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pick up and move to another city just to start over

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MattyJane1 3 weeks ago


I’ve been living in the same area, in the same city, in the same state for ages. It’s been years since i have been on an airplane and went somewhere. I am sooooo eager for a change in my life right now. I work at a job that is not at all satisfying, i go home and rest until it’s time to wake up and repeat the same day as before. I am 28 years old and i am bored. I want a change, i want to leave Texas and would in a heartbeat if i could afford to but right now i am stuck here and it’s driving crazy. There comes a time when you get tired of going to the same places and seeing the same places until you want to leave to see other places that you’ve never seen and i am at that point in my life. Life is short and i have already wasted a lot of my years here in this town doing the same ole same ole and i am just tired of it. I want to leave but don’t know where to start. I don’t have enough money to leave and i don’t know how to get enough to do so. But i gotta try and stay positive and believe that i will eventually some way or another FINALLY get out of this rut and just go. 3 weeks ago

user1395787891 4 weeks ago

ScottDKMy First Step is Today....

Well, I guess this is my first step. Putting into words and idea that is in my head. I have spent my entire adult, and some childhood, in the same area. I have had a safety zone, and have been comfortable and unchallenged. For a long time I have had an urge, a desire, to just go. To go and start new, start fresh, without a safety net of support. To find a place where I can be who I really am, who I really want to be, not the person that I am perceived to be or who I am “supposed” to be.
I have always had a reason to stay. I have a job/career, I have financial obligations, I have family obligations, I am just too old to do something like that.
Well, this past year or so, a lot has changed. Those excuses don’t seem so important any longer. My cubicle walls feel more confining than they ever have before. I have for once in my life accepted myself for who I am, and what I want…need. I lost my beloved Mother without having the chance to say goodbye, my biggest obligation is now gone. So much has changed, yet so little has.

So, here today, I take my first step not knowing what my next step will or is to be, but I start none the less. Let’s hope that this will be a journey worth taking, no less than at least attempting. 5 months ago

ScottDK 5 months ago

kimmieswannMoving out of State

I recently got married and me and my husband are thinking of moving to Detroit, MI. His idea. what suggestions does anyone have about how to go about just picking up and moving to another state. This is something I have never done before so I am a bit scared but yet I am ready to go. 10 months ago

kimmieswann 10 months ago

Marioncunningham1914North east ohio

I plan to take my life savings, my vehicle and a optimistic attitude that I have never channeled before to create a new life in Ohio. I plan to buy a live in fixer upper home and invest blood sweat and tears into it. I just want a simple, quiet, low key lifestyle and northeast ohio has been calling my name for years. 14 months ago

Marioncunningham1914 14 months ago

Trell BrownAlabama

I would have stayed in Alex City, but i lost family support, so i ended up broke and alone. I was happier there than i am here right now in Michigan. I would leave Michigan again. 14 months ago

Trell Brown 14 months ago

Needingahero1129It's all changed

I had such great expectations for how my life would be at 30, but so far, all that has ben thrown away. I an so afraid that me wanting to start over is tanamount to me just running away. I really feel though, that it’s the only option anymore. So here is my plea… I am trying to find someone who wants to completely reinvent their life. Pair up, move to a small, out of the way town, and just make a brand new life… 15 months ago

Needingahero1129 15 months ago

mo_babee 3 years ago


I have a stirring in my soul to leave and wander about partly aimlessly just living life one day at a time. 1 year ago

Juzt2cute4u 1 year ago

user13972 2 years ago

user11500 2 years ago

user8082 2 years ago

user1515 2 years ago

Peter T 2 years ago

Change7731 2 years ago

Brandon Bishop 2 years ago

Adam Spencer 2 years ago


Hope to do this within the next 2 years!!!! I don’t understand how people can stand to stay in one place their whole life being boring and unadventurous and content. 2 years ago

trinitielean 2 years ago

Trinitie Heikes 2 years ago


I need a new start, getting divorce and alone.. I’ve been thinking about Austin or Houston.. Anywhere at this point. I would love some advice, please feel free to comment or drop me a line at contact.secondshoot@gmail.com I’m pretty much desperate..

Cheers! 2 years ago

mgatl 2 years ago

Jen Quevedo 2 years ago

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