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kkvh3989Change of plan

Made the brave decision not to return to rowing or coxing this year. My stress fracture is healed, but am going to persue other things for now. A future without the big boats seems rather scary, so I may re-evaluate after summer. 6 years ago

kkvh3989Surprisingly a silver lining..

This week I’ve found that just because I can’t go back to proper training until after Christmas doesn’t mean that I can’t do other things.. I’ve been teaching and so doing some simplified circuits with one of my housemates and also some very light running.. So by helping her, I’ve been able to help myself. 6 years ago

kkvh3989Going backwards..

On a further two week ban from any form of training, and even have to keep walking to a minimum. Grim.. 6 years ago

kkvh3989Slowly but surely..

Did one piece from Chiswick Bridge to Hammersmith before swapping out.. It’s slow progress, very slow.. 6 years ago

kkvh3989Bruises galore!

I tried my first circuits session last night after three weeks of recovery time.. Our coach reset the individual exercises, and, as a result of this and not having done any ‘proper’ exercise for three weeks, I’m the proud sporter of bruises of the multi-coloured variety on my knees, back, hips, elbows.. Brilliant.

Foot pain not too great today, which is good, but it did object last night. I guess I’ll be back to coxing tomorrow.. Oh well.. 6 years ago

kkvh3989Now the other foot has gone wrong too..

Missing rowing desperately (mostly the water outings and social aspect) and it’s only been five days so far! Felt I was finally getting back into training after the summer, and now my foot has a possible stress fracture, and I can’t train! First the ballet and now this.. Grr.. I suppose it’s coxing for me from now on. 6 years ago

somnambulistNot quite rowing,

but close. Looks like I’m coxing the team that’s going to Head of the Charles. I think just being involved is enough, so I’ll cross it off. 7 years ago


I really miss being part of a team and having to stick to a schedule and stay fit. These are things that I don’t do very well on my own. Though, if push came to shove, I could do without 5:30 am practices. ;) 8 years ago

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