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Go to Curves 3 days a week.

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knottyladyGo to Curves 3 Days a week: Done!

I can now comfortably say that Curves is now a part of my routine. 5 years ago

knottyladyGo to Curves 3 Days a Week: Great Start!

I stopped going last year because it was super hot in the summer and they don’t like to turn on the AC. S@#%! Then the AC broke and the heat was unbearable. I started going to another Curves that was never stingy about turning on their AC, but as Curves politics go, I went back to my home Curves.

Being that I needed to add strength training into my workout routine, though, Curves seemed like the perfect option to introduce me back into it.

Adding a new item in my routine is so mentally difficult! But nevermind that – the important part is I got over hurdle of starting it – that itself is half the battle. I am currently working on my second week. (The weather’s also a little cooler, so AC isn’t so much of a problem anymore)

Two more weeks of this and then I can check this off my list! 5 years ago

CharmParticleI need to get more organized...

so I can be sure to accomplish this goal every week. I only went once last week – closed on Labor Day, and I went to needle point class at the church on Wed.

I’ve decided that I will focus on this goal and once I get into a routine, I’ll start on my other goals (walking on the treadmill and diet). It’s really important that I get the exercising done so I can lose weight. 5 years ago

CharmParticleIt was difficult...

but I made it. I didn’t work as hard as I should have today, but I showed up. Yay me!

8/25/08 – Curves Smart – 493 calories burned.
8/27/08 – Curves Smart – 466 calories burned.
8/29/08 – Curves Smart – 391 calories burned. 5 years ago

CharmParticleNot only...

did I get to Curves today, I walked on the treadmill too. Yay me! This is harder than quitting smoking was for me.

Curves Smart – 493 calories burned 5 years ago

CharmParticleDay #1

Well, I didn’t get there three times this week, but I got there today AND I walked on the treadmill. Hopefully I’ll get there next week. Baby steps… 5 years ago


I like Curves & went 5 times weekly for a year or so. Then I changed jobs, & the Curves hours didn’t fit with my new job. Now I work out at home to videos. Been thinking about going back to Curves on Saturday mornings, just to get in some muscle training. 6 years ago


Curves became quite a bore to me, so I canceled my membership. But I am still exercising and going to the gym, just not at curves. 7 years ago


got too bored. Going to a gymn now with child care 7 years ago

cheryllovestoreadDoing well on this goal

Except for my time on vacation, this goal is going well. I am enjoying getting to know other women who come in at the same time that I do. It’s been fun hearing about a planning wedding, a job change, a strong mom-daughter relationship. And, I am feeling better…a bit stronger. I find myself thinking more “healthy” thoughts and trying to eat better. 7 years ago

cheryllovestoreadmoving more

I like the Downtown Curves. Perfect for right after work and the machines are not difficult on my joints. This is really important for my health… I need to move more and build muscle strength. 30 minutes x 3 days a week?? Sounds doable. 7 years ago


Meh, I hate the way curves just puts you in a mindless routine. I like to go to the gym and choose what to go on, and really put in past a 1/2 hour if i so choose… 7 years ago


I had to change my Curves schedule from M-W-F to T-Th-Sa. That’s going to be hard because of Saturday mornings but I think I can do it. I was going straight from work to Curves to school, but it got really overwhelming. I think this schedule will work better. 7 years ago


I began going to Curves on May 22, 2006. Since that time I’ve lost 4 inches, 4 pounds, and 1.5% body fat. My next weigh/measure is July 23 and I hope to have lost an additional 1.5 – 2% body fat by then. I go three times a week and I am going to start supplementing that with 1 day a week of swimming.

Curves is super fun and I love going with my mom. I have really been able to stick to this, which I can’t say at all for other gyms, even free ones. Perhaps especially free ones, since I never feel obligated to go. I also love the chocolate protein shake – it rocks! 7 years ago

Listen closely...It is amazing...

...I love curves…It is amazing how worth it it is. 7 years ago

Listen closely...After therapy

I just couldn’t push myself to go to curves. Ray suggested I stay home tonight I really wanted to go however, I am just plumb wore out from karate class last night. I will go to curves on Friday for sure. 7 years ago

Listen closely...You can do it baby!!!

Tonight is night 2 of 3 times a night. If I do this for 2 months I can remove this from my list. That will be so awesome. 7 years ago

Listen closely...i did it

I went back to curves last night. It was wonderful, as always. 7 years ago

Amandalove curves

I am a college student so I don’t live at home during the school year. Last summer I joined Curves and lost a few pounds. I rejoined almost a month ago and I’ve been going about 3 times every week, but I need to keep it up. I would love to lose 15 pounds…that is my ideal. (but my friends & family would probably say that’s losing too much and I’d be too thin.) Curves is awesome. 7 years ago

Listen closely...New Plan

Okay here is the plan I am going to go to Curves 3 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday instead of going 6 days a week. I think this will be much better for me. That way I won’t become addicted to it. And I won’t have to worry about becoming anorexic again. 7 years ago

Listen closely...Untitled

I have been paying for this membership for 6 months and Have gone a total of 3 times. I know I need to go. I am just so afraid of Being raped again if I lose any weight. I have to get over this irrational fear. 7 years ago


I work at Curves in Western Australia and it is truly a rewarding and enjoyable job. The best thing about it is the fabulous women I get to meet and talk to every day and seeing them reach their goals.
Curves is a fantastic place to make friends and get fit, so get going! Start talking to the lady next to you, you never know who you might meet. <3 8 years ago

angeljcsgurlIt's my time to shine!

I re-joined Curves for the 2nd time last february. I started going 3x a week until April, when I had breast reduction surgery and I stopped going for a while, then when I came back I slacked off a bit and then I got a new job. It was horrible! I never went to curves, I was stressed out every single day for 2 months it was like that, early September I got my old job back and started going to Curves again, on and off again. I decided Im going to buckle down and start going 3x a week no if’s or but’s about it! 8 years ago

JustSewCraftysigh . . .

I joined Curves the end of March and since then I have only been back one time. OK, I did get the flu two days later and I was sick for most of the next month, but still, I just need to get up off my fat butt and go work out. The strange thing is that I feel better after I have worked out, but that fact doesn’t seem to be getting me there any more often. 8 years ago

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