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Stop making an effort with friends /people who don't make the effort also

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Dado_18stop making an effort with friends/people who don't make the effort also

thought i FINALY clicked with a friend at work. talked and laughed the whole time. agreed to go home together since we take da same subway direction. shared ma candy with her (n believe me dats big!!! candi z v important to me!). den after work went changed grabed my stuff. n waited…waited…waited den went to luk for her to find out dat she changed her mind n decided to stay work some more for today. n she TOTALY knew i was waiting for her!!!


...bt it hurt 3 years ago


some people just don’t deserve nothing 3 years ago

Erin CavanaughFed up

Sometimes I wonder about some of the friends I have and why? Why am I making an effort when they are not in return. Well…they do just on their time. A big pet peeve of mine is when you call someone and then they don’t call you back for days or longer. I understand everyone has there own lives and gets busy but with these people in particular it is this way on a constant basis. So…im tired of it. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands. Well…I know I do but I do always return phone calls right away. Anyhow…my goal is to find out who my true friends are and who genuinely care. I also think that if I start to focus more on my goals and am more busy then it won’t matter to me that they are blowing me off because they are self-absorbed. 5 years ago

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