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GreysenThrough July

The plan is to write something everyday through July and then call this goal completed. 4 years ago


I think I’ve written (or created) something every day for a month, but kept no definite tabs on it.

SO. Starting today I am going to write something every day. I wonder if I should allow journaling to count this time through? I’m going to say yes – for now. Then my next goal can be “write something CREATIVE every day for a month”. 4 years ago

GreysenScritch, scritch, scritch

I’ve only missed two days so far. In my book journal entries, poetry, short pieces of prose, and rambling stream of conciousness drivel all count.

The Writer’s Toolbox, has provided some interesting prompts, though most of the time I’ve been able to come up with something to write about easily on my own. There are a couple of peices that were interesting enough to expand on, but I’ll do that later. 4 years ago


Wrote a short bit using the opening sentence of “I had a system for getting exactly what I wanted out of people”, working in somewhere “the taste of lipstick”, and using a non-sequiter of “she found him in the Terminal Bar and Grill. He was sober, for once”.

Courtesy of The Writer’s Toolbox. 5 years ago


Using the prompt “a beekeeper’s outfit” from The Writer’s Toolbox by Jamie Cat Callan, I wrote a short fictional essay from the standpoint of someone who is deathly allergic to bees yet fascinated by them. 5 years ago


Yesterday I wrote a poem (a truely TERRIBLE poem) titled “A Chapter of Loathing” using a prompt I got off a website.

Then I made up for it by writing a the first three pages of a mystery I called The Dead Secretary of Dr. Marcus using another prompt from the same website: “I don’t know what we’ll do without her” 5 years ago

suzisuziso far so good

can’t say I’m sure it’s improving my writing or any particular aspect of my life, but it’s a very pleasant thing to do 5 years ago

suzisuziQuestions, questions

I’m trying to use the format of asking myself a question then writing on that for 15 minutes (which isn’t long – barely 2 sides of A4).

Some ideas for questions:
- what would you like life to be like in a year from now
- what traits do you admire in other people
- what can you remember from childhood holidays / school / old jobs / last year / etc
- what worries you about the world
- what excites you about the world
- what was it like living in London (etc)
- what was 1997 (etc) like
- describe a book / film / play / exhibition that has stayed with you and why it has 5 years ago

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