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have a better outlook on life

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people tell me I’m a very pessimistic person. And I know that I am. And every now and then it would be nice to not see the world as such a negative place. 4 years ago


I feel like everyday is kind of being wasted by me even though I try so so hard to breathe in every single particle of life. I’m kind of a really depressed person, and I’m so tired of having that linger in the back of my mind. I feel like just knowing that is holding me back so much. I love nature and the earth and I really do love my life, I just have a hard time being happy. So I’ve decided to start spending more of my time in a park with a notebook and just sitting there writing all of my thoughts and relaxing and smoking cigarettes. Because life is so short, and I feel like I need to be the first out of the people I know to make a point of having a better outlook 4 years ago


i wake up way to late, and go to bed way to early. I never smile becauset that what I want to do. i never laugh when somethings really funny. i dont gwet outta bed and put on my make up with a beautiful smile and tell myself “you could conquer the world” its just not who i am anymore. i just wanna be happy again. i wanna be able to wake up smiling and start my day how i used to everyday. i wanna be able to go hang out with my friends and not get asked one time whats wrong and if im okay. i wanna be happy again. i wanna have a positive outlook on life. im sick and tired of being sick and tired of life. i wanna live. 5 years ago


I have learned there is always going to be bad times, but life is worth living. 8 years ago

AshleyMy outlook as of now...

My outlook on life as of now isn’t the best. I think things can only get worse and not better. And now I want to change that because I am sick of being sad and angry all the time, and want to be happy with a good outlook on life. 8 years ago

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