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be one of the monsters in a haunted house

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dearmanhattanTRAIL OF TERROR (CT).

This had always been one of my goals! Last year I started volunteering at a very popular haunted trail in CT for the month of October. I don’t get paid, but I still love it. You get to dress up and scare people, and you make great friends with the people that work with you! 5 years ago


I started working at a haunted house this year. I play a possessed little girl and it is amazingly fun. Plus, I get $6.50 an hour! 7 years ago

Alana JosephEvery year!

I work in a haunted house every year and love it! It’s much more fun than being in the movies or on TV, you can see the audience response right away. It’s great fun! 7 years ago

hushhushcassandraoh noes!

it’s almost october again and i still have no clue how you’d go about this. volunteer? apply? where? 7 years ago

FlashI was the bloody bride

Unpaid, of course. My job was to stand unnoticed in the corner and then let out an occasional ear-piercing shriek. The whole thing was really cheesy, it wasn’t even trying to be sophisticated or look real.

But it was damn fun! You would think people would point to the cardboard coffins and the obviously fake styrofoam skulls and laugh, but people really wanna be scared, so they play along. It seemed like we were all playing our roles—the audience was acting as much as I was! 8 years ago

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