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JackEveryman 2 months ago

JackEverymanTaxes Done

Navigated the SEP-IRA rules and finished taxes. Yay! 3 days ago

bizigirl 1 month ago

lumpydumpling 23 months ago

thegrayarea 2 months ago


1 hour & $55 later, I am done. I got a $15 discount through my credit union & another $5 off when I put $100 of my federal return on an amazon gift card. If I wasn’t quite so lazy, I probably could have saved more $ or not even had to spend anything. So it goes. 1 week ago

sweetyblue 1 month ago

sweetybluemade appt

going to do them tomorrow. woo hoo 1 month ago

besidequietwaters 2 months ago

JustDoIt_Now 3 months ago

JackEverymanDo the business Schedule C First

Been having a hard time starting this. I believe that taking this step will break the dam. 1 month ago

kerfuffledIRS refund scheduled to be sent 2-20-13

I got an email from H&R Block that the IRS accepted my return on the 1st of Feb and checking the IRS website, I found out my refund was approved and will be sent out on the 20th.

As soon as I get the refund I can close out this goal. 2 months ago

JackEverymanHalfway through the prep.

Have forms, categorized expenses. Buying the Turbotax software today. 2 months ago

WhoisRipley 2 months ago

kerfuffledFree E-file with H&R Block

This miserable year I only collected unemployment from NY, so my low income qualified me for free filing of my federal and state (NY) returns through H&R Block online. I didn’t have to file a NJ return because my income (not including unemployment, which NJ doesn’t tax) was below 10k.

It took less than an hour as tax returns become quite simple when you have no income. I’ll check this goal off when the return is accepted and my refund is received in my bank account. the IRS isn’t going to start processing until the 31st and NY state will begin on the 30th. Last year I remember it took only a few days from when I e-filed to when the refund was deposited into my bank account. I hope it’ll be that fast this year. 2 months ago

kerfuffled 2 months ago

Cephlapod 5 years ago

Robin 3 years ago


is ready. I finished things up today and plan to bring them to the post office tomorrow. 5 months ago


the tax accountant returned the papers. That was the quickest ever. Nice.

I’ll finish them on the weekend and then send them off. 5 months ago


I just received my pay stub from my new job. They’ve grossly under taxed me. This will mean I will owe taxes this year and have to have them filed on time.

Even though I have to pay it back, that money will earn me a small amount of interest in the meantime. 5 months ago


I foresee getting this done within the next 3 weeks. 5 months ago

DarkDogI spent most of last evening

with preparing this. But the envelope is ready now and I’ll put it in the mail for my tax accountant tomorrow. 6 months ago

DarkDogAlmost forgot

it’s time for this. I’ll try to prepare the papers by next week. 6 months ago



makwilliams 7 months ago

stuffedpenguin 13 months ago

FoundProdigal 9 months ago

☠ dustball jin ☠ 10 months ago

☠ dustball jin ☠Untitled

i did them all right. 10 months ago

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