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Celebrating Success

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Beginnings HereOne foot into the celebration

We had an event that was critical to have a first success

We did succeed.

I promised to buy the first round

I did.

It was a first step. 4 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI mentioned this to my group

I told them that we have been given so many accolades for our work together and we really should take a moment and allow these to be celebrated.

We discussed why we don’t. Why we don’t feel that we can.

I hope that we will soon. 1 month ago

Beginnings HereI am horrific at this!

Help! How do you celebrate success? 2 months ago

Beginnings HereOK Gotta find a way to celebrate the national attention

Gotta figure out how to celebrate generally. 7 months ago

Beginnings Herebig success on a building for a client

on the solstice…

how to celebrate??

ideas? 10 months ago

Beginnings HereWhite House Economic Report mentions my work

And I don’t celebrate?

WTF is wrong with me?

This is What I am Talking About!!!

What should I do to mark the occasion? 12 months ago

Beginnings Herereally bad about this!

I want to get better.

tangible things to do:

once a month, get the staff or project team together and celebrate progress and our success. make the time and make this a priority.

when incredible things happen, respond in an incredible way. start giving to the community and your favorite non-profit more than you are.

you can give big now. give back big. real big. make a dent in a problem. 15 months ago

Beginnings HereThanksgiving Celebration

I am going away with my honey to celebrate thanksgiving. He has a decade milestone to celebrate and we have our time together and an anniversary to celebrate.

I have so much to be THANKFUL for this year.


I am so grateful.

I would like to think about how to best “give back”. I am on 5 non-profit boards…which give to the community. But, I don’t feel connected to the ground on how this directly affects people. (though I know the work I do – both for profit and non-profit has profound effects on quality of life – I feel arm’s length from it.

Like Sandy – I might help from a distance, not on the ground. Not feeling connected.

How to feel grounded in my gratitude and thank you s in a more direct way? Maybe that isn’t what’s important. For me to feel it. As long as the recipients feel the action, that is all that matters.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving for life…good to be here.

Amazing year. 17 months ago

Beginnings HereGot another contract and another check!

I wanted to celebrate with my girlfriend who had been so helpful to me – and to the man in my life who – in some ways – allowed me to consider more work.

All good. 18 months ago


I just got a huge contract. Paper is signed. Check is in! Life is good. Now…celebrate!

Thursday with my honey and others… this weekend.

I love the way life is.

I will also celebrate by getting a coach. 19 months ago

Beginnings Heremust practice this!

how? 21 months ago

Beginnings HereThings didn't go as planned.

In some ways they got better.

In other ways they got worse.

But…following the chinese – do nothing – I am…on the right track of reframing the pace, the balance and the value of life, living and prioritization.

Nothing could define success more than what i want in my life.

I am getting what I want – more and more every day. 23 months ago

Beginnings HereI promised S and now we will

I must come up with a great way to celebrate the year we had in my business.

friday this week. party. holiday year whiteboarding.

accomplishments. successes. lessons learned.

more. 2 years ago

Beginnings Hereland the contract - more than double the original client contract

Starting nov 1 – i am starting with one of the new ones…can go away from this one….

big success! not to be celebrated until contract in…. but great start!

yes!!!!! walk before you run… 2 years ago

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