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Batproof my House!!!


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going to declare this done. The guy sealed things up and installed the 1-way exits 9 days ago. He said to wait till yesterday and call if we heard anything in the walls. He said he couldn’t guarantee there wasn’t a bat that might have wintered over in the basement and try to get out through the house, but we have not heard a peep. So I think by now we are batproof! 4 years ago


going to declare this done. The guy sealed things up and installed the 1-way exits 9 days ago. He said to wait till yesterday and call if we heard anything in the walls. He said he couldn’t guarantee there wasn’t a bat that might have wintered over in the basement and try to get out through the house, but we have not heard a peep. So I think by now we are batproof! 4 years ago

FriedeThe bat guy

is here! Yay!. By the end of the morning all the holes will be plugged up! 4 years ago


guy is coming some time next week to seal it all up and install nifty one way exits. 4 years ago

FriedeStep 1

emailed bat removal company 1 month ago and made an appointment.

Got an inspection and estimate yesterday and agreed to have them do the work! They will return in 10 days or so to plug up all the entry points with heavy duty 50 year caulk and hardware fabric and install one-way exits so the bats can leave but they can’t get back in. Cool and not too terribly expensive- about $700. I think it can cost thousands if your house is big or in significant disrepair which is not the case with our house. Yay! This actually counts as another thing on my goal about doing things I have been putting off too. 4 years ago


Excellent! Spoke with bat abatement guy this morning. We scheduled for him to come out March 12th to do an inspection. Hopefully there won’t be any snow left on the roof then because they need to really get a good look at the roof and dormers etc. But the good news is we are really starting at the right time of year because they will be able to seal things up and install one way exclusion devices so the bats can leave but not get back in in April when they come out of hibernation but before they have little bat babies and we would have to wait til August to do the exclusion. Hope it is not insanely expensive, but I am looking forward to a summer finally with no bats indoors or inside our walls. They are totally welcome to our garage if they want to roost there, and I am happy to have them around to eat mosquitos, but I am tired of having them in the house and worrying about them causing damage. 4 years ago

Friedetook a first step

we heard the stupid bats in the bedroom wall this morning. Man, enough is enough. I have emailed a local company to see if I can get an inspection and estimate. Ugh! I sure hope they have not created any major damage. I think that is one reason why I have just dragged my feet like crazy about dealing with this but I really can’t let it keep going on and whatever it costs, we can probably afford to take care of this this year and deferring it is likely to cost a whole lot more. 4 years ago

Friedeyou know

we still have bats in the walls. Not much to do about it in Winter and in Spring you have to wait because they have babies. I need to call an animal exclusion company anyway and have them come up with a plan though. I have really been in super denial/avoidy about this,but I would like to finally take care of it this year. I suspect we maybe have some holes chewed in the exterior somewhere by mice perhaps or squirrels. I sort of think we might have mice or squirrels in the upstairs spaces below the roof somewhere because I have heard scratching and running noises when I have been up in our spiffy but chilly office space there. I don’t really look forward to another summer of wondering if we will get a bat in our living space at night or of hearing them vibrate in my bedroom walls at night. 4 years ago

FriedeAnother bat tonight

It is much easier to deal with bats when they show up at a civilized hour like 8:30pm instead of 3:00am. My sweetie is really good at catching them at this point. This one was even a little cute. It was sort of small. I wonder if it was young? 6 years ago

Friedethey are

still there. Heard them in the walls the other night. Can’t deal with this right now but will have to do so soon. I’m tired of this being an issue. Gotta find and hire professionals that do the complete job with bats. 6 years ago


We probably have something like this (a colony) somewhere in the house. 6 years ago

FriedeStill there

in the bedroom wall. Woke me and the sweetie up around 4am by vibrating and tapping in the wall. At least it didn’t go on for very long. Glad sweetie was there. Glad we can close the bedroom door to keep flying things out and glad I got some sleep. But we have to take care of this. 6 years ago

FriedeOne more thing to do

I took a look around the outside of the house again yesterday both at the foundation level and up along the roof and top 1/2 story. Thank god we only have a little bungalow. I can’t imagine having to do this for some big Victorian house with lots of gables and dormers. I couldn’t see any evidence of bat guano anywhere so if we have a colony it is very small. I should probably have a more precise look with binoculars along the roof. I am feeling though that I should probably try and call in a professional at this point and not just a general exterminator but a company that does bat abatement more exclusively. I really don’t want to seal the bat(s?) up in my bedroom wall again. I’m sure the concrete work I did last summer just made the critter go dormant or something and hang out in the wall. Something I read online the other day said that many of the cave bat species we have in MN live like 10 to 20 years. That’s rather impressive. I have a feeling that the bat Bibliomane caught (my hero) and we released outside just came right back in somewhere.

Problem is I hate shopping for new contractors and having to spend the time (which I don’t have right now) on things like this. There is too much entropy with things like houses and bodies and cars. I just discovered yesterday there is a crack in my car windshield. So I have to deal with that now too. Hrumph! 6 years ago

FriedeAll was quiet

last night. Maybe it got too cold. And Bibliomane was back home to protect me. We have an equitable division of labor:
I clean up dog vomit and dead things like mice and birds,
She removes indoor icky critters like bats and spiders and scary bugs.

I do think I have an idea about where they are getting in. I need to do more concrete filling in around the foundation on another side of the house. 6 years ago


The damn bats are back in our bedroom wall AGAIN!!!!! They vibrate loudly and make tapping noises and sound ever so close to your head and like they are trying to find a way out. Eventually they do find a way out and into the house and come flying into the 10×10 bedroom at 2am. 6 years ago

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