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get lots of people to pray for my dog, Numen


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BELLALOUISAI hope people will pray for me, too

I’m not feeling very good. 6 years ago

newsurfiegirlI'm hoping Numen is felling much better now

and his right leg is starting to bend again. 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*That is wonderful news!*

I am glad he is doing better…

I will keep praying for that right leg to completely heal!

{{{Numen}}} 6 years ago

RouenpucelleNumen is happy as a clam

(however happy that may be), but he’s still not bending his right leg. He’s just using it as a cane. I’ve been massaging it lately, and that seems to be helping slightly.

Thank you again and again for all your cheers/ positive energy/ earwigs! 6 years ago

nicolasc has left the building.I'm so happy to hear

that Numen is getting better! :-) 6 years ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

Here is praying for a complete recovery. 6 years ago

Simon - whyofwhy@gmail.comI didn't actually pray,

as I’m not the religious type, but if one or two people noticed this goal on my list, and felt they could help by praying, sending positive energy, or sacrificing earwigs, I reckon I did okay. 6 years ago

Rouenpucellethe doctor told me he might not get the feeling back in his left leg,

but his left leg seems to be doing great. However, I was paying so much attention to his left leg that I wasn’t really looking at the right leg. He never bends it. I’m afraid there may be some broken bones or something in there that the x-rays didn’t catch.

He’s getting around great, however! When he runs, he hops like a frog. 6 years ago

judkinsIt's working...

Glad to hear your dog is doing better. I’ll continue to send some positive energy your way…
Way to pee, Numen! 6 years ago

RouenpucelleNumen is recovering wonderfully!

He’s full of puppy energy and is starting to play a little. Today he was able to stand on his own while he peed! (It’s amazing the things I’m celebrating these days.) 6 years ago

BELLALOUISAFeel better soon, Numen

summer is no time to be sick.

\/\/\/\/\/ 6 years ago

TaylorWhat a pretty doggy

He’s been in my prayers since last week – it took me a while to actually accept your invite. 6 years ago

Rouenpucellemy puppy is back home tonight!

I still don’t know whether he’ll get feeling back in his left leg, but he’s as obstinate as ever. Even sedated, shaven, operated on, and wearing a giant plastic head cone, he still managed to fight me for the driver’s seat in the car on the way home. 6 years ago

Rouenpucellehere's another

Numenesque doggy. 6 years ago

Rouenpucellethis looks like

a happy Numen face. 6 years ago

Rouenpucellehe used to look

more like this 6 years ago

Rouenpucelleso does

this 6 years ago

Rouenpucellethis kind of looks like him,

too 6 years ago

RouenpucelleI still can't access my pictures of Numen,

but this is another dog who looks like Numen did when I last saw him, hurting. 6 years ago

Rouenpucellenot feeling so happy after all

I just talked to the doctor, and he said that the bone wasn’t fractured on the one side; it was actually crushed. So the doctor wants Numen to stay under observation/IVs for a few more days.

Please keep praying/meditating/thinking good thoughts/doing magic dances! 6 years ago


Is knowing that someone cares more about a helpless puppy when the puppy is compared to an automobile. 6 years ago

RouenpucelleNumen went in for his second surgery today.

They operated on him on Monday. I thought they were done. Then when the doctor was showing me the X-rays, he basically said, “Oopsie, he’s got a fracture on the other side too.” So he went back in for surgery this morning.

The GOOD news is that he pooped in my car. I never thought I’d be writing that sentence! But that means that his insides are intact, and it’s just a matter of putting in plates to keep his ittle wittle bones together. The bad news is that all of this cost around $5000! That just happens to be the same amount I paid for my car. Numen is worth a lot more to me than my car, though, so it’s okay. :)

Rouenpucelle is feeling much happier today. Thanks so much, once again, to all of you for being there for me! I’ll keep you posted. 6 years ago

Todd SchoonoverCars Vs. Animals

When I was much younger, my Great Dane Pooch was playing in the snow and jumped a snow bank out into the path of a truck. Being white with black spots, the driver didn’t even notice him when he hit. Fortunately for Pooch, he died instantly though the truck made it another 50 yards or so before it died. (Pooch took out the radiator.)

Later, I had a black cat, Killer, who was hit by a car. We watched him roll from the impact then he ran and hid in the basement. I had to coax him out of the rafters, and then we took him to the vet. He recovered from that incident with no real injuries. He didn’t learn though, because the next year my cousin and I found him dead on the road when we were walking home from the school bus dropoff.

Just last month, I was driving to my parents and watched as a cat ran across the road right under an SUV in front of me. The cat tumbled around and I immediately stopped, not wanting to hit it if it wasn’t dead. I then watched as the cat drug its unmoving back half off the side of the road and back into the shrubs.

I’m sorry that Numen was hit by a car, but am hopeful that since he’s been to the first vet and wasn’t put to sleep, that he’ll recover in time. I know that Rouenpucelle will do everything she can to help him heal and give him the love and support he needs during this time. 6 years ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyPraying

Praying for Numen . . . 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Still sending prayers Numen's way...*

much love and hugs for you both.

:-) 6 years ago


We need an update on Numen. 6 years ago

CaptainYippieDoodleCaptainYippieDoodle wears his positive healing energy garb.

I transfer calm assertive health energy through the astral super highway that transcends space and time taking highway 101 getting off at 255 until it turns into Myrtle, spending a short time at Cooper Gulch park to use the restrooms, freshen up and take the most direct way to little Numen and utterly destroy all the bad physiological and psychological bad stuff inflicted upon his tiny puppy body.

I will also mention Numen in Christian prayer tonight with my daughter. So count this entry as two prayers. (Never put all your eggs in one deity’s basket.) 6 years ago

RewThrive and flourish little Numen ...

Heal up. Lots of life left to live for you little one. 6 years ago

lynnerprayer and meditation

tonight for numen, and for you. I hope the surgery went well. 6 years ago

unrealistPraying for your dog

Hope Numen is OK. 6 years ago

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