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TheClapOne more down!

I missed Sunday, so technically I’m starting over as of Monday Dec 8th.

Today I got up at 6am. My alarm went of, and I decided I was going to sleep in. But I can’t help it anymore. Meditation and my morning routine feel so good (keep your mind out of the gutter) that I just had to get up anyway.

I got up, turned a small space heater on, made my bed and straightened my room with the fastidiousness of an obsessive compulsive schizophrenic.


“There is nothing on the face of the earth like meditation.” Eknath Easwaran

If you don’t know who Eknath Easwaran is, you owe it to yourself to look him up. Good luck to all who have a goal of frequent meditation. It’s worth it.5 years ago

TheClapI did it today

I got up shortly after 5am today. I still need to make a corner for meditation, but at least I meditated. I think the antipsychotic drugs are starting to work. Thank the lord. 5 years ago

TheClapHell Yeah!

I did it again today. I got up before 6am and made my bed and then meditated.

I spent half the time in Shamatha meditation (focusing on my breathing) and half visualizing a bright and hopeful (and sober) future for myself.

I invite all to try meditation. It is wonderful. 5 years ago

TheClapDay one

I woke up at 4:30 this morning… like I always do. But instead of laying in bed cursing the fact that I couldn’t go back to sleep I got up. I cleaned the kitchen, prayed, meditated and read a chapter of “12 steps and the 12 traditions.” (An A.A. book.)

I went back to bed at about 7am, but I couldn’t sleep so I just went to the gym and worked out like crazy. 5 years ago

TheClapIt changed my life before

There was a time in my life (a brief time) when I got up at 6:30 every morning. The first thing I would do when I got out of bed was say a brief prayer. Then I would go into the living room (so my wife could continue sleeping) and meditate for 30 minutes.

I spent about 20 minutes in “Shamatha” meditation (stilling my mind by focusing on my breathing). Then I would spend about 10 minutes visualizing myself at the end of the day having had a very productive and successful day. I would picture everything having gone my way that day. I would actually get myself in the frame of feeling ecstatic about my day as if it had already happened.

Then I would generally pray again briefly. My mind was so unfocused before meditation that my pre-meditation prayer was only about 15 seconds long anyway. Then I would begin my day (generally with exercise).

The results of this routine were stunning!! My days were miraculous. Things would just go right for me all day long, and when something didn’t go right I had the mental fortitude to deal with it in the proper way and not get discouraged.

Meditation is key to progression. 5 years ago

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