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save one dollar a day for the next year!


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i haven’t been saving up for a number of months lately. i don’t really have a reason for this but perhaps i just have been preoccupied with everything else that is going on in my life, i fail to put in $2 in my teddy head bank. now that i am reminded again by reading the past two entries i wrote for this goal, i shall save up again. hmmm… i wonder where i put that teddy head bank of mine? i need to go find it. 5 years ago

terryn1Did another count

Seems like the box gets full at the end of every quarter, so that’s a good time to open it up, do a count and check to see whether I’m on target or not. So far I am. I don’t put in a dollar every day, but stick multiples in at the end of the week. When I end up with a wad of ones, I stick a few in the box – I figure I won’t miss them. 5 years ago

anaksenduteddy head bank

i promised myself i’d save 2 bucks a day for the next year. therefore, i got myself this so-called “piggy bank” to motivate myself. ^^ 5 years ago

anaksenduthis sounds like an interesting idea.

perhaps i could try 2 dollars a day instead… =P 5 years ago

terryn1Did a check

As previously reported, the box was getting full, plus I’m fairly haphazard about putting dollars in, so I opened the box. Counted it out and I’m pretty much on target, which is cool. Banded it up and put it all back in the box, which now has lots more room. Re-wrapped the box and I’m good to continue working on this goal. :) 5 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Counted and wrapped...*

and this money (what I have of it so far) needs to go to one of three different people right now. I want to keep the goal itself, but may start over. The goal is less important than who needs it. 5 years ago

terryn1I need a bigger box

I’ve been putting away stray dollars in my box for almost 3 months now, and it’s getting full. I’m debating whether to open it quarterly and do a quick double-check to see whether I’m making this goal, or just put this box away when it gets too full and make another (bigger) box. 5 years ago

terryn1Random dollars

I’ve been randomly putting dollars into my box. Not sure if it’s a dollar a day, but I’m pretty sure I’m a bit over at this point. 5 years ago

terryn1I made a box

I decided that I was going to increase the torture / surprise effect of this goal by making a box that I cannot open until the end of the year. Dollars go in, but they don’t come out. And I don’t know how much is in there. (That’s the part that may bug me from time to time – I save my change pretty religiously and take it in on a regular basis, so I pretty much know how much I’ve saved through change.)

I also decided that I don’t have to physically put one dollar a day into the box, I can pay ahead or make up missed days or even put in extra if I find any.

It sounds silly, but I’m actually excited about this goal! :D 5 years ago


I read your entries a while back and thought this would be a great goal for me for 2009. I’m pretty good about saving my change, but if I could save an additional dollar a day, that’s $365 more dollars in my savings acct. Yay!

I’ll officially start this Jan 1, 2009. 5 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Jar full of change...*

I need to wrap up some major change tonight to see how much I actually have…

The jar is now full to the top ~ which is nice to see!

:-) 6 years ago


Saving, saving, saving…

:-) 6 years ago


and it’s getting harder rather than easier.

Mostly harder to stay out of the money, but also harder to put it aside. 6 years ago


saved so far…

:-) 6 years ago


Doing well with this, although it is not easy. Especially at the end of the month :-)

However, it really adds up when you stick to it! 6 years ago


as of today.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Can you believe...*

I really and truly found another dollar on the ground again today? What is the deal?

That’s $3.00 I’ve found on the ground since creating this goal. I never find money on the ground. It’s weird… 6 years ago


I found another dollar on the ground today ~ two since making this one of my goals! That never happens…

Total: $30.00 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Twenty-eight dollars...*

and this is getting hard at the end of the month…

I’m trying to keep it up and stick with it, though!

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*As of today...*

I have a combined total of eighteen dollars. Not much, but I would have had zilch if I hadn’t adopted this goal, so I guess I should look at it that way. :-)

This hasn’t been super easy, either. I thought for some reason it wouldn’t be too difficult. However, I should have known that anything that involves money is not simple. I hope I can just keep out of this money as it begins to pile up.

Little “emergencies” love to pop up when you’re trying to save up for some reason.

:-) 6 years ago


sixteen dollars.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Thirteen dollars...*

and counting!

:-) 6 years ago


is ten dollars ~ whoo-hoo!

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Bought some groceries today...*

and voila! Spent cash turns into a little change, which goes a long way in this goal…

Another dollar down.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*An odd assortment of change...*

adds up to today’s dollar!

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Another dollar in change...*

dug out from the bottom of my purse!

Total so far: $5.00.

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Two more dollars...*

(yesterday and today) a dollar in change and a dollar bill from the kitchen table, which had been laying there for about three weeks unclaimed ~ it’s mine now :-)...

I need to dig up a jar specifically for this goal so I do not lose or get into this money.

:-p 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Another day, another dollar...*

Today’s dollar was also a “found” dollar ~ this one I found a few days ago and nobody ever claimed it.

So, now it’s dollar #2!

:-) 6 years ago

carpe_diem_for_me*Today's dollar oddly enough...*

came from the back yard! My husband found it when taking out the trash, and it was wet from all of the rain we’ve been getting…

But, hey a dollar is a dollar ~ wet or dry!

:-) 6 years ago

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