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help my dad stop drinking

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My dad just turned 50 in january, and he is a raging alcoholic. Hes been drinking since as long as I can remember. He used to be so so nice, and now all he his is a walking bottle of 99.9 of alcohol. He had done a very bad thing the morning of Febuary 24th and 3:37 in the morning. We had to move in 4 days, find a new house and start a new life. He was making threatning phone calls to my moms boyfriend.And now, he knows where we live, and my mom has a restraining order agenst him. Me and my twin sister are now desiding that we should get restraining order agenst him to. Im afraid that hes going to kill himself drinking, or kill someone else. I feel so guilty, but so powerful. I wan to take a stand agenst Alocholics, I think we should bann alcohol in this country. Its runing peoples lives, and it hurts family and friends. The only way to save people is by stoping this. He missed my sixteenth birthday, because he was drinking. I need help, my family need help. I am on Depression and anxgity pills because of him. I have to see a thearpist because of him. Whe we were children, he would make us eat on the floor if we dropped food by accident. He would wip us with a skinny long stick if we got in little trouble. He would lock us in the basement if we did something wrong, or he would lock us outside in the cold dark garage…im not saying this is abuse, im saying its because of his drinking.. he would be the biggest teddy bear in nthe world with out his alcohol. so plaese write me back with advise, or if you need advise, im letting you know iv been through it all, and i am opening my heart to those that have alocholics as parents. Please help the stop drinking on ce and for all. 3 years ago


My mom recently left the family due to drug problems, and now my siblings and I are stuck in this piece of crap house with our alcoholic dad. I feel like I’m the only one who gives a damn about the family anymore. It’s 1:30am and he’s still not here…so I guess he forgot he had children. He acts so stupid when he drinks. Sometimes he even brings this sleeze-bag whore over, even though nobody likes her. I had to tell her to leave the house. They come home and smoke inside the house, on my 11-year-old sister’s bed. I feel wrong for saying this, but sometimes I wish his liver and kidneys will just give out already. He’s already got jaundice… I’ve told him so many times that his drinking hurts the family, but I really believe that he couldn’t care less. He is the primary cause of the depression I’ve had since I was little. He’ll forget to wake my sister up to go to school. Her education is being jeopardized, and he’s too stupid to even notice!!...and he calls me stupid. At least I graduated high school…He is no better than my mom was, but maybe worse, because at least my mom left 4 years ago

paarker_xdaddy please stop :(

my dads an alcoholic. he started drinking when he was young. when i was 18 months, his dad, my grandad, died from drinking. he left me and never came back. by the time i was 7 i really couldnt understand why he didnt want me and how anyone could prefer drink over their own daughter. and up until last year i thought about him every day. but last november, id had enough, and i went and found him, behind everyones back. he was 4 months sober, we had a real strong relationship. by feb, he was drinking again, and it felt like everything fell apart :( i missed my dad that i had before. i wish someone would save him. he does pathetic shit like letting his friends ring me and say hes dyeing. but he will one day, because his liver ent guna manage all this. i mean hes 36 nearly, thats twenty years of drinking :S i feel like im all alone in this, i need someone to help me :( i love you daddy, and i want you back :( 4 years ago



Nishacherry123I want my dad back!!!

My dad has been drinking for as long as I can remember. I mean I wish he would stop. My mom left him when I was 2 and know my stepmom is going too. And the sad thing is I don’t even know who he is when he drinks and I need him. What do I do? I don’t know when I will get to see him again but I miss him so so much. And I need him but he does not even care he doesn’t even call me on my b-day anymore. I want my daddy back!! 5 years ago

lynnknowles4My Dads problem

my dad has been drinking for as long as i can remenber. i wish he would stop because i love him and i mis the old days my parents are divorcen (when i was 2) my mom is the only person who keeps me from falling apart. I am 13 and i havent seen my dad for 1 year. I left because i was sick of him and throwing things..i just wish my dad would admit he was a problem and stop blaming it on me. i am at me school counselor about everyday becouse she is someone i ca talkt o and understands my problem. WHY ARE DADS LIKE THIS???

Lynn7 years ago

Kaylaroxxhelp my dad

i really want to help my dad to stop drinking beer because when he drinks he drink lik 12 a day and he lies to my mom about it and shes thinking about getting a deviors because he lies and drinks so much at a time and drives with us in the car and now all my parents do is fight and it reallt pisses me off cause if my mom dose leave my dad me my mom and my sister have to move to an apartment and i dont want to have to do that cause then i’ll have to move to move to an apartment complex with my sister and mom and all be like ten mins away from all my friends and i dont think thats fair for me or my sibblings and its all my dads falut just because he cant get it together and i think if he really cared about us he would try to stop and get it to get her so he wont lose two of his kids and his wife but i know that most beer abousers dont think about anything but them selves all they think about is beer and them drinking it so i really want to try to help him to stop i just dont know how to tell him how he might lose us and his wife but he only has two expressions either really mad or really happy but most the time hes happyt unless my mom askes him if he has been driking because she can tell when he has been drinking cause he dosent speck straight so i just really want to help cause i dont think he knows hes loseing his life cause i think hes gone die from liver faller of lip cancer cause he all so dose tabaco 8 years ago

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