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get my own apartment

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Tezzeen 4 weeks ago

UskaDaraDisappointed in myself

Oh-so-disappointed in myself for not making this happen before getting pregnant. 2 months ago

cochlain 7 years ago

LipglossKiller 6 years ago

LipglossKillerWe signed the lease!

We move in the first.

XD 2 months ago


This was way harder than I thought it would be.

The first place had roaches. The second too small. Third was filthy. Fourth: bad area. Fifth: too expensive. Sixth-tenth: shoe box.

We finally finally found a place that looks nice. We meet with the landlord to discuss the lease.

Fingers crossed! 3 months ago

Cybrie 14 months ago

Devon 5 months ago

StefaneLee 5 months ago

LynliPriorities changing

I have been through buy outs before and they are never good for anyone pretty low on the totem pole. I will be ok for a little bit but I am tired of being in this position. I want to work on things that will make me more secure so I do not have to rely on a job so much. So as much as I would like a place of my own it cannot be a priority right now. Having a roommate will allow me to save as much money as I can so I can put money away, invest and go back to school. 5 months ago

Carrie Roy 2 years ago

Trinity93 5 months ago

LynliLosing my position

I was hoping they would continue with my position but all signs point to the department at my location going away at the end of the year. I really liked this job too. Although I will not have the job I really enjoy I should be able to go back to my old position. My friend said that she would also put a good word in for me at her job if needed. So as far as having a job I am not too worried about but I will not be making the same amount of money. So I have been working some extra hours and I have been watching my money so I can put as much as possible into savings.

I have built up some of my stockpile of things for my own apartment but I have not built up my savings as much as I would like. I have a minimum Emergency fund but would like to put more in it. I have to get new tires which I have saved enough for so my next financial goal is to save money to invest. In the worst case scenario this money will go into my emergency fund. Then after that money will go to my apartment fund and my emergency fund. 6 months ago

Shelly Pike 7 months ago

Yorkik 8 months ago

aairplane 8 months ago

mmdonahue 8 months ago

LynliRaised rent but it will be ok.

They raised the rent but luckily it was only by $20. This apartment is really cheap compared to others we have lived in. I am determined to keep my money straight and save. I just think about how much getting my own place would make me happy.

My roommate is so lazy. She has had 3-4 days off for the past two weeks and she has done nothing but sit on the couch. I wish I could say it was her recovering from working so much overtime but sadly she has always been like this. I just seemed to forget how much. I am getting frustrated with keeping the apartment clean because it gets dirtied at twice the rate I can clean it and my roommate does NOTHING. Last week I gathered the overflowing garbage and the garbage from around her nest on the couch. I asked her to get the pizza boxes and I would carry the much heavier bag. Just get it together and I will take it out tomorrow. Umm yea I know that will never happen because I end up doing the stuff I ask her to do and I am not leaving the garbage out so the dogs can get into and I have to pick it up yet again. I told her that it was already together and started to take the bag out the door. She got up and grabbed the pizza boxes which shocked me but not the attitude that went with it. She got out the door and as I reached to close it because her hands were full she said “and you can get the f*ing door.” I told her I was planning on it and did everything I could to keep my cool. This was ridiculous! She was this pissed because I asked her to take out the trash(which I helped her with). Like I said she does nothing. She cannot even put the toilet paper on the actual rod despite asking her several times. I look forward to only having to clean up after myself. 9 months ago

bryana_20 9 months ago

LynliBetter outlook

I applied and got a job in the billing department of my company. So I know I have a job at least until the end of the year. It is a raise in pay so this will help me put money away. I have also added to my personal stockpile of toiletries, etc as well as the one for my current apartment. 10 months ago

LipglossKillerThis is harder than we thought it would be.

We may have found a place. We have to call Thursday to put in an application. Crossing our fingers.. 10 months ago

LynliWill I have a job???

My company was bought by a competitor at the beginning of the year. A lot of us thougt that as long as we continued bringing in good revenue we would be ok. But there has been some chatter about them shutting us down in September. It is hard to tell which way it will go. We could be a good source of revenue for them or buying us out is an easy way to get rid of the competition. Needless to say this is nervewracking. My next financial goal is to bulk up my emergency fund. I will start this next paycheck. I have at least 3 months worth of expenses already. I have been stockpiling for my own place which I had the plan of moving into in 1 year but I am going to talk to my roomate and have each of us stock up on things for our current apartment. I will continue to set a few things aside for my own place. If worse comes to worse I can stay where I am. I will have to work around the issues that come up with living with someone but I have been doing it for years as it is. 10 months ago

LynliFinancial Goals, gettting ready

There are financial goals I have to meet before I can move out on my own. I have already made my contribtion to my Roth this year so I have to the remaining goals to meet.

Emergency Fund: I have about $3000 to finish my E.F. and then put it away and not touch it.

Rebuild Fund: The amount I have promised to my church to rebuild after the fire.

Investment Fund: I want to save a couple thousand and start investing. I am going to gather more information on how to invest in the next two weeks.

Apartment Fund: Saving for down payment,furniture, moving cost, towels, dishes etc. I am aiming for $5000.

I have started building a stockpile on toiletries so I will have a cushion. I have a list of about 30 items and have stocked up on two of them. I keep my eyes open for sales and coupons so I can save as much money as possible. 10 months ago

nomorepain5205 11 months ago

quitequirkful 13 months ago

Lynli1 Year

This will happen in about 1 year. I am hoping for a 1 bedroom but will settle for a studio if it is what I can afford. This is kind of scary financially and emotionally but truthfully emotionally it is very much needed and I am starting to look forward to it. I will hopefully finish my Emergency Fund in September and will then be able to save for deposits and such. In the mean time I am going to start stockpilng things that I will need such as toiletries and things like towels, dishes, etc. I will set aside money for furniture because I want to wait and see how much room I will have. 11 months ago

Lynli 11 months ago

AEiff 12 months ago

LipglossKillerSo this is

finally actually really (almost) happening! Boyfriend and I have been looking, actually looking for apartments. We have three places to look at this week. Finally! 13 months ago

tolabrennan 13 months ago

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