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Start writing down my dreams because certain one's come true

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restlessspiritHorrible Dream

I just woke up crying from this horrible dream. It was so scattered and I couldn’t get a specific. I think it was a store. But i felt such raw sadness. It was so overwhelming.
I think there was one spot in specific where a lot of lives were lost, because someone said something about the energy there.
There was something how someone had to get married, I want t say Mike…but i really think he wasn’t the actual name person.
But the name Emily came though
once again, I don’t think that could be the real name as well.
but they were supposed to get married.
and now ‘mike’ had lsot his life in the fire.

if you saw it…there was a song playing in my head as it went on. And then a long poem that i can barely make out.
It was just so much raw emotion.
I could feel it though my dream.

I have no idea about this one.
I don’t think this one will come true. I hope not.
Usually there is something very specific that I remember.
The most specific thing is that there was a lot of energy in one spot. I got to see it clearly. It was black and burnt. It was up against a wall. It was almost like a box with one way out. A hall! i think..

but thats the only specific thing.
My dreams that come true are usually more in detail

i don’t want this to come true
to much raw emotion and sadness 5 years ago


I feel like writing this down. It’s nothing big. But because a smaller dream before that smaller dream came true (dreamt the Christmas advent Calendar…the next day it would be a Santa and it was)
Aneways, If you’re on Mobsters on Myspace, you will know that in Equipment, there are certain items you can get for a limited time by using God Father Favor points.
I dreamt that there was an airplane available. It looked like a classic one. It’s attack or defense was very high. I don’t remember which.

But if it doesnt happen, it doesnt.
It’s happened before.
It just shows I’m on Mobsters too much xp 5 years ago

restlessspiritSince I was a little girl

I’ve had dreams and certain one’s have come true. Now, I’m learning how to distinguish between them. I don’t want to control it, I want to work with it.
I talked to my subconscious last night, I know, sounds crazy, but I was reading about premonitions, and it says to talk to your subconscious at night. And I had two very vivid dreams. One was very straight forward and the other one will not happen as i saw it (if it does)

But three days before a school pipe burst downstairs and flooded the place, I had a dream. I was driving and I glanced at my clock. It was 7:44 as I turned into the parking lot. It was completely empty. I then woke up extremely thirsty.
Three day’s later, I got to the school parking lot, and i glanced at the clock. 7:44. It was empty, except for the people guiding us and telling us there was no school because a pipe had burst and flooded the downstairs.

But, I lie. I didn’t wake up instantly after i saw the empty parking lot. I just say that if im telling that one specific dream. And the other part wasn’t relevant up until now.
I walked around the blinding to see my mom and a small waterfall. there were hot smooth stones on the ground and my mom began to talk about a spa and massages.
Well, a couple weeks ago (know that this dream is months old), my mom began to talk about a spa for my birthday and how i can get a hot stone massage.

I’ve had many more. Nothing major except for the pool being drained by backwash where i work. And its a recurring dream. it hasnt happened. but…its so vivid. im not sure yet.
THe rest of the dreams are small changes
I’ve heard of people having premonitions for September 11, 2001. I don’t think i could handle that kind of premonition.
I was in the 5th grade when that happened, so i dont even remember. But i may have remembered if i did. So i prolly didnt.

So, i need to write my dreams down to prove to myself that i knew this was going to happen. 5 years ago

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