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Bicycle 500 miles between now and June 30


Recent activity

joie de vivre513 Miles

Usual to work and back – rode in with David, nice sunshine for the return. 5 years ago

joie de vivre489 Miles

Riding to/from work, mostly – once with a detour to Azteca for their happy hour. 5 years ago

joie de vivre430 Miles

I did the usual to work.

Then, I rode to the Chamber of Commerce meeting. I changed into my linen-like suit, knit light sleeveless sweater and scarf in the ladies’ toilet. After I stood in line for a while, I realized that I had a huge black chain “tattoo” on the back of my calf. Back to the ladies’ toilet to scrub that off.

After the Chamber meeting, it was back into the toilet, back into bikie gear, and rode back up the office. Then, later, the usual commute home. 5 years ago

joie de vivre400 miles

Usual transportational cycling; sprinkled a little on the way home.

Some old dude drafted me most of the way on East Lake Samm – didn’t do the expected bikie etiquette of asking me if it was OK first. Just got in my slip stream and hung there the whole way. Hmpf. It isn’t that I mind so much, as much as I mind that he didn’t even ask. 5 years ago

joie de vivre375 Miles

Friday: to work and back.

Then, today, rode to the Flying Wheels Summer Century. We did the 100 mile loop, except we took a shortcut towards the end that I know because I now work up on the Plateau and know the backroads. This cut out about 2 miles and a couple of hills. We then rode home – that’s how you get to the 105 mile total today.

We weren’t as strong as we were for the 7 Hills of Kirkland. I think factors were:

1. I’ve been migraine-y for the last couple of days
2. It’s harder for us to ride on a Saturday than a Sunday – just having a day of rest after a week of work makes a difference.
3. It was hotter. Not horribly hot, but still, hotter. 5 years ago

joie de vivre246 miles

Rode to Westminster Chapel first, for a class on lapsed donors. Then rode out to Yarrow Point, where I picked up a bus to carry me over the bridge and into Seattle. I did some running around downtown, running errands and meeting people in different places. Then I rode out to the public meeting for West Lake Samm Parkway at Camp Sambica, where I ranted and harangued city staff. Finally, taking my life in my hands, I rode northbound, on the Parkway, home. 5 years ago

joie de vivre219 Miles

To work, and then to a professional development class in Issaquah mid-day, and then home. 5 years ago

joie de vivre192 miles

Cloudy afternoon – almost looked like rain, but it cleared up towards the end.

A little run out the Snoqualmie River Valley, climbing up near Bear Creek to get there; up Ames Lake and the Union Hill Road to get home. David kept a pretty good pace – climbed the hills like slicing through butter with a hot awl. 5 years ago

joie de vivre155 miles

I did some explorations on the way to work today, testing out some neighborhoods to see if they had cut throughs. One did, two didn’t. I just want to strangle some of the builders, and the City that lets them get away with it.

Weather has now turned. After days of hot and hotter weather, peaking in the low 90s, we had something that was like the typhoon I experienced in Japan – extremely high winds and then rapid cooling. Today was actually quite nice – about 70 degrees with a tailwind for the way home. 5 years ago

joie de vivre129 miles

So I’m riding home, and I hear this little tikka tikka noise.

tikka tikka
tikka tikka

I can’t figure out where it’s coming from. The spokes? Something in the drivetrain? What is it?

tikka tikka

You know what it turned out to be? The ice clanging in my water bottle! 5 years ago

joie de vivre104 miles

Just the usual into work and back.

Beautiful weather continues – have to remember to refill the water bottle before I ride home from work. 5 years ago

joie de vivre85 miles

Out to Snohomish.

Just before the drop into the Snohomish River valley, stunning views of Glacier Peak and the ice cone of Mt. Baker. Then, despite the headwind, screamed at 25 mph across the valley floor into town.

On the way back, had lunch at a pretty little park by the river on Connelly Road. Then up Fales Road.

When we got to Paradise Lake Road, David dropped the hammer. We sailed down the dipsy doodles, until Woodinville-Duvall Road, and then he dropped the hammer again. Just smokin’ the whole way.

I had a mango-banana-yogurt smoothy for a recovery drink at home. 5 years ago

joie de vivre31 Miles

Rode first to the post office, to deal with the bulk mailing of our newsletter. Then, up to the office. Then back down into downtown Issaquah, for Kobe beef burgers, and brews at a microbrewery, meeting friends and my husband. We then went to the girls’ music lesson where David dumped the car, where we put the bikes on top and the girls in the back seat. 5 years ago

Joe Goldberg299 - oh well

Just 1 mile shy, had I known I would have rode around the ‘hood just to get up to 300. 6 years ago

Joe Goldberg284

Tried to do a century yesterday but it turned into more of a metric century because we got a late start and ran out of daylight.

I’ll probably get another 10 or so in today, maybe enough to get to 300. 6 years ago

joie de vivre516 Miles

So, I made this goal today. I rode in to work with David (he went on to conquer more mountains hills) and then rode down to REI after work, where I met the family.

There’s a trail behind Redmond Town Center that I didn’t know about before. I’m going to ask about it on the Cascade Board.6 years ago

joie de vivre496 miles

Pretty close to the goal now.

I went up Deity Hill today without a load of laundry, and proved my ascent the other day wasn’t a fluke – this time, up to the top without a hint of needing to stop. 6 years ago

joie de vivre471 miles

I luv riding down Second Avenue downtown at rush hour! It is so exhilarating! 6 years ago

joie de vivre450 miles

I probably will meet this goal by the end of the week with commuter miles, so anything we do on the weekend and commuter miles at the tail end of the month will be gravy.

On the way home, I was doing my best to keep up with a guy in full team kit. My cyclocomputer decided to work briefly during this stretch, a relatively flat part of East Lake Samm Parkway. 18.7 mph, not bad.

I went up multi-deity hill, and initally felt bad because I didn’t go up it without stopping, like I did on Friday. Then I realized I was carrying a pannier of dirty clothes – think that had something do with it? 6 years ago

joie de vivre425 miles

Did a a loop on the tandem today with Chuck. He’s riding across America for the American Lung Association, and staying with us until the ride starts on Monday. I could tell he was unimpressed with our little pootling speed, but that’s OK. I still enjoyed the ride. 6 years ago

joie de vivre348 miles

We actually had a summer day yesterday. It was back to the usual this morning – I wore tights, it was cold, and sprinkling rain.

For whatever reason, though, my cyclocomputer decided to whir into life when I headed out the driveway. That was pretty fun. I now know I have my summer legs back, as my average speeds were much higher than they would have been a few months ago. I got to log how many extra miles it was to meet someone this morning at a Starbucks (dang, in this new job, all I do is have meetings at freakin’ coffee joints!). I got to know how fast I went down Thompson Road – 35 mph, when I dared to look down, this without me trying at all to go fast!

It would be pretty cool if it worked all the time, but I guess not cool enough for me to bother to replace it. 6 years ago

Joe Goldberg164 - mechanical troubles

Sunday was supposed to be a Lake Washington loop ride, but my teammate (aka fiancee) had mechanical troubles so we turned around at Logboom Park. We backtracked it down to Sandpoint before her bike totally broke so we bussed it home :(

Something weird was going on with her rear derailleur, I’ve never seen it before. It was like the derailleur pulley was all of a sudden the wrong size and the chain kept slipping off it.

Props to the Pike Brewing folks for use of their tools at Logboom. Good beer from a local company that supports cycling, how could it get better?

Yesterday I rode to dinner, and this morning I did RAMIOM. 6 years ago

joie de vivre286 miles

We did the Flying Wheels Summer Century today. 6 years ago

joie de vivre191

Last hurrah before tomorrow’s century. 6 years ago

joie de vivre171 miles

Rode first to Starbucks for a meeting, and wasn’t sure 100% which one it was and how to get there. Then up to work.

I was toiling away this afternoon when I got a call from the dentist. I totally spaced my 1:30 PM filling replacement appointment, but they had a cancellation at 3:00. Could I make it? It was 1:55. I did the photocopying I needed to do, then jumped out of my clothes, into my bikie gear, and on to the bike. I zipped down the hill, then hammered up to Eastgate and then Lake Hills, arriving at the dentist’s office at 2:56. 6 years ago

joie de vivre147 miles

Rode to work – lots of debris down from last night’s storm. Then, I rode to an event out at the Bear Creek Country Club. On the way back, I decided to stop in at my shop and have them look at the cassette, because it’s been skipping in some of the higher gears.

The wrench wanted to know what cassette I wanted. I know other people have the numbers memorized as to what’s best. I have not a clue. I told him that I was placing myself in his loving hands to make a decision. It’s funny, because as soon as I said this, the atmosphere in the shop among the three mechanics and me immediately got this weird sexual charge, and I had to exclaim, “put my BIKE in your loving hands, I mean!” Dang.

Anyway, I have a new cassette and new chain, mainly because I neglected bicycle hygiene this winter and am now paying the price. They were kind enough to install while I waited. And then I bought a new pair of commuter shoes – basically the same model of shoe I bought on clearance 7 years ago, bought on clearance today, for about the same price. The old shoes were being held together with shoe goo and a prayer. And I had to buy new cleats, too, because the old cleats were so worn you couldn’t have unscrewed them from the sole if you had wanted to.

So, I blew $250 pretty quickly in the shop this afternoon, parts, shoes, and labor, and I still have to do some work from home this evening to make up for the time wasted hanging out while they did the work. I guess that’s just 5 tanks of gas these days, though. And the bike runs like a dream right now, so I can’t complain..

(Edited to add: the cassette is a 12-27 – someone else can explain what that means.) 6 years ago

Joe Goldberg109

RAMIOM this morning. By myself, since Justin is out of town. 6 years ago

Joe Goldberg89

Did the North Lake Washington loop last weekend.

Tried a trail-a-bike with one of my sons this weekend. I’m counting those miles twice, since it was very challenging. We made it to Mathews Beach Park and had a picnic, it was really fun! 6 years ago

joie de vivre110 miles

We thought about going over the pass and doing the Apple Century in Wenatchee, just to get a little sunshine. Instead, we managed to mostly avoid the rain on little saunter out Maple Valley way. 6 years ago

joie de vivre66 miles

Frickin’ June-uary – mid 40s and raining this morning. Remind me – why did I put my thermal tights in storage? 6 years ago

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