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go to church regularly

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Cedarbrook Church

www.cedarbrook.org/     Building relationships Serving the needy Cultivating authentic faith.

Christ Our Savior Church

www.christoursaviorchurch.net/     Located in Sterling, VA WELS Luthern Church

Discover Hope This Easter

www.ashburnpresbyterian.org/     Easter Celebration Services 9:30 am and 11:15 am

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Why I Go To Church

www.ask.com/Why+I+Go+To+Church     Why I Go To Church. Discover and Explore on Ask.com!

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Armando Nava 2 months ago

Maksim Mitchenko 6 years ago

WChocolate 4 months ago

lovepeaceinsanity 8 months ago

Force88 8 months ago

misscaa 9 months ago

shykoala 14 months ago

roxygirl888 15 months ago

Janek 16 months ago

jmerc7 5 years ago

dragonfly53Not yet

Haven’t made it to church yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I do pray more often than I use to and I know it’s only a matter of time. 21 months ago

dragonfly53Not this Sunday

Well, I had planned on going to church (again) but this time I was sick. I didn’t want to go and then start coughing and sneezing all over the place. So I just stayed home and read from the Bible. 23 months ago

dragonfly53Not Yet

Didn’t make it to church yesterday. It just didn’t seem to be in me to go, but I’m not giving up. 23 months ago


Well, tomorrow is Sunday and I’m planning on going to the little church up the road. 23 months ago

dragonfly53Didn't Go

I was going to go to Church yesterday but I forgot it was Mother’s day. Had a delightful day with all my kids here. I do have plans to go next Sunday. 23 months ago


This Sunday I’m going to the little church (New Hope Baptist Church) down the road. Though it’s not my preference, I’m going to explore what’s out there. 23 months ago


Find a church I like and feel comfortable in. One where I feel that the preacher/pastor knows & explains all aspects of the Bible. 23 months ago

dragonfly53 23 months ago

judy_rose 2 years ago

CageLovesHappy Easter!

What a wonderful day and wonderful mass. I was blessed to sit next to an older couple that have beautiful voices. They were singing the hymns during the mass. I had to tell the lady that she has a beautiful voice. 2 years ago

wscott 2 years ago

SugarVixen 2 years ago

lizrainh2o 7 years ago

CageLovesSeptember 4, 2011 645am Mass

I’m so glad that I woke up and went to church. I’m happy. My spirit is happy. 2 years ago

jbird08 2 years ago

SugarVixenWhenever I can...

I have a job where I have to work most weekends so I can’t go very often. So by “regularly” I just mean “when I can”. I want to start by going to my local church on Sunday mornings when available, or to a nearby Saturday night service.

Once I get comfortable going back again and into a regular routine of going I’d like to try out some of the other churches again.:) 2 years ago

Mia Soderquist 3 years ago

porcelinaa 2 years ago

mahn289 2 years ago

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