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Recent activity

DocDIt was the kid's birthday yesterday, 15.

We took her out for some yakiniku (Korean BBQ) 1 day ago

DocDGreen House for lunch

Jun-chan and I were both off today. It’s a beautiful warm (75F) spring day, so went to lunch. The basement floor of the station 3 story mall has some good restaurants. I’ve been wanting to try this place. 2 days ago

DocDA couple of nights ago at Namaste Kathmandu

Chicken curry in a bowel of rice and other goodies. 5 days ago

DocDA century egg (pitan) at Shin Taipei

I love these eggs that are buried in the ground raw until they turn to a rubbery jelly. 5 days ago

DocDTwo studio bento from yesterday's shoot

It was a long day. Our cold lunch box was deep fried stuffed pork cakes, Thai salad, veggie noodles, and rice with a pickled plum. 1 week ago

DocDMy student arrived 45 minutes late for his 6:30 pm class,

so he took me out to dinner. 1 week ago

DocDHome grilled buri kama (yellowtail collar)

The softest juiciest meat on the fish is found on the collar. It’s big, so enough for 3 people. 1 week ago

DocDOut by myself at a different kind of izakaya

This is a teppanyaki place (things cooked on a big griddle), although this first dish wasn’t cooked. I asked for an assortment of sashimi. Here are tai, kanpachi, ika, aoyagi, saba, and tako. They also offered raw whale, but I politely turned it down. 4 weeks ago

DocDBreakfast on the set

Spaghetti and potato salad sandwiches. 1 month ago

DocDToday's location set lunch

Catered hot meal, not the fanciest, but tasted pretty good, and I was hungry. Chicken stew and vegetable stew on rice. Potato salad and soup. 1 month ago

DocDToday's movie location obento

Shumai, various veggies, egg, and rice. Hey, didn’t I have shumai last night? 1 month ago

DocDThai green curry

Today’s lunch at Peppermint Cafe. 1 month ago

DocDThe Kid and I hit an izakaya last night

Iseya, like a phoenix, was destroyed and rebuilt. It’s always been really popular, probably because it’s really cheap. Started off with tuna and tako sashimi with edmame. (2nds on all three) 2 months ago

DocDAnother present from a student

An ex-student, actually. He moved to Singapore to work as a high class shop manager in Raffles Hotel arcade. A package arrived today with delicious things in it. 2 months ago

DocDJun-chan brought home the sushi tonight

In a sushi assortment, there is usually a slice of squid, but it’s unrecognizable as a squid, just something white and chewy. It’s easy to tell what this bite is: 3 baby squid on rice with a nori wrap. 2 months ago

DocDI have often said, I'll eat anything that won't kill me. Well, that's not exactly true.

I had fugu for lunch today, and it can kill you. Fugu must be prepared by a licensed chef who is trained in how to cut it without releasing the fugu toxin. There are many different courses, but this lunch set had sashimi, fugu in aspic, fried fugu paddy, fugu collagen salad, fugu kimchi, fugu broth to drink and lastly add to the rice with more aspic that melts for a tasty soup. All for $12. The most expensive course at this particular fugu restaurant is $85. 3 months ago

DocDAfter a late job, an izakaya dinner alone.

This place is a bit high class, but I deserve it. When you order a drink, they bring a small appetizer. This is like a veggie stew. See comments for more. 3 months ago

DocDNow or never

With the expiration date fast approaching, it was time to eat the bugs. Inago (grasshopper) rice. Fried in sweet soy sauce, the thorax was a bit soft, but the head, legs, and wings were crunchy. This wasn’t the first time I’d eaten bugs. They were actually quite good. 3 months ago

DocDXmas dinner at Sticks

All-you-can-eat and drink. Everything on sticks, a deep-fryer on your table. Also salads, curry, and dessert bar. 3 months ago

DocDToday's bento box

All kinds of goodies. 3 months ago

DocDGoodbye to Tomo

She heads back to Oz tomorrow. 4 months ago

DocDOysters scrambled eggs

Kani kamaboko and pickled radish on the left 4 months ago


Fried tofu, iringi mushroom, tomatoes, scrambled egg. 4 months ago

DocDAt an Izakaya last night with J2 and the Kid

First a couple beers and coke. They always ask the Kid if she wants a beer. She’s only 14. (A few dishes in comments) 4 months ago

DocDJun-chan, the kid and I made it to Tsukiji fish market today

Too late for the 5am market, but right on time for what we came for, SUSHI. 4 months ago

DocDI found some fresh nameko mushrooms yesterday

Nameko are a bit sticky. When cooked, they come out slimy and soft, but very tasty. 5 months ago

DocDBreakfast - Tex/Mex scrambled eggs

Mix 2 eggs with 2 spoons of chili, add chopped jalapenos. Avocado and toast on the side. I don’t know why I didn’t try this before, it was really good. 5 months ago

DocDGot back to Kichi around 9:00, too late to cook

Picked up some take home sushi. The usual suspects (except for 2nd from the right, bottom row. I don’t know what that was. It was crunchy). Top is anago (sea eel), with a slightly sweet sauce. 5 months ago

DocDLast night at an izakaya with Jun-chan

Chicken on a stick with a topping of mayo mixed with cod roe and shredded nori. 5 months ago


A couple of blocks from my place. Mikan (Japanese oranges) are in season now. Everybody loves them. This is the most I’ve seen on one tree. 5 months ago

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