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Become a spy/secret agent! :)

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How To Become A Agent

www.sportsmanagementworldwide.com/     Certified Sports Agent School with Certified Agents to train you

How To Become A Spy Agent

about.com/How+To+Become+A+Spy+Agent     Search for How To Become A Spy Agent. Find Expert Advice on About.com.

Be A Cia Agent

www.clearancejobs.com/     Want to work at DARPA? We have the hottest clearance jobs.

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Spy Training

www.aolsearch.com/Spy+Training     Search all the web for Spy Training

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princess3907 12 months ago

rockstarhottie09me becoming a spy

i really want to learn the terms of being a spy really bad 13 months ago

rockstarhottie09 13 months ago

LMgurl 14 months ago

LMgurllooking for job

Ha…spys have it easy… WRONG..the training doing the job then the emotional problems that come with it..yet I want it now I’m 14 and willing to work hard for it…I will not disappoint…I will even do the smallest job and work up if I have to…please give me a chance..thank you…. 14 months ago

Sarah24536 14 months ago

kkrock28 15 months ago


I always wanted to be a spy or a secret agent to take all the violent people 17 months ago

Daniel128 17 months ago

sjfizzle 19 months ago


It is rediculas that nobody believes they are spys. There are they are just otherwise named secret agents. I would do anything to get the training I need to become a young secret agent. I’m only a 13 year old girl but I can do it and I know I can. 19 months ago

dabou3a 22 months ago

conr 22 months ago

conrconnors agesree

iv olwase wontet to bee a seecret agent oll my life 22 months ago

user22865 23 months ago

werule 2 years ago

user13540 2 years ago


i cant belive im goin to be a spy 2 years ago

mizzita 2 years ago

elemantalSPY FURTURE

i want to become a spy for other who are andangered.I am going to be a Good Spy.
I will want and i will get. 2 years ago

elemantal 2 years ago

Anis Satuempatempat 2 years ago

bxyiu210 2 years ago


spy 2 years ago

judyches 2 years ago

tanjimulESL COURSE

I really want to be a secret agent. 2 years ago

tanjimul 2 years ago

Johnathan Medina 2 years ago

beniah 2 years ago


I really want to become a spy I have good agility 2 years ago

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