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get over my fear of driving


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strudla 5 months ago

Temet_Nosce 11 months ago

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MadAlice 2 years ago

poetrygirl4242I am making progress

Its been a few years since I had a car and drove. now that I don’t live with my folks I had to be on my own and drive myself. I am slowly getting used to it and drive where I am comfortable you are not alone if you have this fear. Just take baby steps and I hope someday I can drive anywhere and any time without problem. 2 years ago

user4996 2 years ago

truthspeaks 3 years ago

truthspeaksPlease tell me....

Can someone please tell me how they did it cause I could sure use some help. I know my fear doesn’t make sense but for whatever reason I just can’t seem to shake it. I’m scared to drive and ride in a car. Highways are the worst. I have been driving aournd the neighborhood lately but that’s as far as it goes. 3 years ago

Purpurea Aemilia 3 years ago

Samantha 3 years ago

poetrygirl4242 3 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaSo close!

Long after my previous entry, I was still afraid. The need to see my boyfriend as much as possible made me drive 2 – 3 times a week those scary 20 kilometers. Almost every time I was alone – so I had to cope with it myself. I avoided driving at night or in the rush hours. Also, dad was away, so I had no choice but to pick up my mom from work or take her to the store.
And then… One evening, I was quite bored, so I just sat in the car and drove around for 10 minutes just for the sake of it. And then I knew – the fear is nearly gone, and I actually started to enjoy driving. After that I started driving at night, parking where I haven’t parked before, having conversation with co-driver – all the things I couldn’t even imagine doing before.
Also, I realized that I’m less afraid when I’m driving, then someone else. I feel safer when I’m in control, and I don’t trust people who drive irresponsibly (a few of my friends, and sometimes my dad, or even taxi drivers). So I was thinking – maybe I got over the fear of driving myself (that’s what I meant when I added this goal, if I weren’t specific enough) and the fear of car crash is something different. Still uncomfortable, but different.
I’m so glad I can say I almost did this. Just one drive in a big city like Novi Sad or Belgrade, and I’ll be sure. Yay, after so much struggle, I’m so close to reaching the goal! :) 3 years ago


In March 2010 I saved up enough money to put a down payment on a car I really liked and wanted. I was approved for financing (with 18.99% interest, which was fine because I had just turned 18 with absolutely NO credit history,) the only problem was that I needed to have my license to purchase the car. I had already (nervously) completed my required hours of driving intruction throughout the previous summer and fall. Still petrified of main roads, and the unknown, I made an appointment for my license, a week away. Everyday that week I forced myself to drive my boyfriends car part of the way, and eventually all the way home. The confidence grew with each accomplishment and I ended up passing my driving test, and taking my new car home the same exact day. After that I felt silly having a car and not using it, so I began to drive myself everywhere and soon I hated the thought of getting a ride from someone else. My heart still beats fast at intersections and I almost always refuse taking any highways. People behind me make me anxious, and I expect to get in an accident when changing lanes. I am still able to get myself where I need to go, when I want to. A huge step up from the days where I would just sit in the drivers seat in fear of the gas pedal below my foot taking on a life of its own. 3 years ago

danisamp 6 years ago

Lyumov26 y.o female

I’m 26 and I got my licence two years ago, and still I drive very rarely and only surface streets. I really have to force myself to get behind the wheel. I fear that I do not have the skills to be a good driver. I’ve been fearing it since teenage years, and it procrastinated learning to drive until I was 24. I passed the the driving test from the first try, but it wasn’t even a confidence booster for me. Right now, I really dream to be free of this fear and have the ability to drive the FREEWAYS as well. I need help. I think I will get more driving lessons, even though I already have license. What do you guys think? I don’t have anyone else to drive with and alone it’s pretty uncomfortable. 3 years ago

Lyumov 3 years ago

whitepepper 5 years ago


I am finally in a place where I can call this done. This was a full-blown phobia for me and it took a lot of work to overcome it. When I have time maybe I will write a “How I Did It”, but for now, this is one of the goals on 43T I am proudest of accomplishing. 3 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaBy myself

My dad went yesterday in Belgrade to work. This means I have to get out of the yard (through a quite narrow gate) with just my mom signaling me from the outside. I did it a few times, and no damage was done to neither car nor the gate.
Anyway, I have to tell you what happened last week. First, one day I went to an appointment with a friend, and succeeded in parking between two cars. I was so happy that I made my friend to take a picture, as a proof. Then, one day I went with my parents to Becej, but when we picked up my boyfriend, I kind of panicked, so I made few mistakes. I felt really discouraged. Despite that, the very next day I decided to go to my boyfriend all by myself… I have to admit, it went smoothly, until I had to park. God, how embarrassing it was… The side view mirror of my car hit the mirror of the car parked next to me. Luckily, no damage was done. When I came back, everyone were so proud. So, today I went for a short ride, and it was a piece of cake. Driving around my village isn’t problem anymore, but I’m still avoiding a few streets that I find scary. 3 years ago

Ti' Lakes

Ti' Lakes 3 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaOfficially...

...I’m on summer break. Yesterday I went to the mechanic’s to get the car, which had some minor repairs done. Now I’m going for a ride with my friend (non-driver) and it will be the first time driving without dad. I’m off, wish me luck! 3 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaA friend...

...wants me to take her for a drive. It’s sunset already, so I won’t do it today, ‘cause I’m not ready to drive at night. Also, today my father thinks I capable of driving alone, but after this one-week break, I still want to practise. He told me this after we went to pick up mom today, and it went OK. So, step by step… 3 years ago

JennChamb 3 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaTwo times today

I went for two short drives with my dad today. First time, there was just one incident – the car failed to start after I used hand brake. There was one car behind me, but woman inside saw I’m a fresh driver, so she didn’t get mad. Second time, dad asked me to pick up my mom from work ALONE, but I refused to do it without him. So we went together and everything went smooth.
I’ve noticed that I tend to panic much more before I get in front of the wheel, then when I finally sit into the car. While I’m driving, it’s somewhat better. Especially if I haven’t been planning to drive, and someone tells me: “We’re going in 10 minutes”. I should learn to be ready anytime.
I’ll try again tomorrow morning, and hopefully make it longer than 15 minutes. 3 years ago

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