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be a fun person

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ElectryoneI am losing this quality about myself

I’ve been so boring lately. It sucks. I have no good stories to tell. It makes me so sad. I have to work on this. 5 years ago


I have received so many compliments about how fun I am in the last 4 weeks. it`s been good for my self esteem. 5 years ago


I took apart a broken keyboard and I came up with the idea to take all the letters of our names out. My friend and I had fun doing this. That was a fun idea. 5 years ago


I’m not fun even I know this. I’m boringer than every body else. 5 years ago


I kno i dont do alot of exciting things but i never thought of myself as boring and then my bf tells me that im extremely boring and kinda lame. UGH!!!! I tried askin him y im boring and he was just like i dont kno u just r…u dont do any fun stuff. Well im sorry that sometimes fun stuff costs money and thats just something i dont have alot of i barely have money for gas to get to wrk let alone go out for so called fun stuff….his idea of fun is dragging me to a strip club so i can watch him grab on all the nasty grls putting their boobs in his face…and and by the way the totally awesome fun thing we were doing when he told me i was boring…...plowing snow. I would b more interesting if he hadnt scared away all my friends 6 years ago

royandytry to be fun

I am not sure whether I am fun or not, but some of my friends say yes, while others just not interested when I am talking. I feel being ignored sometimes, and i doubt is it because i am not fun enough? So i think i should be more interesting, or fun! 7 years ago


Well…ive never really thought i was not fun to be around …but a few days ago someone i care about called me too shy n said im boring so it kinda got to me…so ive got my goal set on being a fun person 8 years ago

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