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spend less money on frivilous things

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Danie Honeybuni effed up

yeah, if any of you read any of my other entries… i effed up again. i am awful with money and the fact that i have some sort of stupif brain defect that stops me from thinking about things in a scrutinizing way doesn’t help. after my last spending spree (blowing my credit card limit os £2000) my mother-in-law paid it off and i have been paying her some money ever since. i decided to be an idiot again and spend it all… on nothing. makeup, taxis, meals out, etc. all of the credit card is gone again and this time i have noone to pick my pieces up for me. it is my job to sort it out and be a big adult about this.

i hate manic depression. 6 years ago


It’s been an easy goal to accomplish since everything I make I put towards paying off my credit card debt and I certainly am not using my credit cards for anything. Also I have gotten a few unnecessary items but have somehow managed to find use for them for things which will in turn make me money. Never the intention in the begining but it is what the final outcome will wind up being. :) 7 years ago

Listen closely...Untitled

I only buy something If I really need it…Or I just positively can not live without it. 7 years ago

DesI don't even like...

...spending money on myself any more. 8 years ago

SarahDoing well

There are LOTS of things I’d really love to buy. But, unfortunately I don’t have the available cash so… they have to wait. I’ve been very good this month about not spending money I don’t have and whilst I haven’t been saving any (no income means no savings) I’ve certainly not spent a lot either :) 9 years ago

Sarahcredit cards

I’m going to see the boything next week, but! i’m leaving all my credit cards at home and only taking my debit card, so hopefully that’ll encourage me to spend less! 9 years ago

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