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MargieMayReuse plasticware

What a waste one-time-use plastic untensils are! I buy boxes of plastic spoons, knives and forks to keep at my desk for lunch during the week and it suddenly occured to me that I shouldn’t throw them away after a meal but take the used utensils home and wash them and bring them back. So easy! And better for the environment and my wallet. Geez, can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. 1 week ago

Kimberly McCleary 2 weeks ago


bez sampona, samo sam koristila regenarator. Nije lose, moze i bolje da izgleda. Treba kosi vremena da se navikne. Sledeci put cu probati sa sodom bikarbonom. 2 months ago

gruja 2 months ago


I want to follow a green living policy there by taking care of mother nature 3 months ago

iswaryaganesan 3 months ago

helloelo 4 months ago

amandaaml 6 months ago

Alixan Ongoing Process - enjoy the ride!

Started exploring the notion of voluntary simplicty during the year 2005, started to read and participate in a dedicated forum and opened a personal blog on the subject to document my journey.

Read my blog here (it’s in French): http://teatatteredpages.canalblog.com/

-Beautymist 7 months ago

Alix 7 months ago

sgreenrn85 8 months ago

bonesy9 10 months ago

jessbriana416 10 months ago

AwesomeNation 11 months ago

MargieMayA little progress

As my products are running out I’m remembering to buy greener options when possible.

For instance, right now I’m using all green cleaning products by the brand Melaluca. These were gifted to me by my mother who was selling them but stopped – so not sure what brand I’ll switch to when I run out. But for now, I have a good stockpile.

I switched my daughter’s bubble bath to California Baby which is natural and organic.

I have remembered to bring my reusuable bags more frequently but there are times that I still forget – about 50/50.

I switched to green mascara (Physician’s Formula) but then switched back to my old (CoverGirl) brand because I found that it smudged too much. I need to find another brand to try. Any reccomendations??

I’ve definitely been eating a lot more whole foods – I really avoid the middle section of the super market and shop the perimeter as frequently as possible. I’ve stuck to organic milk for my daughter – I even bring milk in to her daycare because they give regular milk.

The only thing preventing me from going more whole hog on this is the price. Green products are definitely more spendy (for instance, the bubble bath was $13 for a container – twice the price for the “regular” stuff). But as I work on minimizing expenses in my budget, this is definitely taking a priority. 12 months ago

KemNefrew 12 months ago

raaga8 12 months ago


Roopali_Shinde 12 months ago

WombatExplosivesGO GREEN

I’ve always wanted to help the environment in some way. Wether it is so people can live in a better world, or so that I could be a part of a great thing. I am part of a science club at my school, and we just planted wild celery in buckets that we will take to the Chesapeake Bay once they have grown for a while. Never giving up on this one. :) 13 months ago

WombatExplosives 13 months ago

StephieElizabeth 14 months ago

MargieMayThings to accomplish in order to consider this goal complete:

•Buy organic produce if they’re on the Dirty Dozen List (Normal is okay for the Clean 15).
•Eat more whole foods (fruits, vegetables) and less processed foods
•Slowly eliminate cleaning supplies with lots of toxic chemicals and either make my own or use a “green” brand.
•Make our own laundry detergent or stick to chemical-free detergent.
•Switch to chemical free body products (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion).
•Switch to chemical free make up (eek!).
•Use low-VOC paint for any crafting projects.
•Grow my own herbs.
•Get rid of BPA as much as possible – replace plastic lunch containers and water bottles.
•Bring my own cloth bags to the grocery store ALL the time (I can’t seem to remember them half the time.)
•Recycle whenever possible.
•Use cloth napkins/towels in the kitchen instead of paper. 14 months ago

MargieMay 14 months ago

algrobot 15 months ago


I live in the walk zone of my school, but I still get driven to school. Once it gets warmer out, I would like to start walking to my school. It would help lower my carbon footprint. :) 15 months ago

benzia chiyamba 15 months ago

blumsd 17 months ago

ilovekaitlynprescott 18 months ago

Emme 19 months ago

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