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Golferel70 5 months ago

iwondivin 10 months ago

madeline111 15 months ago

Cara 17 months ago

Maarja-Liisa 3 years ago

Farzi T

Farzi TWiiiiiiiiii

I cut my hair really short ( my avatar pic) it is very refreshing to lo0k at myself in the mirror no0w…some say I lo0k like a little boy D: but I get compliments to0 :3 but more importantly I really like it >__< 19 months ago

Farzi T 3 years ago

ilsa268 19 months ago

user36104 19 months ago

Natalie 19 months ago

LunaC73 4 years ago

leomendoza 20 months ago

Traciy 21 months ago

SogotodiI need a lot of work.

1. Find makeup that I’m not allergic to.
2. Get nice age appropriate warm weather clothes. (Everything I have is either too ratty or ridiculous looking on a 30 year old.)
3. Learn how to do more with my hair than a ponytail.
4. Tweeze 22 months ago

Sogotodi 22 months ago

TinaMari 23 months ago

TryingToDoThings 2 years ago

alexljsanders 2 years ago

blueberryjam 2 years ago


violentwife 6 years ago

coolschmool 2 years ago

alexljsandersHow do I want my hair?

I have booked in to have my hair done on Tuesday 15th. Now I need to decide what to get done! Here’s what I know: I want to keep the length and I don’t want to have all blonde hair or light brown 2 years ago

ashtrey1994 2 years ago

alexljsandersGot glasses

I really needed glasses so I got some and it makes me feel really different. I like them. 2 years ago

Julissa Martinez 2 years ago

alexljsandersI got my brows done

and while i was there the girl did my make up for me. I bought the foundation she used and I have been wearing a little bit of makeup at work. It makes my skin look really nice :) 2 years ago


I just booked in to get my brows shaped tomorrow 2 years ago

Ong Chin 2 years ago

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