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Be Smoke Free for 30 days.


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purplechameleona small step back

My life has been a rollercoaster. New city. New everything.

I did smoke a bit earlier in the week, but I’m off the skag again. 6 years ago

purplechameleonday 35!!!!!!!

and still smoke free! 6 years ago

purplechameleon33 days

and counting 6 years ago

purplechameleonDay 32

wooohoooo! 6 years ago

purplechameleonDay 31!!!!!

Still going strong! Not going out for halloween tonight because I know that if I go to the places I’ve been invited I will want to smoke. 6 years ago

purplechameleonDAY 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the final day of my goal to be smoke free for 30 days. I realize in order to remain smoke free I won’t be able to drink for a while—which means no halloween parties. I think that my health is worth it though! 6 years ago

purplechameleonday 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one to go!!!!!

does a happy dance6 years ago

purplechameleon28 days 2 to go!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe that I am so close to 30 days without being a smoker. I smell much better, my skin has lost that gray tinge that smokers get. I have more energy, I sleep better. My food doesn’t taste like cardboard, I am eating breakfast again, I am saving money and my health!!! 6 years ago

Kka516cute site--but can I do this?

I cannot believe that I have gone almost 2 days without a cigarette. It hasn’t been that hard because Sunday I was recovering from a hangover and today I woke up with a lousy cold. But I have been here before. And it doesn’t help that I know there are cigarettes floating around somewhere in the bottom of my purse. What will help is that it’s starting to get really cold now and I don’t smoke in the house, so that would mean standing in the freezing cold like a moron. So here we are again. I know I can get through tonight. But the third day has always thrown me for a loop. I’d really like to be done with it. 6 years ago

purplechameleon26 days and 4 to go

I hung out with a smoker friend tonight and didn’t cave in. 6 years ago

purplechameleon26 days and 4 to go

I feel that this goal has been somewhat effortless even though I’ve been struggling to quit smoking for years.

Yay :) 6 years ago

purplechameleonday 25

I haven’t thought about smoking in about a week now. I think that I have finally gotten in the right frame of mind to really quit this time. I started smoking when I was 11, and I am almost 25. That’s a lot of time to be a smoker!

There was a time when cigarettes brought great comfort to my life. I had friends who were regular smokers so it seemed like a much more acceptable thing to do. I moved 1148 km from my old home to a new one, and unfortunately smoking followed me. I wanted to quit but it was such a crutch, especially being in a new city I’ve never been to and not knowing anyone. I guess it was just another way to pass the time. My first roommate here was a smoker so it made it easier to do which means I fell into some old habits quickly.

I’ve decided that if I am going to be a smoker I should have smoker friends. I don’t want to be a smoker so I’d prefer to have non smoking friends (mostly). I am really starting to learn to value my health—because I KNOW that it’ll pay off later in life.


purplechameleonday 24

my lungs are starting to feel better. I am past the point of wanting to smoke all of the time and no longer look for it (as it used to be a habit). I was eating a bit more that usual, but I have managed to find things to keep me busy to counteract the few pounds that most people gain when they quit smoking. I am pretty sure that I’ve got it in check and that I am going to be smoke free AND not gain any weight. Usually I end up starting again because I feel gross from gaining weight from quitting. YAY! 6 years ago

purplechameleonday 23

I somehow managed to get stuck next to every smoker on the bus today and it was packed. It smelled soooooo bad!I wouldn’t allow myself to move to that I”d have a good dose of what I smell like when I am smoking. 6 years ago

purplechameleon13 days to go!

I am certainly not going to go out and buy cigarettes when I get to 30 days, I just found it easier to make a short term goal first. It smells so bad now. 6 years ago

purplechameleonanother day smoke free!!!!!!!

16 days and going strong! I’ve had some pretty bad cravings but I think that the worst is over. 6 years ago

purplechameleonanother day another dollar

today is another day that I haven’t smoked—I have a difficult hurdle to get over at this point. I’ve been smoke free for 2.5 weeks and I have put on a few pounds. I find that I am a little depressed and feeling deprived not having cigarettes. I know that all I have to do is either get a gym membership, break in my running shoes or find a new hobby that makes smoking seem really dumb. I do not like feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and I must say that today I do. My body feels gross. I have climbed so high and must go on. I must get over this hurdle or I”ll be back where I started, again. 6 years ago

purplechameleonanother smoke free day

brought to you and enforced by the wretched stench of smoking in the city.

Now I have to get out my running shoes and exercise to counteract the few pounds that come with quitting smoking. I did have a little melt down a little over a week ago but I am still smoke free and it’s been 14 days.

I can breathe and my clothes don’t smell of wretched smoke. 6 years ago

purplechameleon2 weeks in the bag!

one of the biggest problems with quitting smoking for me is finding positive things to replace it with. I find that I eat more when I am not smoking. It means I need to get out my running shoes or at least get more exercise. I really wanted to smoke today but didn’t. I wake up in the morning sometimes and look to smoke still - as it’s been part of my daily routine for several years. I find that I get excited about thinking about smoking - like a high in my mind about what it’s going to be like but I know that it’s just my mind playing with me and that once a light a cigarette I’ll be back to square one. I know that this is going to be hard but I know that I can get through it one craving at at time. 6 years ago

purplechameleonanother smoke free day

brought to you by my body telling smoking to eff off! So I had to run and get coffee for work today and I got stuck behind a smoker and it smelled awful! 6 years ago


It has been another smoke free day and my body is detoxing from all of the crap that I’ve been putting in it with cigarettes. I feel kind of shitty but I know that I will feel better once I can get all of this toxic stuff out of my system. 6 years ago

purplechameleonNo smoking today!

I haven’t smoked today either. Other than my little melt down (Sunday) which was short lived I’ve been smoke free for about 10 days now? I’ve stopped counting how many days it’s been because I don’t find it helps me. Yes, there have been lots of moments in the past few days that I”ve wanted to smoke but haven’t. Yay. This is so hard, and I think that I am finally in the right mind frame to finally kick this. I quit for a year and a half and started again.

Think of all the money I’ll save. 6 years ago

purplechameleonI've lost count of the days

I haven’t smoked today either. 6 years ago

purplechameleonWagon fallers only stay on if they get back on.

I think that today would be 6 or 7 days, but I have fallen off of the wagon a little. It was only for a few hours and I haven’t smoked since (which was 2 days ago) and have no cigarettes. Yeah, so not the best decision I’ve ever made - but I AM in the right frame of mind to do this right. QUitting smoking is not by any means an easy thing to do - but I am not going to give up. 6 years ago

purplechameleonDay 5 is not like the others

I smoked my first cigarette when I was 11, I stole it from my stepmother. I started smoking when I was 12, and now I am 24 and it isn’t cool anymore. I know that I don’t want to do it anymore—it’s just a matter of defining that I’ve had enough with being a smoker.

5 days is the longest I’ve gone in a super long time without smoking. I am really proud of myself—I just have to keep bearing down until Have this beast in the bag. 6 years ago

purplechameleonday 4 - no nails left to bite off but still hanging on

Today is totally more difficult than yesterday. Day 4 I have started to feel that smoking is okay, and that I might just have one – but I know that it is a psychological response. Just look at all of the progress I’ve made! It means I can’t be super social in the next little while - or at least until I get to a week - or it means that I can only hang out with people who are non smokers.

I am going to the supermarket in a few minutes to buy myself some munchies. I don’t normally eat junk food but I figure if it’ll help me get through the next few days without smoking it might just be worth it. I am just going to stay in and watch tv and snack.

It is so easy to give in and smoke – the temptation is over bearing but I am going to bite my lip and go on without these wretched things. 6 years ago

purplechameleonDay 3 - A nail biter

Today is my third day being smoke free. THis is usually the point where I break down and buy cigarettes. Not going to happen. TOday is the first day since I stopped that I’ve really wanted a cigarette. I am trying to notice all of the positive changes happening, such as sleeping sounder, my skin clearing up, and regaining my sense of smell. It’s kind of funny though in my other attempts I didn’t value these positive changes (obviously) to stay smoke free. I am doing what ever I have to do to get through the rest of today without caving in like a sissy and buying cigarettes. I just have to get to the point where it starts to smell horrid again and I won’t want to do it anymore. 6 years ago

purplechameleonDay 2 Smoke Free

I have successfully gotten through day 2 without a cigarette. My lungs feel better already and the crap that was in them is mostly gone. My skin is starting to glow again, and heal from all of the chemicals I was putting into it with cigarettes. THis is only 2 days, but it is progress all the same.

I feel physically better, but there is something so evil and inviting sometimes about smoking a cigarette. I know that I am better off without them. My sense of smell has started to return too. I know that if I can get to a week I’ll have this one in the bag. I know I can do this I just have to stay focused and remind my self why I am doing this. 6 years ago

purplechameleon10:09 pm and gnawing the crap out of a cinnamon stick

I have successfully made it 24 hours without a cigarette. I bought a bag of cinnamon sticks to chew on instead (also to take places where I normally smoke). 6 years ago

purplechameleonDay 1

went to the city market, bought the most delicious apples and a beautiful squash. I passed some hard core smokers and had my first reason to kick this in the ass. They smelled strongly of cigarettes. It makes my skin breaks out and it also affects how I sleep. Today is Day 1 without a cigarette. The day is almost over and I am proud to say that I haven’t smoked today :) I will take this one day at a time, one craving at a time. 6 years ago

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