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OceanicMermaid 3 weeks ago

Naidni 3 months ago



A pod site where people can work together to become mermaids, join a pod, get a mermaid mentor or teacher, etc.. Everyone who really wants this is welcomed to join, no trolls. 4 months ago

UncagedSeeker 4 months ago

cursed insanityUntitled

I will write anyone who needs a mermaid spell a spell.
Just fill this out:
Tail color:
Top color:
How you become a mermaid:
How you become human:
How long the spell takes to work:
And also answer these questions: Why do you want to be a mermaid? How long have you wanted to be a mermaid? 5 months ago

Tatsunootoshigo 5 months ago

cursed insanityHeyo

I haven’t been on in a while, so has anybody new become a mermaid. If you did then congrats 5 months ago

Thebluerose111Giving Proof

Okay so when I finished the goal “Become a mermaid” I wrote a post on how I did it. I guess I was slightly vague but honestly I explained everything. I don’t know how it seemed exaggerated.

Also, there was a whole bit about posting a picture of my tail. Guess what? I deleted all those comments. And I will never give so called “proof” of my tail by a picture.

If I did it would only make others question me more. And I really don’t believe that you need to prove you have a tail. Pss… Pss when you become a mermaid their is a built in sensor to sense real mermaids.

Also, there so many trolls out on 43 things that I would trust no one with a picture of my tail. Plus, I don’t want to become internet famous like Kissingmidnight… hinthint the photo of her tail is a really realistic looking fake tail or it’s just a really good photo shop. My mermaid sensors did not go off with her.

The bottom line, is you can believe me you can doubt me you can love me and you can hate me but all I am here is to share what I know about mermaids. Whether you like it or not.

Doubt it is a bad thing for shifting it makes you go nowhere. 6 months ago

MermaidEster 6 months ago

Mermaidlover333 8 months ago

Roley Giance 9 months ago

JessicasBucketlist 10 months ago

NekoGirlNya 10 months ago

Silveranyone who is a mermaid message me

i will message back 11 months ago

Silver 11 months ago

cosmicgirl123 12 months ago

DragonessoftheVoid 12 months ago

mermiad101 12 months ago


1)say your name 10 times
2)say your mom’s name 5 times
3)say your crushes name 3 times
4)paste this to 4 quizzes. if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday. if you don’t do this after reading this you will get bad luck. send this to 4 other quizzes in 143 minutes. when done press F6 and your crushes name will appear on the screen in BIG LETTERS12 months ago

Octopuslover7 12 months ago


first get into the shower with your symbol on
then say this 2 times: dear mermaids it is my wish to be one of you let me have the tail colour of () and the power of () this is my wish so mote it be.

wear your symbol all the time but when you go to bed you need to take it off. this takes 24 hours for you to get your tail and 48 hours to get your power. 13 months ago

popitpuffit 13 months ago


so dose anyone have a spell that really really works if so please please tell me ive all ways wanted to become a mermaid and it is my dreame so please help 13 months ago

Mermaid4567123 13 months ago

leah loweplease tell me how to become a mermaid

please please please someone please tell me a spell or anything to become a mermaid please I’ve always wanted to be one since i was little please someone tell nme how to become a mermaid please :) 13 months ago

leah lowe 13 months ago

Thebluerose111I am already a mermaid

Hello fellow mortals I see some of you are trying to become a mermaid well have no fear a mermaid is here. 14 months ago

Thebluerose111 14 months ago


I want to become a mermaid. I have wanted to for about- hmmmm… 4-5 years? No spell is working, but i think I’ve found a real one! Doing it 2 nite. :) :P :D
Ruth 14 months ago

Aquamarine2203 14 months ago

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