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give away all the clothes I never wear

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Mercedeseven if you've worn it in the past 2 years

Even if you’ve worn it in the past 2 years, if it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, and if you’re not ready to meet people and say yes and make yes decisions then get rid of it! 5 months ago

MercedesBig Bag

I gave away a HUGE bag of clothes. I keep going through them over and over again. Refresh.

So for every HUGE bag I give away I’m letting myself refresh with 3 new, creative, DIFFERENT pieces that I can wear to work or wear out on the weekends.

This is a great incentive for me, because it motivates me to purge what I don’t like and bring in new stuff that I do like. 6 months ago

mediafreakgodicon 2 years ago

TheMongoose 5 years ago

MercedesOld yoga pants

This is both motivation for getting rid of old ripped up yoga pants and fitness. Yoga 6X within 6 weeks or less and I will be getting a new pair of yoga pants. Black. From Luke’s. Two icky pairs will be given away before the new purchase. 15 months ago

oohlakatienearly there

i’m going on a charity trek to china next september and the huge amount of fundraising i need to do has given me the kickstart i needed to sort my wardrobe out.

i’ve got two huge piles of clothes to put on ebay along with two giant bin bags full of clothes for car boot sales which if i don’t sell i’ll give to a charity shop.

i’ve got a pretty humble pile of clothes left that i’m keeping which is bizarre but makes getting dressed a lot easier. and since i basically wear a variation on the same outfit every day anyway it’s not made much of a difference! 17 months ago

emmadipity 17 months ago

gossipgirlxoxo 2 years ago

gossipgirlxoxoSuper late spring cleaning

I’m in the middle of moving back home and need to go through allll my clothes to evaluate how much I love certain things since I don’t have space for everything. That should drive this goal forward. ( : 20 months ago

MercedesHere we go WEEK 2

Ok so I just gave away two huge bags of old T-shirts. It felt really good to drop them off at Goodwill, so that someone who needs them can wear them again. And now they are not cluttering up my closet or dresser drawers.

I am looking forward to doing two more bags of clothes from my main closet this week. It will be so rewarding to flush out all the old.

Once I flush out the old I plan to take stock and inventory of what I do have and figure out if anything then needs to be replaced. Until them, its GET OUT, GIVE AWAY, and GET RID!!! 22 months ago

Mercedeshere we go

I’m really going to tear through my T-shirts tonight. I’m going to give away all the ones I haven’t worn this year. I’m sure it will be at least 4 bags full, which I will then drop off at Goodwill. It will feel great to go through this stuff!!!!!! 23 months ago


This weekend’s been so hectic with getting my projects done and seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time. I might do this on tomorrow’s day off. Doing laundry today so that should help a bit. 2 years ago

gossipgirlxoxoPhase 1

My family and I do laundry on the weekends. I always end up with clean clothes piled on my desk and side tables because I have no space in my drawers.

I’ll probably start this weekend by cleaning out my drawers and seeing what I haven’t worn in a while. There’s tons of baggy tees collected over the years from clubs, teams, graduations, etc. I could put some of those away and keep them for memories sake. Other stuff I could give to my sister and the rest will go into a bag to be taken to the Salvation Army. 2 years ago

user7786 2 years ago

learningaliving 3 years ago

laarnidelusong 2 years ago

Mercedesanother box going...going...

I started working on another HUGE box to give away. It’s about 1/2 full. I need to part with more of the things I never wear in my closet. Pare down. Re-frame. What’s funny is some things that I had a hard time parting with and didn’t give away until round 3 or 4 of this purge, I haven’t missed them for a single day since! Some could argue out of sight out of mind but I think it is that I didn’t need those things in the first place. So here’s hoping I can do another HUGE box of bye bye clutter. 2 years ago

vermontwritergal 3 years ago

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