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Stories4peaceFor Such A Time As This....

I hope to enjoy a life of solitude. I have too many people in my life and it’s a distraction to the things that I find most meaningful, like spending spending time alone. 3 years ago



As I have discovered, I much prefer solitude to interact with others. That is my deepest secret. No one knows but me. No one could understand but me. Society does not look kindly upon those who rather be alone. We look at it as a curse, that no one would rather be alone that with another person. In fact, society tells us that it is or ultimate goal in life to be with other people. We are pushed to love, to marry, to have kids, we are even deemed “social animals” in the dictionary. Now I’m not saying that I don’t see the joys in these, and I do explore the facets of social interaction. In fact, I am a very social person. No one would be able to tell me true feelings. I always find myself yearning interaction, whether it’s to have a true best friend or a sex with a hot girl I see. Each time I seek out these desires I always end up with the short stick. I have accomplished things I have longed dreamed of, only to realize that the second it was over, that I felt nothing. I find that the times I enjoy most in life is chilling myself in a cool room with a good set of headphones and just chillin to music, surfing the web, or playing video games. I am able to lose myself in these worlds, and enjoy these dreams. Unlike reality, these dreams to not disappoint me because in a way I know the outcome.

Now I write this to explain how I feel. Anyone who is reading this is probably shaking their head saying I’m a crazy loser who is probably going to go shoot up a school. If you are one of these persons then I pose this: Are we not taught all of our social interactions and reactions? Realize that you were taught to want social interactions just like you were taught to be materialistic. Just like you were taught to be patriotic for your country. Just like you were taught to believe in a God. Who decided that society has these rules and that you are suppose to do this and that? Realize how we are guided by outside pressures from your peers and society. You need to think big and look at the structure of are social interactions. Who decided right and who decided wrong? The goal of this argument is to make you realize that everything is arbitrary. You should enjoy what you enjoy and “not worry about what people think.” but we say that so often knowing full well that people will always care what other people think. Here’s where solitude comes in. It provides you a venue to be yourself, not having to worry about anything. A time to listen to that “gay” song that you secretly love. To watch those shows that your friends would make fun of you for watching. To be You in your truest form. That is where I take the joy out of solitude. I find myself changing for other people because that is the only way to be successful. Deviance only works out for a select few, and usually ends in tragedy.

My only goal of my soliloquy is to make you think. That’s half the battle. 5 years ago


There is no denying that I prefer being alone or with a few very close individuals. I am my best company a good deal of the time, so yes, I believe I have met my goal. Still, I won’t deny that it is good to open up and invite a few more people in sometimes. ;) 6 years ago

AlishaReasons for Personal Space

“I’m not anti-social. I just hate being with people.”

People annoy me and I annoy people. Most of the population is composed of idiots, and though I sometimes fall into that category, I typically try keeping my distance from the idiotic mass. Therefore, I find myself without much contact with the world at large, save for the internet, college classes, and the necessary trips into town. I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of my home and prefer to spend my time there as much as possible. People may annoy me and I may annoy people, but I rather enjoy my company and that is all that matters really.

Quotes related to Solitude:

“Get away from the crowd when you can. Keep yourself to yourself, if only for a few hours daily.” -Arthur Brisbane

“Let us stay at home: there we are decent. Let us not go out: our defects wait for us at the door, like flies.” -Jules Renard

“Friends require too much care and feeding. A large part of their diet is made up of lies and I’m fresh out.” -Duane Alan Hahn 8 years ago

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