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zulliyaniit is my biggest dream..

well…actually I have learn about it for years..manage party,seminars,product launching..and many more.I was amazing when I met new people,discuss about what they want,and the most happy moment when our client is satisfied with our job.Still have dream to make my business bigger,and my network become large. 4 years ago

azurejas316I am an event planner!

The funniest thing about this goal is that I’ve had it on my mind since 2004. Little did I realize that I’d already BEEN an event planner for quite some time. I had an internship back in 2002 where about 25% of my time was spent preparing details for conferences and meetings! I planned events for my sorority, I planned events for family and friends.
I did an internship with Curtain Up Events out of NYC, I took a few seminars, joined the Association of Bridal Consultants, and lo and behold, I AM an event planner.
I am currently in the start up phase of my business, This Moment Events, LLC, and I’m working full time as a corporate meeting planner for the pharmaceutical industry.
I am living my dream. The events industry is vast, there are many different facets…
My advice:

1) Figure out if it’s really for you BEFORE you make the leap. Some sides look glamorous (the flowers, the decor, the lighting, the outfits!), but what you’ll be doing isn’t always. The hours are long, and the work can be physical at times. You have to deal with all types of personalities and interpersonal relationships, and stay calm, cool and collected.

2) Network like crazy. Talk up everyone you meet. (honestly I still struggle with this one) You need to toot your own horn before anyone else toots it for you! Before they know you, all they have is your presentation of self.

3) Always be willing to learn- knowledge is one of your best assets in this industry. Know your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. Read books, blogs, find inspiratione everywhere.

If you have the passion and the love for this type of work, it is beyond rewarding. If you’re looking for a quick fast way into the spotlight, yeah this industry probably isn’t for you… you need to put in the time and the work… and WORK IT, always. Good luck!!!

Jasmine E. Cianflone
Owner/Principal Event Coordinator
This Moment Events, LLC4 years ago

SirenaEvansHow to Become An Event Planner

Hello to all aspiring event planners!

I’ve worked in the Event Planning Industry for over 15 years. Yes, it’s exciting, yes, it can have its glamorous moments. But the reality is that it is hard, hard work. The biggest problem with people who want to be event planners is that they confuse the attendees’ experience with what it is like to be the planner. Two totally different worlds, I promise you! If you think being an event planner is all about partying, drinking wine, and hanging out at great events, you should look into a different career.

However, it IS a rewarding career, and I wouldn’t change one moment of the last 15 years if I could. And I know how frustrating it is, to want to do something so badly but you don’t know where to start.

It is a very competitive industry, because EVERYONE wants to be an event planner. So, if you have no experience, you need to put in some effort. It can be done, but you must want it!

My number one advice is to get a mentor. Number two is to volunteer for some events in your community. And Number Three is to LEARN ABOUT THE INDUSTRY.

I have started a web site for this very purpose. No, I am not selling anything. I just had some very helpful people in my past, and so I am using technology to “pay it forward.” Read through every page of the website, especially the “Career Planning” and “Is this for Me?” pages, and you will have a better idea if this is the right career for you. It will also help guide you in the steps to take toward becoming an event planner.

The website is:

For those who want a quick fix and an overnight job, I’m sorry. Good luck. For those who are willing to plan their path and do what it takes to create a great career, then congratulations! This is a great place to start.

Good luck, and I wish you happiness and success!
Sirena 6 years ago


I work at an agency where I help many people start thier own businesses. I started my event planning business 2 years ago. It is slowly growing. But I am able to plan events through my work. 6 years ago

azurejas316It's really, really happening.

Honestly, it is going really well. I have my first seminar course on the 25th, I start the internship on the 29th, and now all I have to do is work on deciding which associations it would be best to join (and start saving up for them). Then I can get my accreditations, while working on my 2 internships to gain the “hands on experience.” All in all it’s going AWESOME!!!
My current job is letting me go part time while I work all of this out, but eventually I’ll be quitting to pursue it full time while working with my MIL at her decorative painting company. 6 years ago

ljcny61Event Planning

My dream is to become an event planner/coordinator! I’m attending school and will hopefully graduate in 12/08! This has been a dream of mine for several years now! 6 years ago


I don’t know what the next step is for this. Does anyone have any advice?
This is what I’ve done so far:
talked to all my friends about wanting to do it and got their advice
emailed my college event planning department
emailed hospitality professors
emailed and called the local festival
called a boarding schools alumni affairs and offered to help
called the chamber of commerce and offered to help with their events
called a political campaign and offered to help
called two country clubs
called an event planner in my town
read entrepreneurs guide to being an event planner
called a musical festival about helping out

the problem is I keep getting voice mails and I haven’t gotten many responses to my emails. I’m not ready to join the professional organizations yet, I just want some experience in the field. Does anyone have any ideas for the next steps? Thanks. 7 years ago

jmharris05I see my future...

I have been a tech girl for the last 7 years and have planned over 50 events. I will talk about my events all day and seek exciting ways of creating the biggest grandest event ever. Just finished my masters and now I want to work on my own as an event planner! No more tech girl for me~I want to live my dream, starting today! 7 years ago

Jen_ElleBecoming or Realizing...

I am a very creative person. To say that I am a photographer would limit me and negate the fact that I am many other things. That is the frustrating thing about having a very creative nature. You can be very good at many things but sometimes unable to find which one you want to settle down with.
Well…I refuse to settle. And I refuse to conform to other people’s ides’s about what I should do.
I have been doing photography and planning weddings for many years. Whenever the community/church has a big event or party to plan, I am always immersed in it’s planning.
I cover everything from the beginning formations to photography to design details, to entertainment details…
It is ALL in the details.
I read another blog on here regarding event planning and the woman stated, that it is a job you do not leave at home.
It could not have been put any other way.
For the past two years I have put everything to the wayside and just went about daily life. I started to follow my dream. only to surround myself with people that wanted to kill that dream. That redefined my definition of friend.
But I am now realizing that I have a passion for doing these types of things and that I am very good at it. I do not want to waste anymore time trying to figure everything out. I like it…I am good at it..I’m doing it!
So, I guess there is the answer to the title of this blog…Realizing! LOL! :)
Don’t EVER let anyone tell you you cannot do what you feel called to do. NOT EVEN YOURSELF!
If you can dream it, you can do it. Now…I will keep telling myself that. LOL! 7 years ago

ChancieloveMaking Life Decisions

I have been planning parties before high school. All my friends say I am good at it but I have never put much thought into it. I have given birthday and baby showers to my friends and family. On year while I was in still in high school I invited all my friends mothers, grandmothers, and aunts over to my grandmothers house over for a mothers day party. Lately I have had feelings that my current career is nice but not what I love. Its not my passion. My life is no longer exciting to me I feel strange saying that because I am so young. But I know I have to do what I love and I feel that I would be good at it. 7 years ago

ashf8fulWhat I always wanted to be

Well I have a degree in Communication and I took event planning classes and have an e.p. internship under my belt. But is it just me or are all jobs for people who have more than 5 years experience or else you have to start w/ doing promotions or something for nearly min. wage. GRRR. I am sticking w/ my job for now…maybe an opportunity will arise at my work. 7 years ago

poetry11becoming a event planner

I am in a job that i must do because i am a single mom who needs benefits but its not my goal. Because of me age i feel like i can’t achieve this task im about to be 38 next sunday and i feel so dormant. I love creating the illusions of fantasy and fun. I love just being so creative but im so afraid of failing its driving me crazy because my finances aren’t the best. even if i could just hook up with so one who could mentor me that would be great. 7 years ago

fristessaBeen in the industry for over 8 year now....

i love what i do but if you are looking for a “glamerous” job this really isn’t it – despite what you may think. you definitely have to be a people person, almost ridiculous attention to detail, be able to think and make decisions on the spot and just be an organized person in general.

it’s a lot of work – often very stressful – and defintely not one of those jobs that you can “leave at the office”....

but if you ask me if knowing what i know now if i’d still pick the same career field – my answer is – definitely yes! 8 years ago


working on my papers of incoporation 9 years ago

MonrnmbaHow cool is that?

A friend of mine (that I only met a year ago) knew enough about my goals and aspirations to give me two event planning books for my birthday last week! 9 years ago

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