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Eat less sugar and corn syrup

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perfectlionessGet motivated!

Everything contains added sugar and/or corn syrup. Ketchup, fries, chicken nuggets, even “healthy” stuff like juice, canned fruit, nearly everything! I have succesfully cut out soda, of any kind, carbonated, caffeinated (excluding tea because at least it is healthy and natural) or otherwise caramel colored drinks, for the past 196 days. This includes root beer, floats, one of my favorites, and delicious Pepsi with Taco Bell or Coke with a McDonald’s fry and vanilla cone. I miss that unforgetable tang in my throat upon first sip! But alas I am doing this for health reasons. My old dentist used to yell at me about my teeth, little pits from the carbonation and acid from soda. High blood pressure, etc run in my family. I do not want to develop diabetes either. I eat way too much sugar! I would like to eat a more healthful diet, raw fruits and veggies, and healthy meats and cheeses. But today I had chicken fried steak for lunch with mashed potatoes and toast covered in delicious gravy. Before I work on my whole diet, I want to work on it in parts. Soda, check. Excess sugar and corn syrup, next on the list. I am addicted to candy, ice cream, cake, pie, dessert of any kind. Even my yummy canned fruit cocktail in “light syrup” is packed in sugar and corn syrup. It is sad, sad, sad. Most people don’t know how bad corn syrup is for them. I do know, and I can’t seem to break the habit. Corn changes your molecular structure, and not for the better.

My new goal is to stop eating too much sugar and corn syrup. I think for me it is unrealistic to say “stop altogether” like some of you goalies out there, because fruits and veggies contain natural sugars. 5 years ago

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