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stop procrastinating

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Stop Procrastinating

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Overcome Procrastination

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How to "Just Do It"

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How To Avoid Procrastination

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user1397574674 22 hours ago

Janjanie 6 days ago

zdechlinkaSigned up for a seminar

Oh and I also signed up for this seminar that the author of the book (The End of Procrastination) is having in the town in the autumn.
So, yay! 1 week ago

martyrizerAlmost there

Using my minimum barrier to entry method I feel that my procrastination is less. However it is still a conscious thought that I have to make and I feel that I have to first convince myself as to why procrastination is bad and then stop. It has not yet become an unconscious decision. But it is getting there. I have also adopted the ‘Seinfeld’ method for the things I want to act upon on a daily basis. Currently fitness and career. I have calendars printed for both. Just a month at a time, nothing overwhelming. 1 week ago

zdechlinkaThe End of Procrastination

I’ve started reading this Czech book, it’s called Konec prokrastinace (The End of Procrastination), everyone’s saying that it’s amazing.
Well, let’s see. 1 week ago

zdechlinka 1 week ago

blue_wacko 1 week ago

JackEverymanThis one needs more attention

Thought I had this handled with my time management techniques, but I am off the program. I need to dig in to why I am procrastinating. I waste more than half of every day screwing around. Time management techniques are useful, but I think I need to dig into the why. I’m going to spend an hour this morning focused on just two things: A detailed plan of the day cut into 1/2 hours, and a solid ideation of ways to improve each project. 1 week ago

Justdoit101 2 weeks ago

Aetherial 2 weeks ago


Runwim is now forcing me to review my goals bi-weekly. All procrastination must now be shared with the public (i.e. you). No more hiding! :-)

Moving forward slowly, but moving. 2 weeks ago


I am doing terrible on this goal. Each day I start off with good intentions and positive energy, but when the time comes to actually do something, I just give up. Do unnecessary things until it’s too late to do something productive. Or do one tiny thing and then ‘take a break’ (I.e. take the rest of the day off). My list of to do’s becomes longer and longer, i feel unproductive and unsatisfied, and yet here I am, writing on 43things instead of taking action… :-( 2 weeks ago

Nilo de Roock 3 weeks ago

Francesca21 3 weeks ago

EmilySarah96 3 weeks ago

rjecks 3 weeks ago

Marisa Baer 3 weeks ago


this habits a dream killer 3 weeks ago

a5shams 3 weeks ago

FeeLizNew week

Tomorrow a new week starts and that is as good a reason as any to start with fresh energy, so I shall…

- pay my unpaid bills…
- get rid of stuff I don’t need
- make appointments I’ve been putting off
- clean up and arrange my house so i can start to feel at home here
- start a garden :-)
- excercise

(I feel like writing down way more stuff but feel like this could already be too much on my plate. First things first, Liz, first things first…) 3 weeks ago

SlullyPersonal challenge

Step 1
Starting with cleaning the apartment.
5×30 min per week during 3 weeks.
Will report every sunday or monday.

Checklist :
groceries : DONE monday
30 min cleaning : DONE monday
laundry : DONE monday 3 weeks ago

Slully 3 weeks ago

raj kogila 3 weeks ago

andramk87 3 weeks ago

manderson_088 3 weeks ago

strawberry_shortcake 4 weeks ago

violace 4 weeks ago

naushinkhanbabydoll 4 weeks ago

mizantropja 11 months ago

GreenNimrod 2 years ago

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