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BloodRedThorn#41 - 50

41. Apparently, my cheek bones are my best feature :)
42. I have good hair.
43. I’m confident
44. I’m passionate and my excitment sometimes inspires others.
45. I have the courage to chase my dreams.
46. I am not satisfied with a boring but safe life.
47. I’m not afraid to change things up.
48. I am very strong, I’ve been told.
49. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I cannot cover up my emotions, cannot smile when I want to cry and vice versa. What you see is the truth.
50. I am me again. 4 years ago

BloodRedThorn#31 - 40

31. I am very open about things. I will pretty much talk about everything in my life. I am not ashamed of anything I have done in my life and pretty much have no secrets I’m unwilling to share.

32. I’m freakishly strong for a skinny person.

33. I have a good body.

34. I’m generous

35. I know when not to gamble.

36. I have intresting hobbies!

37. I am open to everything!

38. I don’t bitch or gossip about people.

39. I am there for my friends.

40. I balance different groups and bubbles well. 4 years ago

BloodRedThorn#21 - 30

21. I am always comfortable in social situations, even when I only know two people in the room.

22. I make friends easily. When I was interviewing for a college course I managed to make two new friends with the people I was actually competing against!

23. I always want to go out.

24. I am good at late notice.

25. I am braver with eating new foods!

26. I can read a book in a day.

27. When the laughing starts, it doesn’t stop!

28. If my best friend got cancer, I’m the kind of girl that would shave off her hair to keep her company, so she wouldn’t feel alone in it.

29. I speak the truth, no bullshit.

30. I welcome everyone, with no prejudice or judgement. I do not sterotype or disrespect anyone. There is no 10 second first impression with me. I never judge someone unless I’ve walked a mile in there shoes. This is why I learned to say “Hello” and “How are you” in nine languages. 4 years ago

BloodRedThorn#11 - 21

11. I am a good laugh!

12. I can play piano well.

13. I can down a shot.

14. I now know my limits.

15. I’m dependable.

16. My house is always open.

17. I have good music taste!

18. I dance well!

19. I have good friends.

20. I am always up for fun. 5 years ago

ebdso here I go...

50 good things about me… this list wasn’t as hard to put together as I thought it would. Makes me feel really good after having done it now. So here is what I came up with, when I was stuck my husband helped me :)

1. Smart
2. Creative
3. Beautiful
4. Supportive
5. Understanding
6. Appreciative
7. Positive
8. Free spirited
9. Loyal
10. Responsible
11. Have a good eye for visual things (photography etc)
12. Caring
13. Loving
14. Beautiful smile
15. Kind
16. Spiritual
17. Thoughtful
18. Warm
19. Healthy
20. Happy
21. Open minded
22. Playful
23. Optimistic
24. Persistent
25. A believer
26. Trusting
27. Funny
28. In good shape
29. Adventurous
30. Romantic
31. Sexy
32. Good learner
33. Intelligent
34. Grateful
35. Growth oriented
36. Sporty
37. Helpful
38. Trustworthy
39. Fashionable
40. Passionate
41. Good writer
42. Bright
43. Hopeful
44. Focused
45. Patient
46. Vegetarian
47. Good wife
48. Touching
49. Dedicated
50. Inspiring 5 years ago

BloodRedThorn#1 - 10

1. I’m intelligent.

2. I understand my 6th year English course well.

3. I’m pretty.

4. I’m good with animals.

5. When I really want to do something, I can be extreamly motivated and focused on getting it done. I can be a excellant learner when I want to.

6. I am good with children.

7. I have good fashion sense.

8. I cannot bear to give up.

9. I care about other people A LOT. Sometimes more than I care about myself.

10. I am a good photographer. 5 years ago

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