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Small classes are good for students: <iframe width=”420” frameborder=”0” src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/uFL8pHGomd0” height=”315”>

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Jen 4 years ago

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MindieselPaper Towns by John Green

Josh and I exchanged books when I visited him last weekend. This was the book he gave me. We share a mutual love for John Green so his choice of literature for me was perfect.

I spent several consecutive hours enthralled in this book yesterday. John Green has this way of making you fall in love with his characters, and then abruptly killing them off, leaving you heartbroken and utterly infuriated… so I am just waiting, waiting, waiting for somebody to die, haha. Not sure if it’s going to happen yet, but I’ll know soon enough as I’m almost to the end. 2 weeks ago

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JoeyReady Player One: Continued

So I finished this book today, and couldn’t be happier with it. There’s so many things I love about the universe that was created with this book, and the depth an level of detail. Plus it was a nonstop homage to not only old games, but old time game programmers, and game programming systems.

The story itself was incredibly well thought out, and its hard to believe it’s the authors first novel. The action scenes we’re entertaining as hell, and I’m not a big action fan.

If your a pc / videogame geek, you’re gonna love this book. But even if you aren’t this book is great. Anyone looking for a great read, check it out. It has my top recommendation. 1 month ago

xmyheartHappy Birthday by Danielle Steel

I picked up this book at the airport because I wanted something light to read on my flight back home. It was exactly that, a nice light read.

Although repetitive at times, and very predictable especially about halfway through the book, I enjoyed reading it. Also I found that the characters in the book don’t talk like real people. Their conversations are so corny at times, and hard to believe people actually talk like that.

Other than that, it was exactly what I was looking for while up in the clouds! 1 month ago

DomyS 1 month ago

JoeyReady Player One

This is a book my brother gave me a while back. He read it, and said it would be right up my alley. He was right. It’s kind of a cross between Willy Wonka and the Matrix.

I started this morning, and am 60 pages in. When I saw a Peter Venkman quote quietly snuck onto page one, I knew I’d like it, and so far I do. Lots of old video game / computer operating system throwbacks.

It feel good to read a new story. Most of what Ive read lately are either Textbooks, manuals, children’s books, or stories I already know and love. It’s nice having something fresh and unknown to pour over. 1 month ago

LauraLiebe 1 month ago

boxll 1 month ago

MuseXsickk 1 month ago

Anna RuthOkay, so it's not quality literature but...

This book is seriously funny. I bought it for my sister (who is a big fan of Mindy) and I read it before sending it along. Not only did it make me LOL at several points, it also was a great conversation starter on the bus! I think that Tina Fey’s autobiography will be next. It sure is nice to read something light and funny alonside all the academic literature that comes with grad school! 1 month ago

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