nice long cord of water to work with. If you need to, shorten the strings attaching the water to your fingertips, to give it some extra height. In this move, the closer the water, the better. So. Pull it to that height and move your hands a bit…in a small clockwise circle at first, and then in a slightly larger counterclockwise circle. Move it around freely, experiment. Also, try pointing one finger down towards the water and spinning it around your hand. It’s a rather interesting feeling and it gives you a bit more control over the water you’re pulling at. Again, it’s not all too difficult. But I guarantee it will come in handy one day.

Living Water:

This one may be a bit more difficult. You start out like you would in Winding Stream, but pulling up about a foot of water. It may help you to stand up for this one. But instead of just moving it around in the water, you’ll be lifting it completely, separating it from the main source of water and making a sort of floating watery bubble blob. You’ve probably all seen some Waterbenders or another playing with a little bubble of water in between their hands, right? That’s what this is. It’s a great way of learning to push and pull, if you can move it easily enough to get that rhythm. Anyways, raise the water up to your chest, and visualise the bottom part of it severing from the source, forming a floating bubble. This one can be loads of fun. Play with it a bit. Just be careful about raising it above your head… But put all that aside, this is maybe a Waterbender’s greatest skill. After a while of practice it becomes as natural as breathing, and you can call on it in an instance. It’s a Waterbender’s easiest defence, and their safest offence as you can freeze it into an big ice ball and throw at your opponent, once you’ve learned Icebending that is. If you’re one of those people who quits when they get bored, at least learn this move. Really, it could save your life one day

Ice Shield :

This skill actually allows you to create a shield of ice in front of you to capture any attacks thrown at you. So when you are first learning this, take it very slow, and make sure you’re not using too much chi. Open your gourd, and bend your water in to a puddle on the ground. Bend the water straight up, about as tall and wide as you are, then visualize the water getting colder an colder until it eventually freezes in front of you. Then visualize it getting hotter and hotter until it melts back into a puddle and bend it back into your gourd. Keep practicing until you get fast enough to do it instantaneously.

Water Walking :

This has got to be one of the greatest and most miraculous skills in existence. With this skill, you can actually walk on the surface of water. This is one of the most difficult skills in all of Waterbending, but it is so worth the effort. What you do is, remember, only for advanced waterbenders, you bend the water in a circle on the surface of the water. You have to bend the water down and under into the center of the circle until it has pushed up in the circle and made the water more dense in that area. When you are ready, step on to that circle and feel the water under your feet as you witness a miracle. Practice this until you are comfortable with this skill. Eventually, you should be able to make the whole surface of a pool or a lake stable enough to stand on .

There are a few different weapons that you can use with waterbending: a sword, hand fan, and best of all, your hands. Your hands alone are more powerful than any weapon in the world. Anyway, on to the moves. Here are two, both a little advanced. You may want to try the ice shield after about a month of practicing with the bowl of water. Unless your natural element is water, then you can try them whenever you feel you are ready. Also, if you can, it is extremely useful to have a gourd with a cork or a water bottle with an easy open cap that is easy to carry with you that’s filled with water. Otherwise, you would have to find a spring or draw water from the earth if you’re stuck in the wilderness without it.

Icebending Moves~ :

Icebending is the ability to control ice and the temperature of water. As you probably have guessed, this is a really cool skill to have. What makes it even better is that it is based off of Waterbending, which is one of the easiest of the skills to learn. Actually, there is a move on Waterbending that is actually Icebending. It is called Ice Shield. The concepts of Icebending are pretty basic.

Easy way to begin Icebending :

All you have to do is visualize water filled with thousands of swirling grey dots, and then see all of the grey dots gradually starting to slow and change color to a dull, icy blue. At that point the water should get colder, and if you continue with this process, and keep slowing the dots until they are completely still, then it will eventually freeze the water. These are the basics that you need to remember for Icebending.

Chill / Freeze :

Now on to the starter skill, Chill. This is called Chill because you are going to cool down water almost to the point of freezing temperature. All you will need for this skill is a small bowl and somewhere quiet where you can focus. It is fairly important to have a very small bowl, because then you don’t have to deal with as much water. Okay, first fill the bowl with water at room temperature and set it on the floor in front of you. Now sit down and put part of your hand or maybe just a finger in the water and close your eyes. Now visualize those swirling dots we talked about before and do exactly as I told you about about the slowing dots. Keep doing this for as long as it takes for you to feel cold water on your finger/hand. If the water gets colder, then congratulations, you are officially an Icebender! But just be careful to not do this too long, or you may freeze your fingers in the ice! I did it once and it really hurt after a while. Keep doing this until you can do this without focusing and with your eyes open. Now on to the harder moves.

Ice Petal :

This is a truly wonderful skill. With this skill, you are actually going to be making an ice sculpture. Well, we are not quite at sculptures yet, but you are going to make part of one. You are going to make a flower petal out of ice. All you need is a bowl of cold water and a quiet place to bend. It is easier to start with cold water because you are going to make ice. What you do is, remember all of the swirling dots? Well, picture the whole bowl filled with them, but cut out a portion of it and shape it like a flower petal. Now see the petal turn colder by slowing the dots down, but keep the rest of the bowl the same temperature. This is VERY confusing, but just look at these words long and hard and hopefully you will understand it better. But anyway, see the petal growing colder and colder until the dots have completely halted and turned an icy white. Almost like this color. Open your eyes and the petal should be frozen and floating in the water. If it is, then congratulations ! This is a very confusing move and pretty hard to pull off correctly. You can also do other figures, too, just visualize it in the shape you want. Congratulations again !

Thaw / Melting :

With this skill, you are going to thaw out ice. It seems sort of wierd, I know, because it is almost like firebending. But it is still Icebending because you are not using heat to thaw it, but you are actually just releasing the cold out of the ice to thaw it. So, you can either freeze a bowl of water with Icebending, or you can put it in the freezer for two hours. I would recommend you put it in the freezer, because then you don’t have to waste any chi on freezing it. So get your ice, and put it on the floor in front of you. Now close your eyes, and see the swirling dots again. But this time, see the dots starting to move again, slowly changing color again back to the grey color of room temperature. Also, see grey colored steam coming out from the top of the ice, which represents the cold temperature. When you see them swirling at a steady rate, and all of the steam has stopped rising, and you think that it is pretty much thawed out, then open your eyes and look in the bowl. If it is water, then congratulations, you have just mastered a very confusing and useful technique. For example, if you put your drink in the freezer, instead of the fridge, you could thaw it out in seconds without thinking about it and also not needing to wait hours to thaw it out. Also, as an end note, it would be very beneficial for you to learn Waterbending as well, because then you can freeze things into shapes without needing a bowl of water.

~ Healing ~

Now, to start Waterbending Healing, you need a bowl/pail of water in front of you. It would help you to focus better if you're in a quiet environment, try locking yourself up in your bedroom undisturbed by other family members. This instruction is to cure physical wounds like a cuts, bumps or muscular sores.
First, you can sit cross-legged/ in the lotus position(whichever you like) and get comfortable. Next, dip the wounded place into the water, I know some wounds would prickle when touched by water but u have to relax and feel the coolness of the water compressing your pain. After a minute or so, close your eyes. clear your mind of all distractions. Just keep your mind on the wound and focus on your breathing patterns, make sure you breathe in through your nose deeply and out through your mouth with a "hoo...". This cools down your mind and body.
Before the next step, i have to ask, do you know how to move your chi? Or do you know where the source of chi is? The source of chi in our body is called the Hara, it is just 2 inches behind your belly button, from there, you can extract some chi and direct it to the wound. Let's say your left hand has a cut and it is dipped the bowl of water, by using your other hand (your eyes are still closed, you have to feel) , place your palm in front of your Hara, imagine that there's a light-bluish glow as your source of chi. With each breath, imagine it glowing brighter and some blue vapour surrounds it.
When you think that's enough chi for that particular wound, use only two of your front fingers, place it about an inch above the skin of your belly button. With each breath in, direct the blue mist up through the centre of your body to your chest by moving your fingers up (you have to move it as if it is really water vapour and make sure it doesn't escape from your grip plus your hand gestures must be gentle) and let the vapour settle in your chest when you breathe out. Then, continue this step again by pulling the vapour from your chest to your arms, lower part of your arm and finally to your palm.
Now is an important step, imagine the vapour is now surrounding your palm, place your palm a little above the wound. Imagine the blue vapour is now covering over the wound and with each breath you take the vapour glows in a beautiful white light once. You have to get a clear picture and memory of how your cut looks like before the beginning of healing. With your eyes closed, imagine the edge of your wound is glowing as the vapour covers it and glows. Imagine the edge of the cut is getting smaller or the bleed is beginning to clot or the red part of the bump's red disappearing. Focus on your breath as well. One reminder, as i said earlier, you had imagined the vapour to be what a real vapour is supposed to be, so cup the mists back to the wound if the vapour cloud thins.
Finally, when you feel that the job has been done, open your eyes and take a look at the wound. You'll notice that if it was bleeding earlier it would have clotted or when wound is less red and smaller. You can't really make that wound disappear at one go, you should probably repeat it a few times and then let the cut heal by itself the next day. To heal the cut quickly, do this healing steps everyday and the cut will disappear in 2 or 3 days. If your skin itches due to rash, this tech can also relieve it but not entirely cure it as having rash is due to sensitive skin. 3 years ago

SilverTails2 3 years ago

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