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take better care of myself

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Helen Miller 3 years ago


the next of my twice-a-year check-ups at the allergist’s office. 3 weeks ago

Colleen_C_CJust noting

that I’ve been doing a better job lately of packing & taking a “cool box” (actually a “refrigerator-type” lunch sack) with me, so that I’ll have tasty, filling, & healthy options available, especially when I have to work long days &/or late hours. smile3 weeks ago

SJStuff To Work On

Health-Related To-Do List:

1. Go to the dentist, even though it’s going to be expensive. (Will probably take multiple trips.)
2. Have a full physical.
3. Get routine yearly bloodwork done.
4. Have a lady-exam.
5. Get back to the gym twice a week.
6. Eat more healthy foods instead of low-carb junk.
7. Take supplements every single day.
8. Be more diligent about skincare.
9. Cut down on caffeine.
10. Cut back on nicotine replacement.
11. Maintain a regular sleep schedule, especially on off-nights. 3 weeks ago

AFrayedKnotSome improvement

Been eating healthier. Juicing more. Still not taking time to exercise as much as I enjoy. Physical activity restores my soul and I’ve been short-cutting myself by doing just enough to get by. My work is such that almost everything is urgent. It’s hard to justify doing another hour in the gym when we’ve got kids at risk. But how can I lecture them on making better choices when my own health is not what it should be???

Gotta lead by living consistently myself. 4 weeks ago

Vera 4 weeks ago


my twice-a-year check-up at the allergist’s office; he said that my lung function is very good, & has suggested a new medication to try & help control rhinitis symptoms. 4 weeks ago

iCaribou 4 weeks ago

DayDreamer37 1 month ago

sweetcheeksjm 1 month ago

AFrayedKnotPuking and sick today

I don’t get sick often but I am puking sick today. And had a terrified thought…unlike most of my friends, I still have not completed menopause. What if I was pregnant at 54? I am two weeks late, have been emotional unstable the last couple of weeks and nauseated for about a week. Gonna get a home test just to be safe. Most likely not, but oh god…I think I would die! Or want to…. I don’t really like children. Hated doing the single parenting thing (husband gone half time). And though I was good at homeschooling, hell of a lot of work. And my volunteer life would come to a standstill. Plus I probably wouldn’t be able to get my kid to adult hood before kicking the bucket.

Gotta get a home test before I work myself into a complete dither for nothing. 1 month ago

AFrayedKnotTake a Hike

I got to spent two hours today hiking which is extremely healing for me. I had a lovely time out in the winter sunshine exploring a glacial moraine 1 month ago

AFrayedKnotDid my nails

I rarely do my nails. I work too much with my hands to keep it up. If I do my nails, they just chip up and look worse than keeping them naked. But since today’s a “take care of myself” day, I did my nails.

I wish I had long elegant nails but I have to keep them short to play violin. 1 month ago

AFrayedKnotGotta step this up

Still working too hard without eating well, exercising consistently and doing things I love. I had planned to move on to the next grant today but it’s gonna be there on Monday and I need a day off (Sunday isn’t a day off for me because I work with church youth Sunday mornings and coach a youth band in the afternoon).

Today I will hike, color my hair, do my nails and buy myself something fun. And if I have time cook dolmas this evening. Cooking is hugely relaxing and fun for me. 1 month ago

ItHad a thought today

I’m doing okay with the taking care of myself (or at least, the taking care of my depression part), but I’ve had to fight and I think the depression is coming back again. I’ve read a lot of other people’s self-reflections in the past few days, especially a particularly good reflection on what it means to be in a relationship, whether with someone else, with God, or with yourself. I’ve also read some really well-written reflections that caused me to think of how little I think deeply and stop to consider what stuff really means, and how much of my thoughts are actually really shallow all the time. And I had a thought that I haven’t been taking such good care of myself all the time, and what it might really mean to take care of oneself. I think I’d be so scared to have a child – it needs so much care and attention and love – but I’d be so worried and concerned about it all the time that I think I’d do a good job. An even better job, I think, than I would if I were trying to care for myself. And that’s the thing – I should try to take care of myself at that level, the same way I’d treat someone I really loved or cared for. That’s the same way I should try to treat myself. Maybe I will take more time to think about this later. Maybe the depression is a call for me to think actively about what I am doing for me and what I should do to take care of myself. If I hadn’t had any experience with it, I would never understand what it means to pay attention to and take care of me. 3 years ago

SpatzSee me?

Finally, I went to the optician to mention that my vision is somehow blurry sometimes – ha, and in one week I’ll be having new glasses.
I’m bringing in my frames I’ve only bought one year ago and will have them fitted – can’t wait to see the world as new again :)

Of course, I’ll still be visiting an ophthalmologist and have my retinas checked to make sure.

But there’s hope the tension headaches will reduce soon :) 2 months ago


-Exercise regularly
-Shower every day
-Brush my teeth (and floss) twice a day
-Moisturise every day
-Eat less sugar and processed food
-Drink less caffeine and more water 2 months ago

AFrayedKnotSpeaking out

I had the courage the other day to tell someone…

“I need…” and just lay it out there as to what I wanted but wasn’t getting. Even typing that makes me feel guilty, that I”m being selfish.

But I’m learning to take better care of myself. A big part of that is 1) recognizing my needs and 2)believing it’s okay to want them to be met and 3) taking responsibility for communicating my desires to those who play a part in their fulfillment

Progress. 2 months ago

AFrayedKnotI continue to do poorly at this

I have made choices all week (and that’s what they are, I could have said no) that were bad for me. Part of it is being in the company of people who are not embracing a healthy lifestyle and wanting to accommodate their desires. I need to know that it is okay for me to say “no” to others. Their desires are not compatible with my own. If I am not going to be strong enough to make different chcoies than they, then I need to stay away from them until I am able to do that.

The rest of the choices this weekend have to do with not connecting the immediate moment to my eventual future. I need to embrace the truth that, for example, “eating this now is a step away from the Mount Marathon race” and “saying yes to this person’s request means not enough time for the next 3 days to get in two hours of biking?

It is one thing to make such choices when you are 21 and have time to recover from them. When you are 54 and still have lots of dreams to fulfill, you can’t afford to waste time.

I must do better. 2 months ago

SpatzStart the day

So for the last two weeks, I’ve been having a small breakfast to start the day.
It makes a huge difference in how my day goes – so I’m working on getting it a bit bigger and by adding a few tiny snacks to have during my work day, so I’m not getting too hungry – like almonds and macadamia nuts.

My stomach is not the biggest fan of the breakfast, but it’ll take some time to get used to it….. 2 months ago

true_blue3 meals a day

I have noticed that I don’t skip breakfast anymore. 2 months ago

AFrayedKnotTwo improvements

I see growth in two areas.

1) I’m eating healthier. Even when eating out, I’m making better choices. Still lots of progress to make but improvement is there

2) This is an important one. I am learning to not ‘own’ people’s expectations of me or disappointments in me. When people are angry with me, I am resisting my usual tendency to appease them. I am learning to just sit with the pain of knowing someone is unhappy with me and not attempting to fix it (unless I was truly was in the wrong and need to ask forgiveness and seek reconciliation) 2 months ago

Colleen_C_CNeed to re-schedule

another of my specialist’s periodic follow-up visits for two weeks hence…. 3 months ago


my annual “Well Woman” check-up (preliminary results are good, & will be followed up by a written report in about a week). 3 months ago

ThildsReally need to do this...

I’ve been so stressed out lately. I’ve been crazy busy with school and it still don’t feel like I’ve done enough, even though i’m not mentally or physically capable of doing more. I’ve studied at least 12 hours/day for almost 3 months, I can barely sleep, I’ve lost weight, had gastritis two times and apparently started biting the inside of my cheeks(some peope grind their teeth,I bite the inside of my cheeks) I have my next exam next friday, and the weekend after that, i’m going to a spa for a day, and I need t start caring more about me.

I so need a vacation. 3 months ago

ZijueWeek 5

Completely sucking at this – not achieved anything from last week, and don’t know what I need to do to motivate myself. Maybe setting fewer goals is the answer, but then I feel like I’m getting nowhere. Maybe I need to work on finding out what motivates me?

I’ll keep this week’s goals the same as last week’s for the time being, and hope that this week goes better :/ 3 years ago

ZijueWeek 4

Another really bad week and no excuses either this time. I think that I’m going to reduce my goals, because I’m not achieving the amount I do set and it’s getting me nowhere.

This is what I plan to do by 12th February:

  • Use my Clinique facial wash twice a day for at least 3 days
  • Brush my teeth and use mouthwash twice a day for at least 3 days
  • Lose another 1 lb (currently 9st 13lbs) 3 years ago

ZijueWeek 3

I did terribly this week – it didn’t help that I’ve had a cold for most of it, so I didn’t feel like doing much, but I could still have done some of my list :/

This is what I plan to do by 5th February:

  • Attend the gym twice
  • Do my daily exercises for at least 3 days
  • Do my range-of-motion exercises for at least 3 days
  • Use my Clinique facial wash twice a day for at least 3 days
  • Lose another 2lbs

As a penalty for not completing my goals in week 1:

  • Brush my teeth and use mouthwash twice a day for at least 3 days

As a penalty for not completing my goals in week 2:

  • Get registered with a GP and a dentist 3 years ago

ZijueWeek 2

I didn’t do very well at all in Week 1:

  • I attended the gym once
  • I did my daily exercises twice
  • I did my range-of-motion exercises once
  • I used my Clinique facial wash twice a day on 1 day
  • My weight is the same at 10st 0lbs

This is what I plan to do by 29th January:

  • Attend the gym twice
  • Do my daily exercises for at least 3 days
  • Do my range-of-motion exercises for at least 3 days
  • Use my Clinique facial wash twice a day for at least 3 days
  • Lose another 2lbs (currently 10st 0lbs)

As a penalty for not completing my goals in week 1:

  • Brush my teeth and use mouthwash twice a day for at least 3 days 3 years ago

ZijueWeek 1

This is what I plan to do by 22nd January:

  • Attend the gym 3 times
  • Do my daily exercises for at least 4 days
  • Do my range-of-motion exercises for at least 4 days
  • Use my Clinique facial wash twice a day for at least 5 days
  • Lose another 2 lbs (currently 10st 0lbs) 3 years ago

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