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jadegray 2 years ago

danwatson 7 months ago

mosulurat 11 months ago


Jamton 2 years ago

Ergo Satz 2 years ago

JamtonToday is a BIG day!!!!!

Okay, so this is a big big day for this Goal. I have been gradually weaning myself off my Citalopram, I was on 20mg a day, so I decided for the last pack I would break each tablet in half and have 10mg instead. Of course this meant they lasted twice as long, which is annoying, but my health is more important than my desperation to get off the medication. I have had a fair few days where I have forgotten to take them all together, but I think that has helped with the process, making it more gradual.

So, the big news, today is my LAST ANTIDEPRESSANT EVER!! Okay that might be quite a bold statement (especially as I currently take an antidepressant as a pain relief for vulvodynia), and of course I can’t predict what is going to happen in the future, I may be struck down with depression again, but I have already been through it now, and I can recognise the signs. Hopefully hindsight can prevent a relapse.

It’s been a long, LONG road, overcoming my depression. It’s been nearly two solid years now, that I’ve felt there’s no hope. Finally I can see the light. In fact, I’ve already seen the light, and come through the other end. Of course I still get down, but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t, but I sincerely believe that my depression is gone. So to anyone who believes that it is impossible to cure, I’m living proof that if you want it badly enough it will happen, it just takes time and patience.

I realise that compared to many people my bout of depression is nothing. There are people out there who have suffered every day for the majority of their lives, but people do care. I have received so much support, from forums, from the people on 43Things, and from friends and family.

I just want to thank everyone on 43Things who has helped me, cheering my goals, leaving comments when I have felt like there’s no hope, and generally just creating a feeling of support by their presence.

Right, tearful speech over :p So yeah… Now I only have to get off my Amityptaline (sp?) and my acne medication, and I will be completely medication free!! :D 2 years ago

JamtonMy most important goal at the moment.

I really don’t want to be a slave to medication anymore, I hate it so much. I don’t even really think my anti-depressants do anything other than make me feel so exhausted I don’t care about anything anymore.

I’ve come of my birth control pill, as I have no boyfriend, or intention of putting myself at risk.

I tried coming off both of my antidepressants cold turkey, which was silly of me. It didn’t work obviously. I think I still need my amytriptaline(sp?) for the time being, as when I’m not on it I can’t sleep properly. Saying that, coming off it might actually help me get up in the morning…

I’m going to come off my citalopram next, as I have one pack left. I’m going to taper them properly so I don’t get the horrible withdrawals I got last time. They should be gone in about 3 weeks! :D

I think after that it will be my amytrip. but I’ll leave a month or so in between the two so I don’t have any bad effects.

Hopefully by then my life will be looking up, and I won’t have as much stress to deal with, which means my acne will subside a bit, and hopefully I can come off my antibiotics for that.

Annoyingly I went to the doctors with a bad knee yesterday and he said I have an inflamed ligament, so he’s give me a months course of anti-inflammatories, but obviously they’re not long term, so fingers crossed it will solve the problem!

Reading this back I can’t believe I ever let myself be persuaded into taking so many different pills. It’s so unlike me! 2 years ago

user2174 2 years ago

fiskgyrl 2 years ago

SunsetSoon 2 years ago

JessicaMcC19 2 years ago

Katie Johnson 2 years ago

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