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legally change my name

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Chrys734I filed papers to get a court ordered name change

I filed papers to have a legal change of my first and middle names to female names. The announcement was posted in a local paper the required four times, and next month, I’ll get the court order, and then I can change my name on my social security card, my driver’s license, birth certificate, and credit cards. 2 months ago

Chrys734 2 months ago

mwink 2 years ago

Emilyx1kazillion 4 months ago

tyleraiden 9 months ago

PeraPilcher 12 months ago

lob 13 months ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyMarriage License

I sent in the marriage license today. We paid to get a certified copy when we got our marriage license. So, hopefully we get will get within this month. Of course, the earlier the better.

After we get the marriage certificate back, I can go to the Social Security and get my name changed on the SS card.

Concurrently, I will update my bank’s information with my new name. 13 months ago

ShamelessSeamstress 2 years ago

ColouredBall 3 years ago

verilyvexed 19 months ago

Aiden Kittle 20 months ago

ohshutup 2 years ago

ScarlettCullen 21 months ago

coolbreezegurl 3 years ago

Beacher Acy 2 years ago

nommy 2 years ago

subversitile 4 years ago

abbletop 2 years ago

mwinkMake It Official

I’ve been known by my English name for practically my entire life, but my legal name remains my ethnic name from birth. This name change will only make official the name I truly identify with.

Next steps after name change:
  • Update banks, schools, employer, passport, driver’s license, health card, tax forms, social insurance, etc. 2 years ago

bluepleiades 3 years ago


i’ve done most of this. i still have to notify my super fund (soon – tax time is coming up), and also to update my passports. i want to have my passports updated by the end of the year. 2 years ago

aannggiiee 3 years ago

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