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make macarons

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brightshiny 4 weeks ago

thrillkisserI bought some almond meal/flour...

Now, I need to buy eggs. I have all the other necessary ingredients.

Macarons are notoriously finicky. But, the silver lining is that even the mistakes are delicious. :D 14 months ago

snote 14 months ago

pancreas24601 2 years ago


I defrosted the second pack that I made last year and they’re now finished. I should have defrosted them sooner, as the meringue got a bit hard, though the flavours were still nice. I probably won’t make macarons again, it might not really be for me. I will certainly keep eating them though! 15 months ago

Cassidy 15 months ago

thrillkisserGot to try some macarons the other day...

when we went to a specialty bakery. Delicious. Of course.

Now I want to make some! Well, actually, I had already wanted to but felt that I needed to try them first to know what I’m aiming for. See? It was research. >;)

Actually, I have “future plans” with a friend to make some. The date isn’t set because we decided it right around Christmas and were both burnt-out on sweets. We’ll be good to go soon, though, I’m sure.

PS on pronunciation: mac-a-rone (like macaroni without the “i”)
PPS: We tried the macarons at Pix Patisserie in Portland, OR (http://www.pixpatisserie.com/) 15 months ago

thrillkisser 15 months ago

guillemets 3 years ago

pancreas24601Savour School

I did a day course at Savour School of Chocolate and Patisserie today. It was exhausting but we did six different types of macarons and I got 40 to take home. 40! We did the Italian, French and Spanish methods. I did learn a bit but I also felt a little out of my depth at times even though it’s a beginner course. And many of the ingredients aren’t very easily available. Now that I’ve made (and have) so many I don’t really feel like making more myself for a while. So I’m not sure whether to mark this goal as completed, or wait until I really get the hang of doing this myself, where no instructor or group is there to help – which would probably take quite a while. 21 months ago

KiwiLearning to make ganache

Attempted at making some cookies that requires a ganache filling. The recipe is easier than macaron recipes, so I decided to give it a try. I thought at least I can get some experience at making ganache first.

I don’t know if it is because the recipe for the ganache filling is off, but the mixture did not set at all. I let it sit over night and it was still runny and unspreadable.

Will attempt again soon!! 2 years ago

Kiwi 2 years ago

pancreas24601Take One

I made my first attempt today, from a Donna Hay pack. Can’t say they quite worked. I made the meringues too big, and they expanded a lot. This meant they were very underdone when I first cooked them, but still a little hard on the outside. Plus the shapes were a bit off. The ganache wasn’t really a ganache but more of a cream mix – but that was the recipe, not my fault. Overall, very much a first attempt.
(Note the photo is of the smallest meringues I made, by far, as they were the most attractive. Most were at least twice the size.) 2 years ago

exercisejunkie 2 years ago

lovedbylauren 2 years ago

antznguyen 2 years ago

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